Days with 5sos

I love fanfic a so ya


1. 1st day of summer


It was the first day of summer! I could enjoy the summer breeze and tan till I'm golden. "Abby come here quickly!!!" Emma her cousin screamed loudly. What possibly could she want all she does Is obsess over Starbucks anyway. I walked very slowly to her and asked what she wanted. She turned up the radio,"hello 5sos fans! We are having a contest where u could win a trip for the whole summer to go on tour with your 4 favorite guys, Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael! If you wanna win and be able to hang with the boys for 3 months be caller 37!" Emma and I dialled the number together on my iPhone 6 and waited 2 long rings until finally they picked up. They asked us our age and names. Emma took my phone and said "I'm Emma and I'm 16" I took my phone back and I spoke "my names Abby and im 17." We both screamed in the background. The contest host told us that we had won and we both will be going on tour with 5sos! A minuet later we got an email saying that our flight to Australia was leaving at 12:00 and we had to be there early all packed and ready to go. We both had no sleep ,And when we arrived there we boarded off the plane and saw that the boys were all standing there with a sign saying:Abby and Emma we love you! Emma ran over to Michael and hugged him like crazy and then she hugged Calum then Ashton then Luke. I spoke to the boys apologizing for Emma's crazy behaviour. Luke smiled at me and said "hey umm Abby, do you umm wanna go to the movies? It's ok if you don't want to." I smiled back at him and agreed to go with him because I secretly loved him.

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