Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


11. 10. The Sibling's are back home


(Cynthia's POV):

'I thought he was dead? He's no ordinary human. Just what is he. My brother has a lot of explaining to do once we get back home.' I think to my self as I feel myself getting dizzy with all the information I am recieving right now. The next thing I see is Sebastian standing up as my eyes closed shut.

Recap End

Chapter 10 Starts Now:

(Third Person's POV):

"But how?!!! How are you?!!! You just." Azuro exclaimed while watching Sebastian slowly get back up while the men that shot Sebastian slowly back away from him in frightened faces.

"Guns today are so much more efficient than they used to be. They can shoot so many more bullets now." Sebastian calmly stated while his body regained its regular form.

"Perhaps you would like these back." Sebastian calmly asked/stated while coughing up the bullets that were previously shot at him into his hand.

"What are you a doin'? Kill him1!!" Shouted a frantic Azuro Flannel as the other men readied there weapons to shoot once more.

Suddenly Sebastian jumped forwards and threw the coughed up bullets to the men. They were dead instantly.

"What an awful thing to do to a perfectly good tailcoat." Sebastian stated as if nothing happened. And holding up his now ruined tailcoat.

"You could have avoided that. Idiot." Stated Ciel while watching the Buttler look at his busted up tailcoat, clearly irritated.

"Master. How unfortunate, they don't seem to have treated you and the mistress very well." Replied the butler as he started to walk towards his Master who was still being held by Azuro, and his Mistress who was unconsious at the given time.

"No! Stay back!!" Stated Azuro who had his gun pointed at Ciel's head.

"You look like a helpless little child all bound up like that. But then I guess that's appropriate." Sebastian stated while looking at the restraints his master is wrapped in.

"If you come any closer I'll a shoot him!!!!" Azuro stated choppily. As Sebastian stopped walking.

"Can we move this along? His breath smells aweful." Ciel stated in his calm voice.

"But if I come any closer he might kill you." The butler stated calmly.

"Well then, are you saying you want to brake the contract?" Asked Ciel rudely towards Sebastian.

"No of course not. Nothing has changed. I remain your faithful servant, Lord." Replied the butler calmly them both not worried about the situation that they are in at the given moment.

"What the hell kind of answer( I couldn't understand this part that well-__-) are you two talking about?!!" Shouted Azuro franticaly.

"Master, you know what you have to do. Now just say the words." Sebastian stated with an amused smile upon his features.

Ciel opened his right eye that held the contract between him and Sebastian.

"This is an order!! Save me and my sister. Now!!!!!" Shouted Ciel.

"No it's over!!!!!!!!!!!"Azuro shouted pulling the trigger to kill Ciel.

But the bullet never hit its target. For Sebastian stopped it with his hand.

"What the!!!! But that's impossible!!!!!" Shouted Azuro clearly shocked.

"Are you looking for this?" Sebastian asks him while holding up the bullet that was supposed to be used to kill Ciel Phantomhive.

Sebastian stood behind Azuro leaning over his shoulder while holding the bullet above the pocket of his suit.

"Here then, let me give it back to you." Sebastian answered his own question as he promptly dropped the bullet into the pocket.

"I must say, the game wasn't as much fun this time, Sebastian." Ciel stated in his calm deminor(sp?) while watching Azuro whither around on the floor as Sebastian picks his master up like he was giving him a hug.

"No wait come back!! Work for me!! Be my bodyguard and I will pay you ten times as much as he does!!!!Alright then, twenty times!!!!" Azuro shouted frantically obviously desperate, while crawling on the floor helplessly, at Sebastion, who was setting his master down in a chair and started to rip apart the belts that were rapped around Ciel's body.

"You can have all the liquor and women you want too!!!" Azuro continued, but stopped when he heard the straps on Ciel rip.

"I'm sorry Mr. Flannel, it's an attractive offer. but I have no interest in such materialistic things." Sebastian answered calmly while dropping the ripped belt to the floor.

"You see, I am simply," His eyes turned to a pinkish color and the pupils turned into slits like a cat's eye. "one hell of a butler." He finished.

"Ah! Right, ah okay!!" Azuro stated clearly afraid.

"As long as my Master holds the contract, I am his loyal servant." Sebastian stated as shadows of feathers rained down in the room.

Ciel went towards his sister and picked her up and brought her to the chair Sebastian set him in. He started to take the bonds off of her.

The room turned to complete darkness. As Sebastian took the glove that covered the contract symbol off.

"A wish, a sacrifice, and this. All of these things keep me bound to Lord Phantomhive. Until the day I swallow his soul." States Sebastian as he holds up the hand with the contract symbol on it while Ciel has finished taking the belts off of his sister who he now has her head laying on his shoulder still unconscious.

"At least you didn't get hurt" Ciel whispered while playing around with his sister's hair.

"Unfortunately for you, this game is over!" Ciel stayed firmly with Sebastian standing on the right side of the chair the siblings where in.

( A few hours later):

Sebastian was carrying two asleep siblings within his arms with a beautiful sunset behind them.

'Lady Cynthia is looks so peaceful when she sleeps.' thought Sebastian while glancing at said girl laying in his arms with her head on her brother's shoulder, who is also being carried and asleep.

Ciel suddenly wakes up and tries to turn his head, and sees the mansion up in flames once again for a few seconds.

"You're awake master?" he hears Sebastian ask him and he tries to turn his head to look towards the butler, but can't because of his sister laying on his shoulder.

So instead he just makes his eye glance upwards. Then he looks back at the mansion to realize the mansion is not up in flames like when he and his sister were younger.

"Master!!! welcome home sir!!!" Finny exclaims while running up to the three with Mei-Rin right beside him.

"Oh dear!" starts Mei-Rin, "Master Ciel you're injured!!" finishes Finny while they both look towards the three with big eyes.

"I just tripped and fell, while my sister hit her head trying to catch me and fell as well." Ciel stated clearly annoyed at the two.

"It's nothing to worry about. What?You don't believe what your master tells you?" Ciel asks while seeing the workers faces.

"Oh no!! We do!!" states the maid in her usual high pitches voice sill looking at her master and mistress being carried by Sebastian in his arms.

"It's just. You look so cute! Being held like a baby." replies Finny in a soft voice while Ciel has a slight blush across his face.

"Put. Me. Down." Ciel states firmly while Sebastian readjust Cynthia in one arm while her brother jumps out of Sebastian's arms.

After Ciel is out of Sebastian's hold, Sebastian puts Cynthia back in the position he had Ciel in.

"Stop looking at me like that! onistly(sp?)!!" states Ciel clearly flustered.

"Master.I'm so terribly sorry, i've committed a blunder unexceptible for a Phantomhive butler. How can I ever atone? I hang my head in shame. Dinner is not ready." states Sebastian.

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