Love Triangle


5. Chapter Five

I woke up without Klaus next me and the smell of eggs and pancakes filling the room. I followed the smell to an amazing kitchen! It was so beautiful! And Klaus was there making lots and lots of food. He looked back and smiled. "Good morning, love. Hope you're hungry!" I sat at the table and he put a plate with 5 peices of bacon, 4 pancakes and a whole pile of eggs! He also got me a cup of orange juice.

"Why thank you! It looks delicious!" I said and Rebekah came in the room and sat next to me, "Morning Rebekah. How are you?" She looked at me and looked away.

"Morning, and I'm good. How are you? Klaus told us everything," She said, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm okay. Came to terms with everything," I sighed, "And your brother helped me with it. He is an amazing person! I dont get why none of you get along!"

"We dont get along because my brother is a narsasitic jerk that stabs us in the back," Rebekah snapped "Literally."

"Its probably because you say stuff like that," I said "Maybe its you who stabbed him in that back first." Rebekah stomped out and Klaus laughed.

"I dont think anyone has stood up to her like that before except me." Klaus said and sat down across from me. We talked and laughed and had a really fun time during breakfast. We even has a mini food fight. "Will you go out to dinner with me on Saturday?"

"Umm I would love to. And will you come to my house with me and get my clothes if its okay if I stay here for a little while longer?" I asked him hopping he would say yes and thats exactly what he did. He got into some actual clothes and we went to my house. When we got there my father burst out from the door and gave me a hug which I didnt return. I didnt want to be anywhere near him or he might be the one to trigger the werewolf curse.

"Hi Jake." I said to him. He looked at me suprised.

"No dad anymore?" He looked sad and disapointed. But I didnt care. I didnt want to care. "I am so sorry about everything. I shouldnt have told you!"

"It was actually a smart move to tell her so she knew about the curse," Klaus interupted, "But thats just my opinion." My dad was standing there one minute and the next he had a wooden stake in his hand!

"Dad no! He's not as bad as you think!" I yelled trying to get the stake out of his hands. "He has been helping me! I ran to him when I left last night and he helped me through everything! He has gone through almost the same thing!" I finally got the stake from him. He looked at me and glared at Klaus.

"Niklaus is as bad as I and everyone else he has incountered thinks!" My dad yelled, "He kills people without any guilt! He has no compassion and he doenst care what happens to anyone else and that means you too!"

"No you're wrong! Klaus has helped me! And I dont know what I would do if he wasnt the one that awesered the door!" I yelled right back and Klaus looked shocked. It was probably because I was standing up for him once again. I walked inside and invited Klaus in and he helped me pack up my clothes and toiletries. Then we drove back in complete silence. I was to mad to talk and I think he knew that. My dad kept calling me and texting me over and over. By the time we got back to his house, I had about 100 calls and 50 texts.

"Are you okay?" Klaus asked when he turned the car off, "I mean you found out about vampires and that you were a werewolf and that your dad wasnt your real dad and everything, It must be hard to proccess everything..."

"I am fine. Never been better." I whispered on the verg of tears, "I just yelled at my dad and pretty much moved out. Everything is perfect. But as long as I have you, I'll be okay." Klaus looked at me with sadness.

"You that what your dad said was true..." Klaus said slowly, "I have killed a countless number of people and I havent felt an ounce of regret or guilt. And its true that I show no one compassion." I just stared at him at laughed. How could he think that I would think that what he just said was true! He had to be joking! But when I looked at him he want laughing and he wasnt kidding. What he just said was true..

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