Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


16. 15. The UnderTaker

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 "Now what dears?" Auntie Anne asks as she met us up in front of our little group.

"Now , we go see someone who might be useful." Ciel said as he looked ahead of us.

  "My Lord!  You. . . .Don't mean?!"  Lau said with lots of suspense added to his voice.

"Yes Indeed." My brother answered as we were driving off in the carriage towards one of the most funniest person that I new.

End Recap.


New Chapter Starts Now^_^

(No One's POV):

  Everyone was now looking at a building that had a sign that said "Undertaker" above the door. There were also some gravestones. After a few minutes of silence from staring at the building, Lau looked towards everyone surrounding him, but more towards the Phantomhive siblings in question.

  "So . . . . .Where are we?" He asked making everyone anime fell at the oblivious man. "You don't know?!!! Then what was all that about?!?" Madam Red shouted towards the Asian man clearly annoyed with him.

   "It's a funeral parlor run by an acquaintance of My Lord and Mistress." Sebastian explain to the clueless man.

"The Undertaker, eh?" Madame Red said as she read the sign above their heads. Sebastian opens the door for everyone as they each entered the building. "If we're looking for answers, this is the place." Cynthia explained to everyone once they were all situated inside the parlor.

  "Yes, the Undertaker would know what happened to the victims." Ciel agreed with his sister. Everyone looked around the creepy parlor, looking at the dusty coffins and a skeleton that looked like it was watching them from the other side of the room. The parlor was very dark and eerie looking. Suddenly, a voice starts to laugh throughout the eerie room.

   "Welcome!!" The voice said once done laughing hysterically. "I thought I'd be seeing you before long!"

  Madam Red's butler Grell, and the Asian man Lau looked around nervously, trying to find out who was talking to them. Ciel, Cynthia, Sebastian, and Madame Red all kept a perfectly calm facade on the outside. A noise started from the back of the room and a coffin lid seemed to be rattling on it's own accord.

 A hand was soon revealed to be moving the lid away from the coffin, to reveal a strange man with long silver/white hair covering his eyes, wearing a black hat and black clothing.

  "My Lord and Mistress, it's so lovely to see you!!" The Undertaker said as he finished coming out of the coffin he previously was laying inside of. 'How can you see us with all that hair in your face?" Cynthia thought to herself with a sweat drop forming in the back of her head.

  "Do I finally have the pleasure of fitting you for one of me coffins today?" He asked the twins eagerly as he watched both Ciel and Cynthia who slowly was hiding behind Sebastian since even though she's met the Undertaker a few times he still creeps her out. This action caused Sebastian to smile just a little bit at the young girl.

  Everyone except for Sebastian and Ciel looked at the man in horror.

"No that is not the reason I am here. I wanted to. . ." Ciel never got to finish his request/question because the Undertaker placed one of his hands on Ciel's face stopping the boy from speaking any further.

  "No need to say! I'm already aware. Very well aware. One of my recent costumer's was a bit unusual shall we say. I helped though, I made her look beautiful again!" The Undertaker states while having his hands hover in front of his face while having a wicked smile plastered on his face.

  "I would like the details." Ciel pretty much demanded from the Undertaker.

"I see now. So the funeral parlor is only your cover business. How much is it for information?" Lau asks the Undertaker finally understanding the roll that the Undertaker part takes.

   "There is no need for the queen's coins!!!" The Undertaker states while rushing towards Lau in his face. 

        Then the Undertaker turns around and looks towards the Phantomhive siblings with a chesire grin shown upon his face.

   "There is only one thing that I want from you!!!" Undertaker announces while standing right up in Ciel's face while his sister Cynthia is still hidden behind Sebastians leg like a scared little kitten. Which she technically is in a way, seeing as she is 12 years old.

 "Please!!! My lord give it to me, and I'll tell you anything!!! Give me the extraordinary gift of true laughter!! Just one joke and I'll tell you all the information is yours!!!" The Undertaker shouted while he started to wobble his body in a circular motion while laughing like a phycotic maniac.

 "Lunatic." Ciel whispered to where only he, Sebastian and his sister Cynthia could here. His sister just nodded her head in agreement, now standing beside Sebastian and holding his hand instead of hiding behind his leg like a scared kitten.

 "Leave it to me my lord. It's a classic joke; on which side of the tiger has the most stripes?" Lau shouted/whispered.

"On the outside." Lau answered his question.

"Get it?" Lau asks the Undertaker who didn't look amused in the slightest bit.


"You call that a joke?" Cynthia states causing Sebastian to look at her with an amused smile plastered upon his face.

"My turn." Madam Red states while stepping forward.

As soon as Madam Red started her supposed "joke" Sebastian blocked Cynthia's ears while Ciel blocked his own. For the words that Madam Red stated are words that should not be repeated again.

Once her gossip story was over both her and Lau had tape put on their mouths with giant red 'x's on them keeping them from opening their mouths for a few moments.

 "Now my lord and mistress; it seems like you are the only ones left. I gave you a special discount last time, but i'm not going to do it again." The Undertaker states while pointing his covered hand towards the two siblings.

   Once the Undertaker said that Ciel had an angered look on his face when Sebastian came and stood beside his master with Cynthia on the other side of her brother now holding his hand instead. That action caused Ciel to look towards his sister who had a smile plastered on her face. Seeing his sister smile so brightly caused him to have a warm feeling inside of his chest one that he hasn't had since their parents died in the house fire.

(Back to Cynthia's POV):

        Once I saw my brother get angry at what the Undertaker said to him I pulled on Sebastian's arm trying to tell him to do something. After that I walked towards Ciel and grabbed a hold of his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze which caused his gaze to go to me. Once hsi gaze was on me I gave him my best smile even though it was forced. I'm like my brother; though I smile at people it's always a forced one. I can never truely smile anymore ever since the death of our parents.

        "It can't be helped." Sebastian says while tightening his glove back on his hand while me and everyone else looks up at him in surprise.

    "Sebastian?" My brother questions our butler while looking up at him.

"Everyone, please wait outside." Sebastian says while turning back to look in our direction. "What ever happens, do not attempt to listen to this." Sebastian says while I just give him a confused look to which he just smiles at. I just shrug my shoulders in a whatever manner while heading towards the door and grabbing my brother along the way out.

 Once we were all outside besides Sebastian, we all just stared at the door in silence waiting to hear what happens next.


Then there is this loud and obnoxious laughter coming from inside. It was so loud that it caused the sign that was above the door to collapse and break to the ground.

Then the door opened.

  "Please do come back in now. I believe he will tell us everything that we want to know." Sebastian said with a smile on his face.

I just look at him thinking 'What did you say to the creep to make him laugh that loudly?, and make the sign above the door to fall down so easily?"

   As we walk back into the parlor I noticed that the Undertaker is twitching weirdly ontop of a coffin and muttering to himself. 'Probably the joke that Sebastian gave him? Though I never thought of him to be such a comedian to begin with. Now I'm interested.' I thought to myself while glancing towards Sebastian every once in a while in both confusion and curiosity.

     "An interesting pattern I've seen these days," the Undertaker starts to say after he has given my brother some tea? inside of a beaker; while I just found a coffin to sit down on seeing as how there were no chairs what so ever inside of the parlor/shop.

        "I often get customer's who are incomplete." Undertaker finishes in what I believe to be a sad voice?

        "Incomplete?" Both me and Sebastian ask in sinc.

"Yes. The uteris is missing. Which is quite . . odd. The killer makes a big mess of the body, that particular part is always precisally recognized." The Undertaker explains while petting I guess would be the right word for what he was doing to a modelized medical figure of the inside of the human body.

        "He did it on a road that was public but not high traffic. Wouldn't an amatuer have a hard time carrying out such a complicated procedure quickly enough?" Sebastian asks the Undertaker. That question also got me thinking; 'Doesn't Aunty work as a Doctor? Could she have those precise skills to cause such a heinous crime?'  I shook my head to clear myself of those dreadful thoughts. There is no way that Madame Red would be doing those things. What reason would she have in performing such a crime on those women anyway?

        "There will be more slain I'm certain. Sadistic killers like this one don't stop unless someone makes them. Will you stop him? Can you sniff him out like a good little guard dog?" Is what I hear the Undertaker ask my brother when I finally come out of my mind.

"I'm bound by the honor of my family. I eliminate any threat that the Queen exspects me to. By any means that I find necessary." Ciel replies back with what most people would think would be with no emotions what so ever. But there is one emotion that stands out whenever he speaks about a case concerning the Queen. Dedirmination. The Dedirmination to end those who have gone against the Queens wishes in a peaceful world.

(Author's Note):

Hey everyone sorry for the long wait my English class has been taking me away from my stories. Sorry for the long awaited chapter. Please do one of the following or even all of them: ^.n






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