Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


12. 11. Madam Red's Disasterous Servant

(Cynthia's POV):

Everyone was in the dining room watching Ceil and I eat out breakfast.

When suddenly screaming could be heard coming from down the hall.

I glance at my brother slightly. And what I see makes me want to laugh a little, because of the annoyed face that he is making; for he knows who is screaming. 

 'I wonder what Grell did wrong now?' I question myself as I take a sip of the Earl Grey tea, before jumping slightly at the doors opening harshly as Grell comes into the room laying on top of the food cart, and once the food cart stops rolling; Grell is thrown off and in the process he knocks over a cup of hot tea and it lands on Finny staining his white shirt.(Finny fell to the floor).

   "I'm so sorry!! I'd wipe it off." Grell said while going to grab the napkin on the table, but in the process he grabs the table cloth as well. Making the food fall to the floor.

 "Sigh" I set my tea down and stand up from my seat, and walk towards my brother and Sebastian.

" If you need me I will be in the Library." I whisper in my brother's ear, so that no one else would hear and come and bother me in the process of my reading. I like my silent reading time, or of what silence I can get out of it with these idiots around the estate.

  My brother just nods his head, to irritated to argue with my dission to leave the room. Especially with the idiotic servants besides Sebastian that is.;) 

(Ceil's POV):

  I don't blame my sister for wanting to get out of the room, especially with these four idiots. I feel like the only people that I could rely on in this place is my sister, Sebastian, and myself.


(Back to Cynthia's POV):

   Later that same day, Ciel had to go into town to pick up an order he made, and made me come along with him and Sebastian. Not that I mind, I would gladly like to get out of the manor and away from those disasterous servants plus Grell. He's becoming a real nucients.

 Anyway, we were in the carrage that Sebastian is driving and we come to a stop. Sebastian opens the door.

  Ciel waits for me to go out of the carriage firsts. So I stand up and walk the little bit towards the door where Sebastian is waiting to help me down the step.

  "My Lady, you look lovely today." Sebastian says with that charming smile of his as he has his hand extended out to take mine.

  I blush slightly, but thankfully my hair is covering most of my face so he can't see it.

"Thank you, Sebastian." I say in my quiet voice, I'm not used to compliments like that from people sometimes I think that I'm the exact opposite of what they say.

Oh by the way the outfit that I am wearing is this: 

  Once I am off of the step, Sebastian lets go of my hand and waits for my brother to come out so he can close the door, then we walk towards the entrance of the shop that my brother's order is in.

We walk in the shop.

  "Hmm? Ah hello boy, girl. Did your father send you for something?" The man at the desk asks, but once he said 'father' I noticed that Ciel tense slightly, apparently when people mention our parents it's still a sore subject for him. It is for me as well, I just learn to hide it away in my mind.

  "Actually, he's here on his own business.We need to pick this up." Sebastian says while handing the man a note.

 The man looks at the note.

  "Ohh, you're here for that walking stick. I was wondering who would have a use for one as short as this. Naturally, I didn't think a child...." The man never got to finish what he was saying for Sebastian suddenly took the walking stick and held it up at the mans face stopping him in mid sentence.

I smirk slightly at his shocked face.

 "Straight as an arrow. A magnificient stick indeed good sir." Sebastian says, while the old man is still in shock.

I giggle a little bit for I find his face very funny at the moment.

I place the bag of money Ciel handed to me on the counter and we make our way out the door.

"Keep the change." Sebastian casually says still holding the walking stick in his hands.

 *** A Few Minutes Later***

 We were walking to somewhere, and my brother was complaining about the servants.

  "That rediculous strength of Finny's is a menance. How could someone accidentally brake a walking stick? It's a pain to special order a new one." Ciel complains as we continue to walk somewhere I do not know of.

 "Certainly. What a pitty to go through all that trouble, you've hadn't had a growth spert in years." Sebastian stated calmly while looking at my brother.

  I tried to stiffle my giggle that was begging to come out of my mouth, though I falled miserably for both Sebastian and Ciel turned their heads towards me. 

   "My Lady, what seems to be humoring you? Did I say something to amuse you just now?" Sebastian asks me with what appears to be a slightly visibal smile upon his charming face.

 "N-No No it's nothing of importance, Sebastian please lets continue walking shall we?" I say with a nervous smile on my face, and I start to walk ahead of them a little ways a way.

 ( Back to Ciel and Sebastian):

                (Third Person's POV):

 "Sebastian? What did you say to my sister?" Ciel asks Sebastian while tilting his head to look up at his butler.

 "Nothing that I'm aware of, no." Sebastian replies to his master Ciel with a hidden smirk present within his mind; knowing that he is the cause for the sudden weird behavior of his Master's sister. That he at the moment doesn't know he is inlove with.

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