A New Spark (A Hunger Games fanfic)


5. Chapter 4: Hillton

Chapter 4


What just happened? One second Patricia Blue, all dolled up in her crazy clothes, was asking for a volunteer, the next someone was actually volunteerig. The crazy girl who volunteered barley got 'I vol-' before she was cut off by a little girl screaming a thank you, and running up, so fast that Peacekeepers barely had time to react, to her older sister.

"Well, we have a volunteer this year," Patricia stated the obvious.

"Come show yourself dear."

As the crowd of 16 year olds parted to let out the stupid girl, I hear gasps and murmurs. All I could see was the back of her head. Not even her dress, just her long black hair. When I was finally able to see her dress and the way she walked, I knew who the idiotic girl wss. But when she turned around, that was all the conformation I needed. That crazy, stupid, idiotic girl was Lark. When people started to relize who she was, they started talking.

"What is your name dear?" Patricia asked after she dragged Lark to the microphone.

"Lark Hawt-" that was as far as she got before she was interrupted agin. This time it was by Glenn. It all happens so fast it was a blur; Glenn said somthing then tried to make his way to Lark, but before he even made it out, Peacekeepers where on him, batons rasies.

Lark tried to warn him but it was too late, they had already hit him. When Lark tried to run at him, a Peacekeeper grabbed her. When he grabbed her, people started screaming. I was one of those people. Considering we didn't fight back it didn't take long to get everything back in control, but everyone was on edge.

"Well, everyone give a hand to Lark," Patricia paused wating for Lark to finish.


None claps, but instead slowly kisses and hold up the three middle fingers on their left hand. Again, I am one of those people. It is a sign of respect and love is usually only done at funerals. Last time it was done at a reaping, Katniss Everdeen had volunteered for her sister, Primrose Everdeen.

"Now, time for the boys," Patricia says, clearly suprised. As she walks across the stage, my nerves are on edge. She picks picks out a name then walks back to the microphone.

"Hillton Whitaker." I guess the iddd are in none's favor this year.

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