Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


9. 8. Sebastian to the Rescue

>> Recap <<

"Ciel, what's going on?" I ask him feeling slightly shaken at this sudden situation that I am in.

"There's no need to worry sister. Sebastian will be here shortly." Is all Ciel said to me before talking to our kidnapper who started yelling about some key that we apparently had that he wants.

Then the phone rang. The person started talking then there was screaming on the other end.

Then there was nothing for a few moments.

Then a voice spoke. One that I thought I wouldn't hear ever again.

>> End Recap <<

Chapter 8 Start

( Sebastian's POV)

I was standing outside of my master's study with the desert and tea.

"Young Master and Mistress? I've brought your pie and afternoon tea." I announced while knocking on the door to the study.


"Master? Mistress?" I ask while opening the door to find that the study is in complete diseray with the master and mistress no where to be found.

But the window has been opened.

"Hmm. This is terrible, refreshments will all be waisted now." I said while walking out of the room.



( Cynthia's POV):

  "The policeman of England's Underworld. One of the nobles who have done the Royals dirty work for generations, the Queen's Guard Dog; tasked with disposing of anyone who disagrees with her. Just how many nicknames do you have? And how many families have you crushed? Ciel Phantomhive," stated one of the people who were our guests earlier today while he lit a cigar looking down at me and my brother while we were bound by buckle straps and sitting next to each.

  The condition we were both in at the given moment is not a good one. We are both pretty beaten up. My brother got the worst out of the two of us. That's only because he was always diving in front of me whenever the men tried to lay a hand on me. My brother is very protective when it comes to me.

   "I thought it would be you. You shame your family Azuro Flanel( Sp?)." stated Ciel while he looked up at the blonde haired man.

  "Come now, my little Lord Phantomhive. Do you know how hard it is for the Italian Mafia here? You English man have nothing but tea on the brain. It's difficult to penatrait those small minds of yours, so we have to think outside of the box to make money. So we found a drug traidor" Azuro talked to my brother while walking towards us and kneeling down to look my brother in the face. 

   I leaned closer towards Ciel because of the smell of the Cigar smoke that was blowing in my face. I'm not to fond of smoke ever since the burning of our mansion years ago. Let alone fire.

  "The Pharmacy Act of 1868 listed emobium(?) as a restricted substance. It is the Queen's decree, and I will elimenate those drugs, and the vermin who sell them." Ciel stated towards Azuro who sighed after my brother's speech.

   "You know this is why I hate all you english man. The Queen this, the Queen that, you act as if this woman is your  own mother!" Mr. Blondie shouted at my brother while grabbing hold of Ciel's chin  and pulling his face closer to his, while he did that my head fell from my twin's shoulder and caused me to hit the floor with nothing to stop my fall since my hands were wrapped up behind my back. It hurt and now I have a headache.

  While that happened to me Mr. Blondie that is what I'm calling him from now own since he annoys me now^.^ 

  Anyway, while I fell Ciel and Blondie were still chatting I was trying to see if I couldn't get my restraints undone by moving my hands to feel where the belt buckle was all the while trying to keep my face from giving away what I was doing.

  'There' I thought to myself as I got one of the belt buckles undone but not too loose that way no one would notice anything suspicious is going on as to what I was really doing.

  Suddenly I here a Clink of a gun I'm startled and stop what I'm doing and look towards my brother to see Blondie pointing a gun at my brother's head.

"BRat don't Underestimate me!! My men are already waiting at your estate. Where's the key? Spit it out soon or your servants will start dying one by one." shouted Blondie as he was now getting frustrated with my brother.

  I look towards Ciel as he suddenly leans his head towards the left slightly. With a small mischivious smile upon his face.

 "Oh I think they will be alright. But you had better hope your lap dogs know how to play fetch." said Ciel.

Suddenly he is kicked in the face by Mr. Blondie and Ciel falls to the floor with more blood on his face.

I gasp slightly and try to scoot my way towards my brother while Blondie is on the phone with someone.

Once I'm beside my brother's face I quietly ask him, "Brother are you alright?" 

He looks towards me as best he can and nods his head at me telling me he is fine though to me he doesn't look it.

Back at the Phantomhive Manor


(Sebastian's POV):

   "Oh dear, this is most troubling where could have the master and mistress been taken?" I asked myself while; I was walking down a hallway that had a large window taking up a good portion of the wall where I swore I saw something moving within the bushes that were outside. 

  Suddenly I hear Mey-rin screaming down the hallway running towards me with a letter in hand.

 "SEBASTIAN!!!!!" shouted Mey-Rin who was still running and suddenly tripped over her own feet once again.

  "Mey-Rin how many times have I told you not to run in the mansion?" I said to her as she fell ontop of me. Suddenly, the window broke and glass shattered everywhere in the hallway. Along with the sound of a gun being fired, which I have a feeling was the cause of the broken window.

  Suddenly her face started turning red while looking at me, while I was waiting for her to get off of me, and hand me the letter that was in her hands.

"Mey-rin the letter please?" I ask her rather annoyed with her laying on top of me while watching her scramble off of my body still with a red face.

  She hands me the letter after I finish it I say " What a poorly written letter," while I hear the other two servants approach me.

"Sebastian." states Finny as him and Bard stand before me.

"What is going on here?" Madam Red asks as her and Lau enter the hallway as well.

  "Sorry for the noise my Lady, I asure you nothings wrong. Everyone I have business to attend to, would you mind cleaning this up." I state while handing Bard the Lemon Merang Pie and going to get ready to save my Master and Mistress from there captive. 

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