Love Triangle


1. Chapter One

"Dear Diary, Today is my first day of school here. My dad and I moved because my parents got a divorce. We did live in Los Angelos, California. Now we live in New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is a pretty weird place. And after being in the streets of the town, I'm afraid to go to the school. Everyone thinks they're a witch or something. Witches and 'Night Walker' aka a Vampire, and they are so not real! Its a bunch of bull! But anyways, time to go to school! Cant be late to my first day! :("

"Kathrine! Time to go school!" My dad yelled from downstairs, "Cant be late for your first day!" I ran down from my room and gave my dad a hug and a kiss before I went to school.

The school was a mile away from my house. So I hopped in my Chevy truck and went to school. When I got there, everyone looked at me. I walked to the office to get my schedule. All my classes were pretty boring except for Math and Art. My 5 and 6 period classes. I had the same teacher for both classes. His name was Caleb Blackwood. He was the hottest teacher I have ever laid my eyes on! When I came into class he came right up to me. "You must be Kathrine Stone. I'm your Math and Art teacher, Caleb Blackwood, but you can just call me Caleb." He smiled and shook my head. I wanted to kiss him so badly! But I knew I couldn't. I mean hes my teacher!

"Yeah I am." I said quietly. He could probably see the desire in my eyes. He probably knew I wanted him. But I could also see desire in his eyes too. He kept glancing me up and down. "Its nice to meet you..."

"Nice to meet you as well," He said seductively, he paused a minute, "Kathrine. You can sit wherever you would like." I moved reluctantly and took a seat in the back of the room. I could feel his eyes watch me the whole way. When I sat down, I pulled out a notebook and a pen for math notes. We took notes for about 10 minutes and then we had a worksheet for the next 45 minutes of class. He told us we could leave as soon as we finished. I was the first one to finish. I took it to his desk and handed it to him. His hand touched mine and it lingered there for a minute. "Thank you for the paper, Kathrine. You are free to go. I will see you next period." He smiled and I nodded and smiled back. I wondered around the school for the last 20 minutes of class. While I was exploring the halls of my new school, I ran into this girl. "I am so sorry!" I said, "I didn't mean to run into you. I wasn't looking where I was going!" She glared at me. She looked like a goddess! She had beautiful blonde hair that went the middle of her back. She was about 4in taller then me and had the perfect body. You could tell she was a cheerleader.

"Apology not accepted, loser. Next time watch where you're going." she snapped, "Now I'm going to have to burn this outfit because a geek touched it." She laughed and so did the group of people she was with.

"What is your problem?" I snapped right back. She looked surprised that I stood up to her. She must be "The Queen of the School". I was the queen at my old school. I was in everything. Cheerleading, Dance Committee, Prom Queen, and anything else you can think of.

"Um right now, you're my problem! You must be new to my school. I rule everyone and everything." she said stepping towards me. I didn't move, "I run this school and I don't need a stupid transfer kid to ruin it all. Got it?"

"Actually, you don't run anything. You may be the cheer squad captain or treated specially by the principal, but you do not run the school. You are just an insecure, sad little girl that needs attention from everyone to feel special." I stepped closer to her, "So stop being a jerk to everyone and maybe people would be your friends because they wanted to be. Not because they wanted to be popular too." I walked away and went to Art. It was my last class of the day. I sat in the back of the class again and drew the whole time.

"Wow, that is an amazing drawing, Kathrine. Their is so much detail." Caleb said, "You are a natural!"

"Thanks Caleb, I appreciate it." I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Kathrine, can I see you in the hall for a second?" He asked and I nodded. We went in the hall and he led me to an empty room right next door.

"So whats up Teach?" I asked and he came closer to me. So close that his lips were inches from mine.

"I know you want me." He whispered softly and caressed my cheek. "I can see the desire in your eyes." He pushed me against the wall, "Do you want me?" I nodded and bit my lip. He trailed kisses up my neck from my collar bone, to my jaw, and finally to my lips. His touch made chills go down my spine. He inched his hands up my shirt. I was dizzy and breathless. He started going back down my neck and his hand kept getting higher and higher up my back. He unclasped my bra. Finally something clicked in my head. I pushed him away.

"Stop! We cant do this! You're my teacher and I'm your student!" He frowned and stepped back. "Its just not right! What if someone catches us! You could lose your job and get thrown in jail because of me! And I would be considered as a slut and god only knows what my father would think of me! And right now my father is all I have!"

"I'm sorry...." He sighed, "I wasn't thinking straight. I don't know why but I am really attracted to you. Can we at least be friends?" I nodded, hooked my bra back together, and fixed my hair. Then we went back to class and I went back to my seat and he went to his desk. he kept glancing at me every once in awhile. I glanced at him too.

Finally the bell rang and Mr.Blackwood opened the door and let us out. I was the last to get to the door. He grabbed my hand and shut the door before I could leave, "One kiss before you leave." And he kissed my lips and then let me leave. I ran to my truck as fast as I could and went home.

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