Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


17. 16. A Little Bet with My Brother


         "There will be more slain I'm certain. Sadistic killers like this one don't stop unless someone makes them. Will you stop him? Can you sniff him out like a good little guard dog?" Is what I hear the Undertaker ask my brother when I finally come out of my mind.

"I'm bound by the honor of my family. I eliminate any threat that the Queen exspects me to. By any means that I find necessary." Ciel replies back with what most people would think would be with no emotions what so ever. But there is one emotion that stands out whenever he speaks about a case concerning the Queen. Dedirmination. The Dedirmination to end those who have gone against the Queens wishes in a peaceful world.

End Recap.

~~~~~~~ Chapter 16 Starts Now!!! Sorry for the very long wait!!!^_^~~~~~~~~~~

   After the information that the Undertaker has given us; we all got back into the carriage and Grell was driving meaning that Sebastian was inside with all of us. And by all of us I mean, Aunty Anne, Lau, Ran Mao, Ciel and I. The seating arrangement went like this. On the backside of the carriage was Lau, Madame Red, and Ran Mao. And sitting towards the front of the carriage was Ciel, then me, and lastly Sebastian who sat closer towards the door of the carriage.

  We were still discussing the murder case and the info that we have received thus far.

"This information narrows down our suspects." Ciel starts the conversation straight away.

  "First of all, we look at those who have a necessary skills set. Crossing out anyone with an alibi on the night to which the murders occur. Removal of the organs would suggest some sort of grusome ritual. We should concentrate on people who are involved with secret societies." Sebastian continues on narrowing our information down even further.

        "As if that narrows the field!! Why!! Even I would have the medical skills necessary for this. Besides which, the season is ending soon. Any doctors who follow the nobles to the city, will be returning to the country and. . ." Madame Red shouts causing me to jerk my head up at what she said about 'even she would have the medical skills necessary for this' making my eyes go wide at the clue she just gave. Making me hope that she really isn't the one who is causing the murders around the city.

        "Then we will have to conclude the investigation quickly." Sebastian interupts Aunty Anne with this weird smile upon his face. Making me look at him strangely knowing that he somehow as a plan up his sleeve.

  "I-impossible!!" Lau whispers but not really since I'm sure that I wasn't the only one who had heard him mutter to himself.

        "I should be able to do this much at least. Otherwise, what kind of butler would I be?" Sebastian concludes his reasonings with that infamous line of his and I look towards the other two, Madame Red and Lau, and notice that they both have looks of disbelief upon their faces.

   "I'll make up a list of valuable suspects, and begin questioning them for you immediately. My Lord." Sebastian says to my brother who just looks at him and nods his head telling him to get a move on. Making me know that he will be doing something that is nearly impossible for a 'normal' human to do and survive from unscathed.

        Sebastian opens the moving carriage's door with his back facing the outside and exscuses himself.

        "Now if you'll excuse me for the moment." He says while both me and my brother just wave our hands in a manner telling him to just get going already. He then jumps off the carriage and is out of our sights within seconds.

  "HE KNOWS THAT WE ARE MOVING RIGHT??!!!" Madame Red shouts as both her and Lau press their faces against the carriage door's window trying to see if Sebastian is out their or not.

Time Skip:

  A few minutes later we finally arrive back at the town house. As we approach the front door, it is pulled open by Sebastian who was waiting for us inside of the house with a tea cart and rolls of parchment paper in his arms.

    The only ones who were surprised to see Sebastian at the house already were, Madame Red and Lau. The reason why Ciel nor I were that surprised is because we are so used to it already that it does not faze us anymore.

    "Welcome back everyone." Sebastian greets us while bowing slightly with his right hand over his 'heart'.

   "I have awaited your return." He finishes.

"Your afternoon tea is ready for you in the drawing room." Sebastian continues while taking Ciel's hat and stepping aside to let us enter the house. I just follow after my brother as we make our way towards the room.

  "HOLD ON!! How are you here?" I here Auntie ask Sebastian as me and Ciel head towards the stairs that lead to the upper floor of the house.

 "I finished up that little errand. So I made my way home to edify you.(AN: I think that's what he said tell me if I'm wrong) 

  "You made the suspect list already?" I hear Madame Red ask as me and Ciel were close to out of earshot of them.

  Since we were out of ear shot of those four I'd think I should as my brother if he wants to play a game of chess while we wait for them to get done with their little pointless discussion.

  "Brother?" I ask causing him to slow down his walking.

"Yes what is it?" He replies in his normal bored tone.

  "Would you like to play a game of chess while we wait for the others to show up. I bet I can finally beat you in a game for once." I say with a small smirk plastered on my face while looking at the back of my brother's head.

"Hmm. I suppose it has been a while since we played. Alright." Ciel agreed looking my way and noticed the smirk that I had plastered on my face.

  "Excellent!! But why don't we make this game a little more entertaining." I say thinking of the perfect way to spend more time with Sebastian if I do win that is.

 "Entertaining eh? I'm listening." Ciel says with his body turned to me fully. Clearly interested in my idea.

      "Alright here's the deal. If I win, Sebastian has to do everything only I tell him to do for a whole week. In other words, He can't do any of your orders, even though that is apart of your contract." I say with a satified grin as I noticed my brother's shocked reaction. Then he calms down a little bit and grins back at me.

  "And if I win?" Ciel asks wondering what type of deal he would get if I were to lose against him.

  "If you win, dear brother. Then you can think of me as a type of personal maid for you instead of treating me like your sister for a whole week except for when we are out in public that is." I say still with a smile on my face.

  "Do we have a deal?" I ask as I hold my hand out to Ciel to close the deal.

 "Deal." He says with a smirk as he clasps his hand in mine closing our little bet/deal.

After the deal/bet was made, we then head where we were previously heading to. The drawing room to wait for the others who were still probably trying to figure out how Sebastian got here before us in the first place.

 Let the game begin.

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