Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


5. 4. Crazy happenings to the guest

>> Recap <<

"My master is quite right about that. Naturally, you see, I am simply one hell of a butler." responded Sebastian.

   While Sebastian said that I couldn't help but notice that he put an emphasis on the word 'hell' in that sentence.

' Is my brother hiding something from me about Sebastian?' I thought while turning my head slightly to look at my brothers calm face while he ate his dinner.

Ciel finished eating and turned his head in my direction looking at me for a moment and glancing up at Sebastian then turning his head back to the other side.

>> End Recap <<


>> Chapter 4 Start <<

(Cynthia's POV):

'What was that look for that Ciel gave me at dinner tonight?' I thought while we were all back in the Study.

By we I mean me, my brother, and Mr. Damiano.

We were finishing up the board game called 'Bewitched eyes of the Dead'.

But it was only Ciel and the guest that were playing. I decided to just watch them this time. ^_^.

"That was a thoroughly enjoyable dinner my lord, now about the contract." stated the Italian while he and my brother sat down in their seats, I was already in mine.

"Before we discuss that we must first finish the game." Stated Ciel while looking straight at Mr. Damiano.

"yes of course" replied Mr. Damiano obviously getting frustrated with my brother for worrying more about finishing the game than discussing the contract.

'Gready little bastard' I thought while watching the italian frown slightly from his seat.

"I do have a pressing appointment. Perhaps another ti....." Mr. Damiano started to say but was interrupted by my twin.

"Children can be very demanding about their games. Surely you wouldn't want me to get upset." Stated my brother with a small smirk upon his face.

Mr.Damiano's face on the other hand looked like he was getting really annoyed by my brother's antics.

"No, No of course not. But perhaps you would permit me to use your telephone?" the Italian stated/asked.

My brother permitted he could use our phone.

Mr.Damiano opened the door, then stood in the door way.

It was Sebastian.

" I brought some tea for you and my lord and lady."  stated Sebastian to the italian.

" I will be right back." answered the bastard quite rudely if you ask me.

'I hate people like this guy' I thought angrily.

Sebastian came in the room and served us our tea.

"What is this? It smells terribly weak." Ciel stated with a displeased exspression on his face.

I smelled the tea.

'I agree' I thought to myself then spoke my opinion about it.

"I agree how do Italians enjoy this type of tea?" I stated with my face looking something like this >.<

"Out of consideration for our guest, I brought some Italian tea." answered Sebastian while he looked at me.

" Italian?" asked my brother.

"Italians drink more coffee than tea, sir, so finding high quality tea can be quite difficult. This selection is not to your liking, master?" asked Sebastian with a frown upon his beautiful face.

I shook my head of that absurd thought once again.

' Why do these feelings keep on popping up in my head!!!!!' I thought with a small frown upon my face as well now.

 "No. No it is not. I don't like it at all." My brother's answer brought me out of my little daydream once again. I look up to see my brother with a thoughtful look on his face.

"I'll see to the dessert preparations." stated Sebastian while setting down the teapot.

"Good. We must show him the most available hospitality. The Phantomhive family is well known for its curtiousy." Ciel replied back with a mischievious smile upon his face.

"Yes, my young lord." finished Sebastian while bowing to my brother.

' Am I missing something important right now?' I thought with my facial exspession being this >.<

When Sebastian stands back up I could have sworn I saw his eyes turn a pinkish fushia color.

' huh?' I thought while having my head tilted slightly, watching him head out the door.


(No One's POV):

In a room the guest was on the phone talking in a whispered tone with the door slightly opened.

"I'm a tired of babysitting this child Earl." the Italian says to the person on the other end.

"Yes i've already sold off the factory." replied the man after a short pause from the other end of the line.

"Now all that's left is to pocket the extra cash. I'm trying to squeeze some more out of the brat right now." continued the italian while smoking a cigar in his mouth.

"huh the employees, ha, who cares about them." started the man who then turns around thinking he saw a face looking in the crack of the opened door.

"Nevermind, the rest of the formalities are for you to deal with. 'Pause'. No it will be easy. Please! He's only a child," Mr. Damiano finished his call and started his way up the main stair case.

He's startled by the portrait of Ciel and Cynthia Phantomhive's late parents.

A masked like face appears on the late Earl's face.

Mr. Damian is frightened

He whipes his eyes.

It's not there anymore.

"Impossible. I'ma seeing things" He mutters while continuing up the staircase.

'Bewitched by the eyes of the Dead' Cynthia's voice is suddenly heard within Mr. Damiano mind startling him.

"No that's redickulous." states the Italian to resure himself.

He continues walking.

Mr. Damiano is lost trying to find the drawing room.

'Bewitched by the eyes of the Dead'  

Now it's Ciel's voice that is heard.

Mr. Damiano hears the floors creaking in front of him down the hall.

A figure appears.

With the mask like face showing.

He gets frightened and struggles at first to run the way he came.

"Stay away from me!!!!" He shouts.

When suddenly the portrait of the late Earl Phantomhive and his wife is being carried by none other than Finny and Bardroy.

"That's odd, was that our guest I heard just now?' questions Finny to Bardroy.

"Hey!!! We need to move this. Or Sebastian will start yellin' again." shouted Bard to Finnian who replied with a ' Right' and they continued what they were doing before they stopped.


Mayrin was walking towards the grand staircase with a broom and a bucket in her hands.

"Huh." started mayrin when her glasses suddenly cracked.

"So embarassing. I really messed up this time. Huh. But at least I was able to get close to Sebastian." continued May Rin.

"What kind of lecturous maid am I." Mayrin cried out while waving her arms around franticly suddenly she didn't feel anything heavy in her right hand.

"huh?" she stated while holding up her hand and only finding the bucket handle but no bucket.

Mr. Damiano was still running.

'You lose one turn.' Ciel's voice echoed within his mind.

Mr.Damiano tripped over the bucket Mayrin broke.

He cries out in pain grabbing onto his twisted leg.

"Sir are you alright. HuH his right leg" realised Mayrin who steps back a little.

"It's twisted round what happened to it?' Questions Mayrin.

Finny and Bardroy appear still carrying the portrait.

"Hey what happened here?" asked Bardroy.

"Our guest something's happened!!!" shouted Mayrin while frayling her arms around frantiquely.

'And now lose one leg in the enchanted forest' Mr. Damiano hears Ciel's voice while looking at the portrait and sees the mask like face again.

He's even more frightened than before.

He starts crawling away even though he is badly injured.

"Uhm wait come back?" Mayrin's not quite sure what just happened.

He walks into Sebastian.

"Surely you aren't leaving the manor yet sir. We haven't given you the full Phantomhive treatment yet. We still have to serve dessert." states Sebastian while the guest crawls back the way he came with Sebastian close behind him.

"You lost a leg remember? Now you can only move only half the number of spaces. So why not relax abit and make yourself at home." asks Sebastian wiht a smile.

Mr. Damiano walks into the Kitchen.

No lights on.

"Damn it's too dark" He whispers to himself.

He hears Sebastian's footsteps getting closer.

"Is this a cupboard" he asks himself while opening the door and getting inside of it.

The echoing footsteps stop at the kitchen door.

The door opens wide some light shines through from the lit hallway.

"Damn these are really tight quarters." states Mr. Damiano while moving his hand around.  It lands on something squishy.

He puts his hand towards his face and smells what's on his hand.

"Smell's like sugar." he answers confusedly.

a slot in the oven door opens startling him.

After being in the oven the guest runs out of the manor still limping and trying to get as far away as he possibly can.

Something hits him in the head. He falls down screaming.

"Mama mia!!!!!!'''


"What an unattractive scream' states my brother while chuckling and sitting back in his chair.

"he sounds like a pig sent off to what presumption, first he sell the East Indian Factory without telling me, and then he dares asks for more money. Did he think to retain my trust." my dear brother thought aloud to himself while moving his board piece towards the 'Happy ever after' spot on the game board and knocks it down.

"Ciel are you alright?" I ask knowing exactly what he's thinking about. It's a twin thing.

"I'm afraid once something is truely lost, that one can never get it back again." states Ciel while sitting back in his chair 

I frown and walk over towards my brother.

"At least we have eachother right Ciel?" I ask while giving him a hug. I feel his shoulders tense a bit then relax and I feel him hug me back.

"That's right Thia." I hear him mutter. 

I'm shocked. 'You haven't called me that since before the manor burned down!!! I thought with my eyes wide in surprise.

'Guess there is still some of the onld Ciel everyone once knew still there.' 
I thought with a smile on my face.

I break away from the hug give him a kiss on his forehead and walk towards the door and head towards my bedroom change into my nightgown and fall asleep right when my head hits the pillow.


(Sebastian's POV):

I go to the young master's room and get him ready for bed.

Then I go and check on Lady Cynthia.

She is already asleep with half the sheets on her.

I walk towards her bed and pull the sheets up all the way to her shoulders.

She moves slightly.She's still asleep.

I look at her beautiful facial features.

I lean forwards slightly and kiss her cheek and walk out of the room and towards my own.

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