Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


10. 9. Sebastian's Fighting Style


"What is going on here?" Madam Red asks as her and Lau enter the hallway as well.

"Sorry for the noise my Lady, I asure you nothings wrong. Everyone I have business to attend to, would you mind cleaning this up." I state while handing Bard the Lemon Merang Pie and going to get ready to save my Master and Mistress from there captive.

End Recap:


Chapter 9 Start:

(Third Person's POV):

A cart was going down a dirt path with two men seated within the front seats.

" Sorry I missed." The man sitting in the passengers seat said through a telephone to the person on the other line.

" What do ya mean you missed?! You are complete idiots!! I never should have hired someone like you!! Just get back here!!" shouted the man on the other end of the line.

"Uh Sir! Somethings up! I see something!" said the man in the passenger seat on the phone.

Suddenly a shadow of a figure appears withing the dust cloud that trails behind the moving vehicle.

"Ah what's wrong? You little girls see a bear in the woods?" Asks Azuro Fannel while the man beside him chuckles at his little joke.

" Ah! AHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!" they hear a scream on the other line loud and clear.

"What is it? Did someone find you? Talk to me." Says Azuro seriously.

"Hurry it up!!" Says the driver of the vehicle as the scene goes back to the men in the vehicle on the dirt road once more.

The vehicle has turned a corner. The driver steps on the breaks harder to keep away from the figure that's chasing after them.

The passenger who has the phone is looking behind the vehicle and notices the shadow is hot on their tail.

"It's coming closer!" He says clearly frightened of this shadowed approaching figure.

The camera goes back to Azuro who is clearly frightened but he surely doesn't show it.

"That's it I've had enough of your games already!" He shouts through the phone as he hears nothing but static on the other end of the line.

"No good!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" He suddenly hears the two men shout from the other end.

Suddenly he hears a loud crashing sound. His eyes are wide with shock.

"Ah? Hello? What happened?" He asks as there is nothing but static once again on the other end.

Ciel lays on the floor still from being kicked down. He smiles slightly.

"That's too bad. Sounds like your little game of fetch is over." Ciel calmly states as he looks towards Azuro who has a very confused(?) look on his face.

He suddenly kicks Ciel in the stomache while Cynthia just watches in horror at her brother being hurt once again.

"Just shut your mouth you damn brat!!!" Azuro shouts while he continuously kicks Ciel in his stomache a countless number of times.

His sister continues to watch her brother get beaten to a bloody pulp in horror.

Azuro stops kicking Ciel and grabs the phone once more.

"You listen to me! If one of you don't answer right now I swear I will kill you!!!!" He shouts through the phone clearly angry and frustrated about the current situation.

"Hello." states a calm voice on the other end as some static is heard.

"Who's this?" Azuro answers.

"Pardon me, but I represent the Phantomhive estate. I was wondering if my Master or my Mistress might be avaliable?" asks/states the calm voice while Azuro glances to where the two siblings are laying beside each other, with the sister helping her brother to sit up once more.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" states the calm voice once more.

Azuro struggles to say an answer to the calm voice.

"Woof!!" The two siblings say to let the voice know that they are both there.

The camera returns to the scene where the vehicle is now hanging half way off of a cliff with the figure now clearly visable. The once shadowed figure shows Sebastian Michaelis the Phantomhive Sibling's most trusted butler sitting ontop of the vehicle with the phone in hand.

"Very good young Master and Mistess. I will come to get you momentarily." Replies Sebastian to the siblings code word.

Sebastian cuts off the call.

"Thanks for the use of your field telephone. And now there are a few things i'd like to ask you about." Sebastian asks the two men of Azuro's calmly.

"First I'd like to know who you work for? Hurry up now, I'm not exactly you would call a patient man. And you do remember what happened to the Humpty Dumpty? Don't you?" He asks the two men who are scared stiff.

"Ah! Our employers name is Azuro Flannel(sp?). He has a hideout up in the city. It's in the east end!!!" answers the passenger while the driver is crying out of fear of dying and leaning his head on the stearing wheel of the vehicle.

Sebastian smiles at the answer and stands up on the hood of the engine.

"We just work for him!!" Shouts the passenger not wanting to die.

"But of course I understand, I'm very sorry to have interupted your work gentlemen." Sebastian replies while bowing slightly.

"I'll let you go now. Have a safe trip." Sebastian finishes as he jumps off of the hood of the engine and onto solid ground while watching the vehicle with the two men plummet to there deaths.

"Oh dear! Look at how late its gotten. If I don't move quickly we will never have dinner ready in time." Sebastian says to himself while looking at the time on his pocket watch and putting it away and starts to walk to his designation.

Back with the remaining guests at the manor

"Are we certain nothings wrong?" Asks Madam Red who is sitting in a carriage that is leaving the estate with the two other guests in the same carriage.

"If that butler says everythings fine, I'm inclined to believe him. He's been in the Earl's and Mistress's service for so long, and it quite plain to see that there's some sort of unshakeable bond between those three. You can always find him at the Earl's and Mistress's side. Like a shadow." Replies Lau with Ran Mao at his side.

"That long? But Sebastian didn't arrive until two years ago.That's not much time at all." Eclaims Madam Ren.

"Oh really? How odd. My memory is so unreliable isn't that right, Ran Mao?" Lau asks the silent girl.

". . . ." She says nothing.

"Useless." Whispers Madam Red.

Back with Azuro Flannel(?) and the siblings.

"Listen up!! The Phantomhive boy and girl have help on the way!!! Move it!! Tighten up security at the gate!! Not as much as a single rat gets through!!!" Shouts Azuro towards his men as they all scramble around to there places.

"My My what a splended home!!" Announces Sebastian as he stands behind all of the men standing guard at the gate.

They are all shocked.

"Hey!! Who the hell's this guy?!!" Shouts one of the men as the others all have there weapons pointed towards Sebastian as he calmly turns around to face them.

"Ah, my appologies! You see, I represent the Phantomhive household." states Sebastian calmly.

Suddenly all of the men are down for the count.

"Pardon me, but i'm in a bit of a hurry." Announces a still calm Sebastian as he takes out his pocket watch once more.

'5:34' He thinks to himself as he busts down the front door of the mansion.

Suddenly gun shots are fired from every direction in the dinning area and Sebastian deflects all of the bullets with a single dish platter.

He runs and throws the dish platter at one of the men. It hits him right in the neck causing him to be knocked out and causes a chain reaction to the other men beside them and knocking them down as well all in one hit.

Sebastian continues to run, but now he is running ontop of the dinning table and picking up the plates that have bowls ontop of them and throws those at the remaining men who are still firing at Sebastian. They hit each man right in their face.

"Move damn it!! Call in the boys in the west tower!! We need to rip this bastard apart!!" Shouts one man who is still shooting at Sebastian while the rest run off to do what the man says.

"An entire swarm of rats. I'll get nowhere at this rate." states Sebastian while looking at his pocket watch once again.

Sebastian takes Knives and forks in both of his hands between all of his fingers and throws them at the men still there.

They all hit there targets dead on.

"Who the hell is he?!!" Shouts one of the men who soon gets nailed in the forehead with one of the silverware.

"Now now, If I couldn't do this much at least, then what kind of butler would I be?" Announces Sebastian as he jumps in the air once more and throws the silverware towards the remaining men still standing.

"Oh dear, that took longer than I thought" states Sebastian as he calmly hangs from the chandelliar(sp?) and drops to the floor.

"Already 5:43." He states the time while once again looking at his pocket watch.

A door opens and shows Sebastian has entered the room where the siblings are being held.

"I am here to retrieve my Master and Mistress." Sebastian states towards Azuro who has his gun pointed towards Sebastian.

"Is this a joke? I was expecting a giant, instead I got a scrauny(sp?) tailcoat. Who are you anyway?There's no way your just a butler." Azuro states towards the butler.

"No sir, You see I am simply one Hell of a butler. I promise." Sebastian says his answer.

"Ha, yeah sure. It does not matter anyway, I have no intention in fighting you. Not yet." states Azuro as he grabs hold of Cynthia's hair in a tight hold. She yelps in pain.

Azuro puts the gun he holds towards her head as he holds her around her waist. She looks at Sebastian clearly frightened.

(Cynthia's POV):

'I have a gun pointed at my head!' 'I'm going to die now. I am seriously gonna die now' I think to myself while I show with my eyes how frightened I really am towards Sebastian as he reaches into his blazor.

"You have what I want." States Blondie who still has the gun pointed at my head.

"Yes I have it right here." Sebastian answers while pulling out a key and is suddenly shot straight through the side of his head.

I have my eyes wide open in shock and I notice the same expression on my brother's face as well.

Sebastian falls down dead.

"Hahaha oh sorry dandy, I really am. But this round is mine. There was no way I was going up against the Phantomhive Lord of the Underworld without a trump card hidden. I damaged the goods a little bit, but that's alright. I'm sure you'll fetch a pretty bargan price even in this condition." states Azuro as he drops me to the floor while walking towards my brother and taking his eyepatch off of his eye.

"Don't worry you have so many enemies. I doubt you will be alive for that much longer." Blondie states with a tuft of Ciel's hair in his fist and bumping his gun against my brother's chin.

"Alright I'm tired of messing around. How much longer are you planning to play dead." My brother states obviously annoyed.

'Huh? Playing dead?' I think confused while I look at my brother for a few seconds clearly confused at what he is saying.

" Not long." I hear Sebastian's voice reply while I have my eyes wide with surprise at hearing his voice.

'I thought he was dead? He's no ordinary human. Just what is he. My brother has a lot of explaining to do once we get back home.' I think to my self as I feel myself getting dizzy with all the information I am recieving right now. The next thing I see is Sebastian standing up as my eyes closed shut.

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