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2. chapter one

Kushina you're doin good hoony push , said Minato . Baby crying little Naruto hear Kushina . Look Minato are baby boy . 2 hours Minato yelled seal and the kyuubi was sealed in Naruto . 6 yrs later naruto I want to teach you a couple of Justus first being the flying thunder god technique and the second my own original jutsu rasangan . Jairaya you will teach him the rasangan . Now Naruto come with me and I'll teach you the ftg technique . So Jairaya I'll start first . Ok Minato , now Naruto let me tell you the secrets to this technique . Now here is your own batch . take this kunie and through it as far as you can naruto hurled it about a mile and teleported to it . Good now practice . After a few hours he could go just as far as his dad about 5 miles . Wow good job Naruto . Hay Minato you wana let him come with me now ? Sure Jairaya . Ok naruto take this water balloon and try to pop it . After about 10 minutes he poped it . Wow good job jiji . Now take this rubber ball and do the same . After about 30 min Jairaya heard a boom . Dang you learn quick jiji . Now take this balloon an use what you've learned but don't pop the balloon . K now hold it good jiji . Now form a rasangan and hit this tree . Naruto did and bored a hole through the tree . Good jiji . Naruto time to go home yelled Minato . The both teleported to home . Kushina is cooking hay mom oh naruto you scared me . How did you get here dad taught me the ftg cool honey well let's eat .

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