Days with 5sos

I love fanfic a so ya


2. Movie night with Luke

Hours past by and Luke had come to pick me up from my hotel room next to Emma's. He was joking around with me and made sure i knew my room number. "Room number 6 floor B" Luke Said so loudly people looked at him. Luke was being really cute and super funny I really just wanted to kiss him. He gave me a piggy back ride through the halls and then by the elevator he put me down. We got in the elevator alone and he leaned in to hug me. I couldn't resist. Luke Hemmings was trying to hug me! He grabbed me and I hugged him back. I could feel him squeezing me even tighter every second.

Luke's P.O.V

When I went to pick her up all I wanted to do is wrap my arms around her tightly and say "I love you" but I wAs too scared to so I decided just to act Normal and try to be cute. I gave her a piggy back ride along the hallway to the elevator and when we got to the elevator I set her down gently and we walked into the elevator together. We were alone together and I thought this was a perfect time to make a move but I was scared. I decided to just lean in for a hug. When I grabbed hold of her she hugged me back and rested her head on my shoulder. I decided that I should hug her tighter but I did it slowly and step by step, I got closer and closer to Abby. I wished this moment could last forever.

Abby's P.O.V

After we got out of the elevator he held my hand on the way to his car where he would drive us to the movies. We drove 10 minuets Listoning to she looks so perfect, amnesia and don't stop. I was having fun already and I don't want the night to end. We arrived just on time and walked in the movies of course we were stopped by millions of fans but we still made it on time. We went to go see The Fault In Our Stars. Augustus reminded me of Luke in so many ways. They were both kind, loving, sweet, and of course hot!!! Luke wrapped his arm around me and leaned in for a kiss. I couldn't believe this was happening. Luke hemmings just kissed me and he said he loved me!

Luke's P.O.V

I just wanted to get closer to Abby so I put my arm around her. Then finally I manned up and kissed her. I was afraid she would push away but she didn't. After we finished kissing I told her I loved her. She Said she loved me more and my heart stopped. I can't believe I was scared to say that but I really loved her. The movie ended so we left. The wind blew her long brown hair. She looked so beautiful. I got a text from Michael at a stoplight and It was so long I continued reading it and then we got off the road. Abby started screaming because the car flipped and I held her hand because we almost both died. We escaped the car before it crashed.

Abby P.O.V

We walked back home and he dropped me off at my hotel he gave me one long last kiss for the night it was sweet and very long. Then finally he left me and I went to sleep.

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