Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


15. 14. A New Case


"You must get your sleep master. The moon is so high. I must attend to Lady Cynthia now. Please excuse me. My lord." Sebastian states heading towards the door with a candle in hand.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In Cynthia's Room~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sebastian opened the door to Cynthia's room to find her laying asleep on the floor by her door.

  "My Lady? To tired to even make your way to your bed?" Sebastian whispers when he noticed her sleeping form by the door.

He picked her up bridal style and walked towards her bed and pulled back the covers and laid her down on the bed and put the covers over her. Deciding to leave her in her dress not wanting to disturb her sleep.

  Once he was about to head towards her door he remember her necklace that he fixed to look brand new. He then walked back towards Cynthia who was still fast asleep.

  "Here you are my Lady." Sebastian whispered towards the sleeping girl while slowly putting the necklace on his mistress's neck where it rightfully belongs. Afterward he placed a kiss on her forehead. The simple action causing the girl to move towards her side in her sleep.

"Sebastian." The girl muttered in her sleep surprising the demon greatly but also causing him to smile.

  Sebastian head towards the door once more and walked out into the hall.

"Now I must prepare for tomorrow." Sebastian said while heading down the hallway into the dark.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Recap~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

New Chapter starts now:

~~~~~~~~~~Cynthia's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Sebastian, Ciel and I were on our way into London to our town house for a new case that the Queen has given us. Right now me and Ciel were sitting in the carriage while Sebastian drived. Ciel was looking at the letter the Queen gave us sitting across from me on the other seat, while I was looking at my(mother's) necklace.

   I'm still wondering how it's not broken anymore. Even if I known Sebastian is a demon from Hell. I still doubt he would even be able to fix something like this. But I still have a feeling that it was Sebastian who fixed not only my necklace but my brother's ring as well.

  Anyway, I'm thankful to Sebastian for fixing both the ring and necklace. I'm still wondering how Ciel reacted to Lizzy breaking both of them.


I would not want to be in the same room as my brother if he got upset. It wouldn't be pretty.

I feel the carriage stop indicating that we have now arrived at our destination. Sebastian opens the door helping me out of the carriage and then Ciel. We head towards the house when Ciel starts to complain once more.

"I hate this. There are too many people in London." Ciel complains as we walk up the few steps to the door of the house.

Sebastian opens the door while saying; " There is no hopping it my Lord." He says while closing the door after both me and my brother are inside.

"It's traditional for noblity to migrate for the season." Sebastian replies while I wait for them to approach the set of stairs we need to ascend.

"The Season eh? A waste of time if you ask me." Ciel replies back in a bored like tone as usual.

 "Getting away from the manor could be a nice change in pace." I said while trying to cheer my brother up while placing my hand on his shoulder.

In response he looked back at me with a small barely visible smile on his face. And that is big coming from him.

"It's a break from those four at least. We can enjoy a little peace and quiet for a bit." Sebastian finished my sentence, which caused me to glance back at him with a frown for not being able to finish my statement. He just side glanced at me with his usual smile that could make me melt no matter how hard I try and ignore it.

"Some peace and quiet does sound nice." My brother replied back with a sigh.

  Once we reached the room where we wanted to be, voices could be heard coming from the inside.

Sebastian opened the room for us. Inside were three people. Lau, our Aunt Madam Red, and Grell her butler. The room was a complete mess.

 "Goodness sake's where do they keep the tea in this place!!" Madam Red asked.

"I can't find it either. . ." Lau inquired while looking in a plant. I sweat dropped at that.

"Don't be silly!! Of course it's not in there! Oh!" Madam Red said to Lau and when she finally noticed us standing in the doorway.

"Madam Red?! Lau?! What are you doing here?" Both me and my brother shouted at the same exact time. What? were twins we normally do this though it does piss my brother off once in a while.^_^

"Ciel, Cynthia; your here early dears." Madam Red said. 

"Your sudden appearance here in town must mean . . ." Lau trailed off in thought. While Madam Red finished for him.

" The Queens Guard Dogs have a new scent to follow." Madam Red finished. While my brother clearly did not look happy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~

We were all sitting around having tea, after Sebastian finally found it and made it with no help from Grell. For some reason whenever I'm around Grell I get the feeling that he's not all human. Maybe he's like Sebastian? I don't know but he just puts me off as someoe we should stay away from in the future.

"He struck again, another prostitute was found gruesomely murdered in Whitechapel. These killings are far from normal. The level of violence we're seeing is unprecedented." My brother said talking about our recent case from the Queen.

"The most recent victim was a woman named Mary Ann Nichols. It appears a special type of blade was used on her. She was torn up beyond recognition." I said after taking a sip of my Earl Gray tea and placing my cup down on the table in front of me.

"The murderer's distinctive style of killing has earned him a unique nickname from the press; "Jack The Ripper."  Sebastian informed us. "A frightening name eh?" Lau said. 

"That's why we're here earlier than expected. I hurried into town so we can look into the situation ourselves." Ciel told the others after I gave him a pointed look knowing that he was not about to include me as well in the investigation.

 "But are you sure your brave enough to stomach the crime scene?" Lau asked us. "What do you mean by that?" Both me and my brother asked at the same time. "The sight of the dismembered body will certainly be horrific. And only one can imagine the stench. Blood and gore everywhere. Surely it would be enough to drive some men mad. Are you prepared to see such a thing? You're still just a young boy and girl after all." Lau spoke.

"I am the head of the Phantomhive's in service to my Queen. Don't ask foolish questions." My brother stated in a firm tone. "You're right. So sorry." Lau apologized. 

I decided that I would like to change my outfit for when we leave. I got up from my chair and towards my brother who was looking at me in question. 

"Ciel I'm gonna change into a proper outfit for going out into town." I said 

"Alright take Sebastian to help you." Ciel said which shocked me greatly but I didn't let the feeling show on my face. Instead I just nodded my head in agreement. Even though I was trying so hard to keep the heat from appearing on my cheeks.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cynthia's Room~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Once we, meaning me and Sebastian, got to my room I couldn't deside on what to where into town. So I desided to ask Sebastian for help.

" Hey Sebastian? Could you help me in choosing an outfit?" I ask while tilting my head to the side in a pleading way.

  "Certainly, my Lady." Sebastian said formally.

  After a while I finally found a dress to wear out into town.(Here is her dress)-------->>>

 Now comes the worst part in getting ready. The dreaded corset.  Now I know that me being a lady I have to wear one I still hate it. Whenever I wear it I feel like I might die from the blasted thing one day. I swear on my tomb stone it would say this ' Here lies Cynthia Phantomhive died from a corset' now that doesn't seem like a usual way to die now does it?

  Anyway Sebastian is now holding up the dreaded piece of clothing in front of my face. I try to give him my best puppy dog look I can muster in hopes of him not making me wear the bloody death trap. 

"Sebastian!!! Please don't make me wear that thing. I feel like it might kill me!!" I whine at him while he just gives me a frown and a tilt of his head which makes my heart melt.

 "Now my Lady. I doubt any women has been killed by a corset." Sebastian replies with a what I believe is an amused smile on his face.


'Guess I'll have to endure it.' I think to myself as Sebastian gestures me to put my hands on the wall in order to brace myself of what is to come next.

(A few minutes of painful screams later)

  After that dreaded feeling of putting the corset on I now have a beautiful not too frilly and not too poofy black dress on along with black knee high shoes on to match. I had to fight with Sebastian in not letting me wear another thing that I hate wearing more than corsets. And that is heels.

~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~

(No ONe's POV):

The Phantomhive siblings and company were in a carriage on the way towards the crime scene of the latest victim of Jack The Ripper case.

  Once they reached the murder scene there was a huge crowd surrounding the entrance. But that didn't stop the twins as they pushed their way towards the front to see a man in a brown suit  and a brown hat holding papers in his hands and looking through them.

  (Cynthia's POV):

   As we approached the guy wearing a brown trench coat I noticed that behind the man that there were a lot of officers working behind him. 'Must be the crime scene. And it seems to me that they hadn't found any evidence in the resent attack.' I thought to myself as we now stood infront of who I'm guessing is an inspector for the case.

  The detective notices us and blocks us from entering the scene of the crime. "Sorry, children. I'm afraid a crime scene like this is no place for a child. Now why don't you just run along home?" The detective asked us before going back to reading the reports.

  "We are here to see the victim's body." Me and Ciel state at the same time making me smirk at the detective's shocked exspression that is now apparent on his facial features. "The body?!!" He exclaimed. "Surely you're kidding me!!"

  "Abberline!" Another voice calls our from behind the detective who is aparently named Abberline. This detective was a couple of years older than Abberline I watched as he approached us from the shadows of the alleyway and towards us. "Well, well. If it isn't Lord and Mistress Phantomhive. What are you doing here?" The man who I now remember to be Sir Randal the head of the Scotland Yard police force, greeted us with disgust clearly registered within his voice causing me to frown at him and he noticed my look.

 "Hello Sir Arthur, nice to see that you are well." I said as politely as I could even though I despise the man.

  "You know these kids, sir?" Abberline asked Sir Arthur. "We're here to help. Sir Arthur. It seems that your investigation is dragging a bit. Even my sister can tell that you will find no evidence from where she is standing. You know who had sent for us of course." Ciel said while smirking in my direction at how observant I can be from just a short distance, he held up the Queen's letter with the distinctive seal of Her Majesty. Sir Arthur just grunted in annoyance as Ciel snatched the reports that Abberline was holding in his hands.

   "Hm. It seems that you haven't found any major clues yet." I said while looking over my brother's shoulder down at the documents that he held in his hands when suddenly the papers were taken away by Sir Arthur who was clearly angry.

  "We of the Scotland Yard here are capable of handling this case! I assure you. There is no need for your interferance." Sir Arthur said.

   "Shall we go Sebastian?" Ciel said as he started to walk off towards the carriage and I followed after with Sebastian offering me his arm as an escort. I blushed slightly as I took it and we were on our way to our next location. And I don't even need to ask my brother who it is that we are going to see.

  "Now what dears?" Auntie Anne asks as she met us up in front of our little group.

"Now , we go see someone who might be useful." Ciel said as he looked ahead of us.

  "My Lord!  You. . . .Don't mean?!"  Lau said with lots of suspense added to his voice.

"Yes Indeed." My brother answered as we were driving off in the carriage towards one of the most funniest person that I new.



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