Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


14. 13. A Ball?

Author's Note: Sorry for the long wait I wanted to make this chapter extra long for not having worked on this story for a while hope you enjoy^_^. The song was just something I was listening to while working on this chapter^_^


       Once my brother stopped suddenly from in the doorway of the manor. I couldn't stop myself soon enough from bumping into him. So as a result I ended up falling back towards the ground; when I felt someone's arm around my waist and a hand on my shoulder to keep me steady on my feet once again. 

  "Brother? Is something the matter with the manor?" I ask while gently pushing against Sebastian so I can stand properly once again.

  "My mansion!!!!" My brother shouts.

"What happened to this place? It's a disaster." Sebastian replies with a question.

  "I can give you one obvious guess at who would decorate this place pink." I state not really as surprised as the other two of what happened to the manor.

"SEBASTIAN!!!!!!" I here three frantic voices shout and around the corner the three servants show.

   Once all three are standing in front of both me and Sebastian, since I am still standing beside him. I notice that they are all, but Mey-Rin, are dressed in such ridiculous costumes that only one girl that I know who would think that they would look cute on someone. My believe it or not, best friend, Lady Elizabeth; who also happens to be my brother's fiancee(SP?). 

End Recap.


Chapter 13 Starts Now:

(Cynthia's POV):

    " What is going on here? And why on earth are all you dressed like lunatics!!!??" Sebastian states rather calmly as the three crowd around the two of us. He has Bard and Finny crying' on him while I have Mey-rin crying on me.

" She's Crazy, crazy!!" Bard wheezes out trying to catch his breathe.

  "Who is crazy?!" Brother demands in his serious tone while i'm surprised that he hasn't figured it out yet what type of person we know who would deliberately decorate our mansion in all of these colors and sparkles.

  Suddenly we all hear a strangled like sound coming from the room down the hallway. To me it sound's like it could be Grell. Which wouldn't surprise me anymore with all the times he's tried to kill himself since he's been here.

  Me, Ciel and Sebastian go and peak inside the room.

Apparently I was right. It was Grell. Who is hanging from the ceiling by a rope choking himself.

Brother was shocked he through the door wide open and we all ran into the room.

  "What are you doing now?!!"  Ciel shouts out towards Grell who is trying to keep the rope from choking himself.

" I believe that I am in the process of dying , my lord." Grell struggles to get out the last few words before my brother says the following.

  "Sebastian get him down!" Ciel states while pointing towards Grell who now looked like he had a hard time breathing.

  "Of course my Lord." Sebastian states calmly while heading towards Grell when suddenly a blob of yellow came rushing towards my brother and myself.

"Oh, Ciel, how I missed you so!!! It is so good to see you!!!" 

  " Elizabeth, what a surprise!" Ciel states clear shock shown upon his face as Lizzy hugs him around his neck.

"Ciel, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Lizzy! You really are the cutest thing ever!!" Lizzy shouts while hugging the daylights out of my brother. Which at the moment I am glad it's not me; though Lizzy is my best friend and cousin I would hate to be a victim in one of her hugs.

  "Lady Elizabeth." Sebastian states having taken Grell down from the noose he was hanging from.

"Sebastian how are you?" Lizzy asks Sebastian. While I walk towards my brother to see if he is alright.

  " Ciel are you alright?" I ask while fixing his hair a little bit that got messed up from Lady Elizabeth's hug.

"I'm fine Cynthia." Ciel says while pulling my hands down and away from his hair fixing it himself. While I frown slightly at the gesture.

   'I wish you were like you were before the accident' I say in my mind sadly for when we were younger whenever brother got his hair messed up I would always fix it back to normal.

"And I have a present for you too, here!" I hear Lizzy shout in happiness snapping me out of the memories that I was once lost in and turn my attention towards Elizabeth and Sebastian who now had a pink bonnet on his head.


 I try so hard not to laugh out loud at how Sebastian looks at this moment making me wish that I had a camera on me to capture this hilarious moment.

  Behind me I can here the servants snickering at how Sebastian looks like as well.

"Your always wearing black so I thought that this was a nice change."  Explained Lizzy.

  "I am deeply honored that you would go through so much trouble for such a humble servant. Your generosity overwhelms me." Sebastian said while bowing down to my cousin.

"Happy to help." Replied Lady Elizabeth.

 Lady Elizabeth and Ciel started to have a conversation when I heard my name being said within the chat.

"So Ciel where is Cynthia?" I hear Lady Elizabeth ask while looking around the room in which I was now standing beside Sebastian.

  "She's over there." Ciel states while pointing in my direction on the other side of the room where I stand beside Sebastian.

Lizzy looks in my direction and once she sees me she gets an even bigger smile upon her face and she starts to run towards me while I glance at Ciel with a small frown upon my face; while he just smirks in my general direction.

  'Probably happy that he doesn't have to deal with Lizzy for a few minutes now' I think to myself as I feel something push me down towards the floor.

 "CYNTHIA!!!!!" Lizzy shouts joyfully right in my face while I wince a little bit at the close loudness of her voice.

 "Hello Lizzy. How are you today?" I ask while I see Sebastian standing next to us looking down at the two of us with a smirk upon his face.

 "Sebastian help us up." I demand. Even though Ciel mostly orders him around there are some times when I get to order him around as well.

"Yes. My Lady." Sebastian replies while I slowly push Elizabeth off of me and Sebastian extends his hand towards Lizzy to help her up.

Then he extends his hand towards me.

  "My Lady." Sebastian says while I take his hand and stand up and trip over nothing and I fall against Sebastian's hard chest with his arms wrapped around my waist. I blush slightly at the position that I am now in.

 "Are you alright My Lady?" Sebastian asks me as I move myself off of him and turn my head away so he can't see my blushing face.

"Yes Sebastian I'm fine. Thank you." I reply with a small smile and look towards Lizzy.

" Ugh! My mansion. It's so pink." I here my brother mutter under his breath and I quite have to agree with him. Even though Elizabeth is my friend I simply despise the color pink.

"For now on only the cutest things belong in the Phantomhive manner! Don't you agree Antoinette?" Lizzy states and we all turn our attention towards Tanaka who looks like he's dressed up as Goldylocks from that children's story.

 (No One's POV):

"Sebastian who is this girl?" Grell asked confused at the scene before him.

"She is the daughter of the Marquess. Her full christian name is Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford." Sebastian answered Grell who couldn't get her name right.

  "She is my young master's betrothed for several years." Sebastian continued while the three servants were surprised at the new found information about there young Lord.

"Master!!Marrying Her!!!??" The servants shouted completely shocked at the new information about Lord Phantomhive's life.

 " Yes. As I said. Lady Elizabeth is the daughter of the Marquess after all. Nobles marry other nobles." Sebastian finishes the explanation.

"So then does that mean that Lady Cynthia is betrothed to some one as well?" Grell asks Sebastian while the three servants are also interested to know about this topic as well.

  "Unfortunately not. The reason for that I do not know about." Sebastian answers confused as to why his Mistress is not betrothed like his young master is.

Suddenly Lady Elizabeth gave out a loud squeal of delight.

  "I know!! Now that the manor is decorated so pretty. Why not have a ball tonight!!?" Elizabeth shouted at the brilliant idea she came up with while the other's were not so pleased about the idea of a ball besides the three servants.

 Ciel flinched at the idea. "You can be my escort and we'll dance the night away!! Isn't it a wonderful idea?! And Sebastian can be Cynthia's escort as well!" Lady Elizabeth added towards the end not wanting her best friend to be left out.

  Cynthia blushed at the thought of dancing with Sebastian and tried to hide her reddening cheeks from the demon butler; but it was too late for he already saw her blush and he smirked to himself at the young girls emotions.

"A ball!! No!!" Lord Phantomhive shouted absolutely not wanting a ball for he can not dance.

"You wear the clothes I picked out for you! Pretty please it will look so cute on you!!"

"Listen I don't wan-" "and of course I will be dressing up for the night as well. And Cynthia as well."

Elizabeth then grabbed Grell by the collar of his coat  "You come with me and I'll make you cuter than you already are! I'll get you dressed up too Cynthia!" Lizzy shouted while running out the door while grabbing Cynthia's hand on the way out.

*Time Skip*

(With Ciel and Sebastian in the study):

 Ciel had his head on his desk, his arms around his head. He sighed very exhausted with what just occurred.

  "I believe the wisest choice would be to go along with her plan. I don't think she's going to listen to reason." Sebastian replied, while serving a cup of tea to Ciel.

Ciel sits up straight. "Can't you just give her some tea and get her out of here? I don't have time for a stupid ball." Sebastian sets the tea down on Ciel's desk.

 "My Lord, Lady Elizabeth would like a dance with you. You can not refuse her." Sebastian says sternly. Ciel stopped drinking his tea and looks away. Sebastian squints his eyes a little, reading his master's face. "Master?" 

"What now?" Ciel asks annoyed.

"I know I've never seen you dance before, but I assume you can." Sebastian comments. Ciel ignores him and pretends to read some papers. Sebastian looks down in disappointment.

"Oh. I see." Sebastian said. Showing the disappointment in his tone. He takes out a dish containing dessert for Ciel and starts to cut it. "Well, that explains why your such a wallflower at social engagements." He concluded in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I have to much work to do. I don't have time to waste on dancing." Ciel gets startled when Sebastian snatches the papers away.

"With all due respect," Sebastian started to say, getting really close to Ciel, with the dish in his hand in front of him. Ciel gets terrified and shrinks into the back of his seat as Sebastian puts the dish between the two of them. "Dancing is a necessary skill for a person in your position to possess in your line of work, Master. Social contracts are important to maintain." 

Sebastian gets really close to Ciel, giving him a dark and serious look, almost shoving the dessert in his face. "The world expects any noble gentleman to posses at least rudimentary dance skills. If you turn down too many invitations, simply because you can't dance, your reputation in high society will suffer greatly."

"Fine! I'll do it!" Ciel gave in. "Now stop the lecture!" He exclaimed, frustrated as he took the plate with the dessert. "Call me in a private tutor or something. Mrs. Bryght or Mrs. Rodkkin should work well enough." 

Sebastian quickly takes out his stopwatch, opens it and checks the time. "We don't have sufficient time to call in a tutor for you, My Lord. There's only one option," Sebastian closes his stopwatch, leaving Ciel surprised.

"With your permission, I'll be your dance instructor." Sebastian said, giving Ciel a closed eyed smile. Ciel slammed his fist on the table. "Don't be ridiculous! I'm not going to take dancing instruction from a man! Besides, do you even know how to dance?" Ciel questions him.

"The Viennese Waltz is my specialty. I was great at the Shonron Palace at Vienna from time to time." Sebastian replied, quite pleased with himself. Ciel just kept looking at him, surprised and amazed. He even got more surprised as Sebastian offered his hand.

"Now, if you will do me the honor, My Lady. May I have this dance?"


 (With Elizabeth, Cynthia and Grell)

 (Cynthia's POV):

 I was standing in front of the body length mirror in my room looking at the dress that Lady Elizabeth picked for me to wear saying that it would match what my brother would be wearing to the ball.

It was a dress that I actually liked to wear since it was one of my favorite colors (dress on the side).

"Oh you look so cute yes you do!!" Lizzy squealed in delight while looking in the mirror while standing behind me.

   "Yes I quite like it, thank you Lizzy. But one thing could make it even better." I say while turning around and smiling at her confused face.

"Really? What's that?" She asks as I walk towards my dresser and pick up my mother's necklace from the top and put it on. The I turn to face Lizzy once more.

"This." I say while looking at Lizzy while pointing to the necklace.(AN: necklace is different from what I put in the info chapter).

"Awe!! It's so pretty!!" Lizzy shouted in delight at the necklace while I smile a small barely visible smile.

  "Yes.Yes it is." I reply while clutching the pendant in my hand at the thought of my mother handing it to me before the manor burned down.

 "Come on it's time for the ball!!!" Lizzy snaps me out of my memories while she drags Grell, who is in a white poofy dress, and I out of my room and towards the main hall. I'm about to walk towards the steps but Lizzy stops me while I look at her confused as to why.

" I want to give you a proper introduction." She states to me with a smile while I stand there a little shocked. Not really like having all the attention on me.

" May I present to you Lady Cynthia Phantomhive!!" I hear Lady Elizabeth announce my arrival while I come out from behind the wall and walk towards the center of the hallway and stand in front of the stairs.


 Is all I hear all around the room at my appearance. I look down shyly when I notice Sebastian is looking towards me with a blush apparent on my face.

 When I heard footsteps coming up the stairs is when I looked back up again only to see Sebastian standing in front of me holding his hand out for me to take.

 "My Lady." Sebastian says with a small smile forming on his perfect lips.

I blush at the thought and place my hand on his as we descend down the stairway.

  Once we both reach the bottom of the stairs Finny, Bard and Mey-rin all rush up towards me all grinning at me.

  "My Lady you look stunning!!" Finny says with his eyes wide and his hands held together in front of him and a smile on his face.

  "Oh yes she does. You look so cute my Lady." Mey-rin shouts with her hands holding her face also with a bright smile.

  "Now time for you to get dressed up.' Lizzy announces while getting ready to pounce on Mey-Rin trying to take away her glasses.

"I'm really farsighted. I can't see anything without my glasses, M'Lady! " Mey Rin exclaims while backing away from Lizzy.

 "Leave her ALone!!!" I hear my brother shout effectively announcing his arrival.

  Everyone in the room turns to see him wearing the outfit that Lizzy laid out for Ciel. And she was right we do match a little bit. Once Ciel comes down from the stairs Lizzy rushes to hug him.

 "You look so CUUUTE!!!!" Lizzy shouts while spinning Ciel around in a hug.

 " That outfit looks absolutely perfect!!" Lizzy then stopped spinning my brother and looked at the family ring on his finger.

   "Ciel, why aren't you wearing the ring I brought you?" Lizzy asks with a dark aura surrounding her figure, clearly upset.

"The ring I already have on will work.Now let go." Ciel said while brushing away Lizzy who still continues to fret over him not wearing her ring.

  "Why wouldn't you wear the ring that I picked out especially for you! You're so cruel! I just wanted everything to be perfect for the.  .   .   ." Lizzy continued her crying while Ciel tried to explain his reasonings about not wearing her ring.

  While that was happening I walked over to Lady Elizabeth and tried to get her out of her crying fit.

" Lizzy? It's alright that ring is important to him just like how this necklace is important to me." I say trying to reason with her but my efforts were waisted for she continued to ignore me completely.

 Suddenly she stopped crying, hugged me and got off the floor and went towards Ciel.

"Haha!! Fooled you!! They're mine now!!" Lizzy shouted while holding up not only Ciel's ring but my necklace as well. Which shocked me to the core.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~No One's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   'She took my necklace. My mother's necklace.'  Cynthia thought about to break out in tears at the thought of losing the only thing left of her mother to cling onto.

"Give them back!!" She could faintly hear her brother's voice demand to Lady Elizabeth who now has possession of both of the Phantomhive's heirlooms in her grasp.

"Give me that ring and necklace now. Elizabeth." Ciel says extending his hand towards said girl.

"Why are you so angry at me? I I just wanted. . . " Elizabeth never finished her statement for the look that Ciel gave her made her step back in fright.

" I just wanted you to look adorable that's all. So So why are you so angry!!! I hate this ring and necklace!!!" Elizabeth shouted out in angry/upset tears and through the ring and necklace.

They both hit the ground shattering to pieces. The necklace more broken than the ring.

It was silent for a few seconds.

Suddenly crying could be heard.

All the servants looked to where the crying was coming from and were shocked to find that it was their Mistress. Who was crying while sitting on her knees on the floor and has her hands covering her eyes.

 "Lady Cynthia" The three servants whispered to themselves in sympathy of the girl. Even the stoic Sebastian felt something that he normally doesn't feel for humans towards the crying girl with a frown on his face.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cynthia's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

' She broke my mother's necklace. My necklace.' I thought while crying my eyes out not caring that everyone in the room could be staring at me in shock or sympathy.

  I tried to stop my crying but I just couldn't so I thought; 'I need to be alone for a bit.'

I stood on my feet my knees feeling wobbly at the moment.

  "I need to be alone for awhile." I said out loud and ran off towards my room.

Once I reached the room and closed the door. I slid against it and cried into my knees sitting on the floor once more. Eventually falling asleep by the door.

~~~~~Back with the other's~~~~~~~~~~

Everyone was quiet and staring off  in the direction Lady Cynthia ran off in. Though her brother Ciel on the other hand was enraged at what his fiancee had done. Especially what she made his beloved sister feel.

You could clearly see how Ciel felt by the angry expression plastered on his face. Next thing everyone present new, Ciel was running towards Elizabeth and raising his hand planning on slapping her.

Though before Ciel could even reach her. Sebastian grabbed his wrist stopping him from harming Elizabeth.

"Master. You forgot the walking stick you went through so much trouble to get." Sebastian says while handing Ciel the walking stick as well as trying to get him to calm down. He then walked towards Lady Elizabeth who's crying has somewhat dumbed down.

"Forgive my master Lady Elizabeth. But that ring was something very important to him as well was the necklace to Lady Cynthia. They are precious heirlooms passed down generations of the Phantomhive family. They've grown quite attached to them. They are truly one of a kind." Sebastian explained on the behalf of his master and mistress.

"They were that important? And I just destroyed them?" Elizabeth asked trying to dry her tears.

Ciel walked up to the ring and necklace that lay on the floor in pieces, and picks them both up. Without a word to anyone he walks towards the open window in the room and throws both out the window while Elizabeth tries to apologize to him.

The action surprises everyone in the room. Elizabeth goes over to the window.

"Ciel wait what are you doing!?" Lady Elizabeth shouts out reaching her hand out the window.

  "They don't matter. It's just an old ring after all and I'm sure my sister would agree with me on her necklace." Ciel states calm once more.

"Even without it!! I'm still the head of the Phantomhive's along with my sister!! And that won't change." Ciel announced stating that he doesn't need a ring to tell him who he really is for he knows who he is.

This shocked everyone in the room once more. Even the great Sebastian himself had a shocked expression on his face.

"How long are you going to cry?" Ciel asks Lizzy who started crying once more.

  "But I'm so sorry. . ." Lizzy says looking at Ciel who is standing in front of her.

"Your face is a mess. Completely unsuitable for a lady. How could I possibly ask a Lady with a puffy nose and runny eyes to dance?" Ciel asked Lady Elizabeth while handing her a hanker chief to blow her nose.

  "To   dance?" Elizabeth asks surprised.

Music could be heard in the background. Startling both the Earl and the Lady to look in the direction of the music.

 What they saw surprised everyone in the room. For the person making the beautiful music was none other than Sebastian himself. Playing a violin perfectly.

While the servants were wondering if there was anything Sebastian can't do. Grell decided to join Sebastian while singing along to said demon's violin playing. The servants were surprised to find out that Grell was actually good at something for once.

The Earl Phantomhive and Lady Midford danced the night away; much to Ciel's distaste but also to Elizabeth pleasure.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Few hours or so later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(With Ciel and Sebastian):

"It's finally over. What a horrible day it's been." Ciel said while in his room sitting on his bed while Sebastian was getting him ready for bed.

"You seemed to enjoy yourself master for awhile there anyway. If only Lady Cynthia were there to enjoy the night with you." Sebastian says while standing up.

"Don't be so foolish." Ciel replies while feeling where his ring would normally be on his thumb only to remember that he through the ring and his sister's necklace out the window earlier that evening.

"Am I the fool here?" Sebastian asks with no emotion in his voice as per his usual facade.

He then puts Ciel's ring back where it belongs it being completely fixed not having a single scratch or crack in the design almost like it was never broken to begin with.

Ciel looks up at his butler in complete shock.

"If I couldn't do this much for my master. Well then what kind of butler would I be? But you should take care. It is precious this ring. It's seen so much." Sebastian explains.

"It is true. It's always there. This ring has seen the death of many master's; my grandfather, my father and eventually the ring will witness my own death as well. It's heard the dying screams of the Phantomhive family for generation upon generation. I close my eyes and I hear them too. Voices echoing in my head. If I throw the ring away, I won't have to listen to them screaming anymore. At least that is what I believed. Ridiculous yes." Ciel explained while getting under the covers for rest.

"You must get your sleep master. The moon is so high. I must attend to Lady Cynthia now. Please excuse me. My lord." Sebastian states heading towards the door with a candle in hand.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In Cynthia's Room~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sebastian opened the door to Cynthia's room to find her laying asleep on the floor by her door.

  "My Lady? To tired to even make your way to your bed?" Sebastian whispers when he noticed her sleeping form by the door.

He picked her up bridal style and walked towards her bed and pulled back the covers and laid her down on the bed and put the covers over her. Deciding to leave her in her dress not wanting to disturb her sleep.

  Once he was about to head towards her door he remember her necklace that he fixed to look brand new. He then walked back towards Cynthia who was still fast asleep.

  "Here you are my Lady." Sebastian whispered towards the sleeping girl while slowly putting the necklace on his mistress's neck where it rightfully belongs. Afterward he placed a kiss on her forehead. The simple action causing the girl to move towards her side in her sleep.

"Sebastian." The girl muttered in her sleep surprising the demon greatly but also causing him to smile.

  Sebastian head towards the door once more and walked out into the hall.

"Now I must prepare for tomorrow." Sebastian said while heading down the hallway into the dark.



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