Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


4. 3. Eating Dinner and a Suspicious twin sister^_^

>> Recap <<

"Oh my, HaHaHa!!! This is a gruesome game isn't it. Is there no way to restore my leg then?" asked the guest.

"I'm afraid once something is truly lost sir.. One can never get it back again. Your body is burnt by raging flames." Ciel said in a colder tone while the guest looked at the board game just like Ciel.

I was getting board of the game so I was gonna go see what the servants were doing.

"Brother I'm going to walk around for a little while, is that alright?" I asked him while standing up and smoothing my dark blue dress out.

"I don't mind." Ciel said while looking up at me.

"Thanks!" I stated happily while giving him a kiss on the forehead. I look at his reaction. He's blushing slightly.

I giggle while heading out the door.

>> End Recap <<


>> Chapter 3 Start <<

( Third POV):

     Cynthia Phantomhive closed the door to her brother's study with the guest inside.

     'I wonder how the others are doing with preparing dinner? Knowing Bard he is probably using his flamethrower again!'  Thought Cynthia as she was on her way towards the kitchen going down the stairs that lead her towards the grand hall of the mansion.

She suddenly sees Sebastian standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

'What's he doing?' She thought while reaching the doorway standing behind Sebastian.

>> Back To Cynthia's POV <<

   " Sebastian is everything alright?" I asked while he turned around to face me towering over me quite a bit seeing as I'm shorter than him but slightly taller than my brother.

"Everything is perfectly fine Lady Cynthia." Sebastian said while closing his eyes and smiling slightly.

'He has a nice smile' I thought while starring up at the butler. I shook my head of that thought quickly.

" If your sure there's nothing for me to do?" I stated/asked.

" Every thing is fine my Lady." Sebastian stated once again while bowing slightly.

" Sebastian how many times have I told you to just call me Cynthia while we are inside the mansion?" I asked while crossing my arms over my medium sized chest.

" None, except for now, my Lady." Replied the charming butler before me.

" Well I will keep telling you until you do start only calling me by my name while inside of this manor." I stated firmly while uncrossing my arms and turning around to go back towards my brother's Study with the guest that just wants our money for himself.

'I wonder what Ciel is going to have Sebastian do to the guest?' I thought while going up the stairs and passing the area where our parents portrait was.

I glanced at it slightly then continued up the staircase and stood in front of Ciel's Study.

I knocked. "Ciel, it's me" I said louder than my regular voice.

"Come in Cynthia." responded my brother while I turned the door handle and pushed the door open.

I walked into the room while going to stand next to the chair that my brother sat in.

I hear a knock on the door.

" Pardon the interruption, but dinner is served." Announced Sebastian while holding the door open.

"Oh! Dining out in that exquisite stone garden. Shall we get going my Lord?" asked the Italian.

""Very well, we will finish the game later." announced Ciel while getting out of his chair and taking my hand and walking towards the door that Sebastian is still holding open.

"Oh, is there any really need to finish it? I know i'ma going' to loose." stated the guest.

"I'm not in the habit in abandoning games half way through." stated my brother with a small,l barely visible smile.

"How childish." 

I heard Mr. Damiano mutter under his breath. Apparently so did my brother, because he turned his head around to look at the idiot Italian.

So did I. I turned my head as well.

" I mean it takes a child mind to see what's really important."  Mr. Damiano tried to correct the obvious mistake that he had made and failing at.

" It's a true gift. Maybe that's what made the Phantomhive's success for most toy makers. It certainly impresses me." Said Mr. Damiano as we all exited the room and towards the outside of the manor for dinner.


>> A Few Minutes Later <<

    We were all outside at the table waiting for Sebastian to announce what was for dinner. The seating arrangements were this; Mr. Damiano at one end of the table, Ciel at the other end, and I was sitting on my brother's right  that has his eye patch.

  'I've always wondered what was wrong with his eye, but i've been to afraid to ask' I thought while Sebastian came and stood beside my chair and started to announce what we were having for dinner. 

" On tonights menu is a finely sliced Raw Beef Daubery; courteous of our chef Bardroy." stated Sebastian.

After I heard Sebastian say that Bardroy had made this I was shocked, as was everyone else.

This was our exspession. O.o?

" A pile of raw beef? And this is dinner?" Mr. Damiano asked in disbelief.

" Yes. But surely you have heard of it? This, good sir, is a traditional Japanese delicacy, a dish to sign someone who has accomplished important work. That's is the wonder of Daubery!!" Sebastian explained.

After he explained the Daubery I started to eat it.

" This is a token of thanks from our young master for all of your hard work on the company's behave. He wanted you to know that it's much appreciated." Sebastian stated while smiling that beautiful smile of his.

'Wait!!! Did I just think something like that about Sebastian again?!!!!' I screamed/thought and I suddenly started to choke on the raw beef.

" Cynthia!!!!" I heard Ciel cry out.

I noticed Sebastian walk over to me and started to rub my back to help get the food to go down my throat the way its supposed to.

I started to cough a little bit after I finally got it to go down.

" Here you go my lady." I heard Sebastian say to me while setting down a glass of water for me.

" Thank you Sebastian." I replied while picking up the glass and taking a few sips of the water.

I sighed after I finished.

" That's better." I announced making my brother relax from my sudden choking episode.

MayRin then came out with a bottle of wine that was on a cart.

" The vintage we are pouring tonight was specially selected to compliment the flavor of the soy sauce." Sebastian announced while gesturing to MayRin with the wine.

I glanced over at the two.

" Mayrin. Now Mayrin." Sebastian whispered a little loudly.

" Yes sir." stated May- Rin.

She wasn't moving it looked more like she was nervous.

Sebastian leaned over towards her and started to whisper something in her ear.

'Probably telling her to poor the glass of wine.' I thought while going back to eating the raw beef.

A few seconds later.

I hear something dripping.

I turn my head slightly and see that May-Rin is spilling the wine and it's going towards the other side of the table.

'Uh-Oh' I thought while looking at Ciel talking to Sebastian probably ordering him to remove the table cloth.

And I was right. The table cloth is removed by Sebastian without disturbing anything that was on top of the table cloth.

"oh, Huh where did the table cloth go?" asked a startled Mr. Damiano.

  "There was a speck of dirt, most unsightly, I had the table cloth removed so it wouldn't distract us." answered my brother while having his head down slightly with Sebastian in between our seats holding the now folded table cloth.

" Think nothing of it." finished Ciel while he continued to eat his dinner. As did I.

" Please accept my apologies sir, do continue, enjoy the meal at your leisure." Sebastian apologized while bowing to our guest.

" Aha, oh my, Aha. Lord Phantomhive once again you have truly impressed me, what an able butler you've acquired." stated the chuckling italian.

" Pay him no mind, he merely acted to fix one of my servants." My brother continued the conversation.

"My master is quite right about that. Naturally, you see, I am simply one hell of a butler." responded Sebastian.

   While Sebastian said that I couldn't help but notice that he put an emphasis on the word 'hell' in that sentence.

' Is my brother hiding something from me about Sebastian?' I thought while turning my head slightly to look at my brothers calm face while he ate his dinner.

Ciel finished eating and turned his head in my direction looking at me for a moment and glancing up at Sebastian then turning his head back to the other side.

>>End of Chapter 3<<

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