Cynthia Phantomhive( A Sebastian Love Story)

We all know the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures as the "Queen's Guard Dog" with his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. But what if Ciel had a twin sister who was there with him when he was torchured by his kidnappers and Sebastian saves them. She goes with them on there little quests, but she does not have the contract symbol. But Sebastian is ordered to protect her at all times. But could she be slowly falling in love with this demon? Find out while you read.Enjoy.


2. 1. Dream to that day and the Disasterous Servants

(Cynthia's POV):

(Dream Start):




  Thats all I could make out that was around me. I was surrounded by the flames that consumed my once big home. 'Where's brother?'  I thought looking around frantically searching for Ciel. Nothing. I see an opened path through the fire. I take it walking aimlessly trying to find my way out. I see a door up ahead. I walk towards it. I open the door to find its fathers study room. I see a shadowed figure by his desk. 

"Daddy!!" I scream while running towards him.

   Once I reach the desk and the shadowed figure I gasp at what I see. It was dad but his face was completely different. The left half of his face was his but the other half looked like moms face. I look around the rest of the room thats up in flames. There's a figure standing next to daddy's chair the figure has wings. 

"Mistress it's time to wake up" I hear a distant voice say.

" Lady Cynthia" the voice is louder and I feel light shine on my face. Then I wake up.

(Dream End)

"Mistress it's time to wake up now" I hear our Butler say as he opens the curtains to bring light into my dark purple and black room. 

"hmm, morning Sebastian, what does Ciel have planned for today?" I ask while rubbing the sleep from my still tired eyes.

"For breakfast today we have a lightly poached Salmon, accompanied by a slightly minced salad. I can also offer toast or scones. Which dish would you care for this morning?" Sebastian asks me while putting my outfit for today on the bed.

" Some toast if you would Sebastian." I say with a small smile on my face. Unlike my brother who never smiles anymore I smile every once in a while despite what happened in our past.

"Very well Lady Cynthia" replied Sebastian with a small bow and walking towards the door he stops and turns towards me.

"Oh and we will be having a guest joining us for dinner tonight" adds Sebastian.

"Is it the person who is in charge of our factory in India?" I ask.

"Yes" answered Sebastian. 

"The young Master will be waiting for you in the dining room my Lady" Sebastian states while walking out of my room and closing the door.


"Guess its time for me to get dressed, knowing Ciel he might get annoyed having to wait on me if I don't get dressed quickly." I say to myself while getting out of my bed and walking towards the clothes that Sebastian has laid out for me to wear.

>>A Few Minutes later<<

   I was walking down the stairs towards the kitchen when I see a painting of our late mother and father.I stop to look at it.

"I miss you mom." I whisper to myself. I continue towards my previous destination. The dining room where Ciel would be waiting for me.

I see the door and I open it. I see Ciel at the end of the table and our three crazy servants at the other end of the room.

"Morning Ciel, Finny, Bard, Mayrin." I say with a week smile on my face.

"Good Morning Lady Cynthia!!!" shout the three servants.

I just looked at them with a week smile.

I walk towards the opposite end of the dining table facing Ciel, while Sebastian brings me my breakfast.

"Here you are, my Lady." Sebastian says while putting my plate in front of me.

"Thank you Sebastian." I say with a small smile towards him. I feel my face heat up while doing so. I quickly look down feeling embarrassed.


>> A Few Minutes Later<<

"OWWWWWW!!!!!!!" I heard Finny suddenly yell out.

I stop eating my piece of  toast and look at my brother knowing he was the one responsible.

'Ciel why do you always have to act like this towards everyone?' I thought while going back towards finishing my breakfast.

"What was that for master what did I do?" I hear finny ask Ciel.

"Nothing, I don't need to justify my actions." My brother stated with a monotoned voice.

I hear the doors opening.

"There you are! Have you finished weeding the courtyard Finny?" Sebastian asks Finny who gasps.

"Mayrin, Have you washed all the bedding?" Sebastian continued to ask while Mayrin made a surprised sound while holding her head.

"uh m well....." replied Mayrin while pushing her index fingers together.

"Bardroy aren't you supposed to be preparing for tonights dinner?" 

"he-he" Bard replied with a smirk on his face. I just shook my head at the three servants.

"Tanaka. Well I suppose your alright as you are." Sebastian said while glancing at the closed doors where Tanaka apparently was.

"Ho, ho, ho." I heard the steward reply. 'it's been awhile since we've seen the real Tanaka.' I thought while looking at the closed doors.

"Now all of you. We have no time for thumb twiddling this morning. So Get To Work!!" Sebastian said while the three servants scattered to go do there daily chores around the mansion.

"You know, You don't have to be so hard on them Sebastian." I say while taking a sip of my Earl Grey tea.

"Now if I wasn't then what sort of butler would I be?"  replied Sebastian while giving me that charming smile of his while tilting his head to the side slightly.

' Did I just think that Sebastian had a 'charming' smile?' I shook my head at that ridiculous thought.

'That's ridiculous I can't like Sebastian like that. Can I?' I thought while getting up to follow Ciel towards his study.

I notice that Ciel stopped in the middle of the stairway, and I barely noticed it in time before I bumped into him.

It's the portrait of our parents.

"hmm". I hear my brother say and watch him continue his way towards his study.

I look up at mom and dad's portrait one more time. 'Mom' I think with a sad smile on my face.

  "Lady Cynthia?" I hear someone say while coming out of my daydream.

"Hmm?" I say while looking up and finding Sebastian looking at me.

"Hello Sebastian" I say with a smile.

"Is everything alright my Lady?" asks Sebastian.

"Just fine , I must be going. Can't have Ciel worrying no can we?" I reply while walking fast towards the study.

(Sebastian's POV): (AN: I want to try something different):^_^

   As I watched Lady Cynthia walk away. I could tell that something was troubling her. 'Should I inform the young Master?' I thought to myself with a thinking face.

I need to clean the silver.

>>Back to Cynthia's POV<<

I'm sitting in the study with my brother who is going over some paperwork that is on his desk.

  " Cynthia would you like something sweet to eat?" Ciel asks.

"Sure" I reply back with a smile on my face a real smile that I rarely show anymore like my brother.

He rings the bell that summons Sebastian.

>>Servant's POV<<

"A guest is coming."  says Bardroy. While he and Finny and Mayrin are watching Sebastian head towards the study around a corner in a hallway.

"Alright. Then this is our chance. Sebastian looks down on us all the time; today will be so perfect, he won't even know what hit him!"

"Ah k!!! That's what he'll say!!" Finished Bard.

"Ahkkk." responded Finny and Mayrin.

"That's for him to say not you!!" Shouted Bardroy.

"Oh h that a good idea" stated Mayrin in a squeaky like voice.

"Right! We have to stop relying on Sebastian for everything." stated finny with a confident look on his face, hands up in fists.

 "It's settled then, we have a plan of attack." stated Bard while raising his fist in the air along with Mayrin and Finny.

"Lets get To It!!!!" shouted Bard, Mayrin, and Finny with Tanaka popping out of nowhere saying, "Ho,Ho,Ho."

>>End of Servants POV<<


>> Cynthia's POV<<

"I'm a bit hungry. I would like something sweet to eat." My brother said to Sebastian who is standing in front of Ciel's desk while I sit next to my brother.

  " You shouldn't eat now master. You don't want to spoil your appetite for dinner with your guest this evening." replied Sebastian.

"I don't care about that. Make me a Parfait." My brother countered back.

" I'm sorry sir." Sebastian ended the argument plainly.

"Tst. Fine then, about the portrait in the hallway..." Started my brother while I watched him in shock while he looked out the window.

'He's not thinking about taking our parents portrait down is he?' I thought with a slightly shocked face.

"Yes." replied Sebastian telling my brother to continue his thoughts.

"Take it down." My brother stated firmly, not moving a muscle.

"I am Ciel Phantomhive, son of Vincent, and I'm the head of the house now!" Ciel stated with a firm voice while rubbing his ring that is passed down from generation to generation in our family. The same goes for the necklace I always wear around my neck. I lightly touch it remembering when I got it from mother as a gift on mine and Ciel's birthday.

 The same day as ..... I shake my head trying to get that thought out of my head.

"Consider it done my lord." replied Sebastian with a low bow and walking out of the study.


>> Back to the Servants POV<<

"Now,  How   did  this   happen?" asked Sebastian while pointing at all the things that the other 3 servants destroyed.

  " I thought things would go faster if I used extra strength weed killer on the garden." Answered Finny  while crying.

" I was trying to reach the tea set we use for guest! But I tripped and the cabinet fell!!" Answered Mayrin in her high pitched voice.

  " There was a lot of meat to be cooked for dinner, and It was gonna take a long time, so I use me flame thrower." Replied Bard with his blonde hair all poofy like an Afro.

Suddenly Sebastian looked like he was a lot more taller than the 3 trouble maker servants, who were crying and making a fuss over there messes.

'Our guest will arrive just after 6. At most we have two hours left.' Sebastian thought while looking at his pocket watch. 'Not enough time to buy a new tea set or find high premium meats. What should I do?'  Sebastian thought to himself with his hand under his chin.

  "Calm down all of you!" said Sebastian to the three babbling servants.

"Perhaps you should try taking a page out of Tanaka's book and start behaving like..." Sebastian stopped what he was saying while looking at the cup Tanaka was drinking out of that had a Japanese symbol on it.

" Everyone listen closely to what I have to say, we might be able to save this night yet." stated Sebastian while taking Tanaka cup and holding it up.



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