A New Spark (A Hunger Games fanfic)


1. A New Spark (A Hunger Games fanfic)

The Hunger Games:A New Spark

DISCLAIMER- I do NOT own The Hunger Games, the characters, or the movies. Suzanne Collins and Lions Gate are the only people that do. The only thing I own is the plot and new characters. This is PURLY for my ENTERTAINMENT. This is my one and only disclaimer.

A/N: Okay here people. This is my first The Hunger Games fanfic. Make that my first story, like, ever. I will try to give a good explanation for everything. My grammar will most likely horrid as I will not catch everything my readers (yes I'm talking about you) do. Please read any and all Authors Notes (A/N) as they will most likely be important.

And one more thing. For the people that was reading this before, I am so sorry. I had to delete it because I could update or take unwanted chapters down. It was really frustrating and deleting was the only thing I could do. Sorry :(


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