Daughter of the Animal ( An X-men Fanfic)

Sadie is the daughter of Wolverine and Kayla. At the age if fourteen she was found by Professor X, a wreck on the run. She's a class five mutant with extraordinary powers. She can create fire, ice, water and levitate objects, read minds, create light, freeze things. She can create plants and flowers and she has so many more powers. When Wolverine had his experiment she also had the same done to her.
When she has been brought to safety she meets Scott Summers and after a while they fall head over heels in love. Three years go by and then Jean arrives. Scott falls for Jean and leaves Sadie, forever in love.
Then Wolverine arrives and she is afraid that he will bring out her inner animal


1. prologue

I opened my eyes. A bright green light blinded me for a while. And then my eyes adjusted to the light. People in white coats stood around me. I reached up and put my finger to my forehead. Hadn't I got shot there? There was no mark, not even a scar. How long had I been asleep?

I walked out of the building . No one tried to stop me, I just walked out. Outside was cold and snowy. All I wore was a vest and shorts. I saw a small cafe and went in.

I sat down at one of the tables and put my head in my hands. I saw flashes of memory in my head. A pain and a man, he was my father wasn't he? The pain though. I balled my fist and three sharp knives emerged from each.

I scratched my arm with the knives. After a while the skin healed itself without a mark. That was one of my "mutations"

I retracted the knives.

"What do you want dear?" The waitress walked up to me.

"A cappuccino please." I said.

"Any food?" She asked.

"A cheeseburger please."

The waitress left and came back with a cheeseburger and a cappuccino.

"You look cold dear." The waitress said. I nodded and she left. She came back with a big fur coat.

"No I can't take that." I said pushing the coat away.

"Honestly dear, I don't want it." She handed it to me and I took it and slung it round my shoulders. I drank the cappuccino and ate the burger and then left.

I stood in the snow. Where should I go? I walked for miles and miles. I stopped for a rest. I put my hand out and fire shot out creating a campfire. I laid down and slept under the fur coat.

"This is her, here!"

I slowly opened my eyes and saw people standing over me, looking down at me.

"Ah!" I screamed and jumped up.

"Hey! I'm Storm." Said a white-haired young adult.

"Hi. I'm Sadie." I said.

"This is Craig." Storm pointed to a tall muscular guy. "And this is Dave." She pointed to a more scrawny boy.

"Hey." I said. Dave nodded and Craig waved.

"Do you know what you are?" Storm asked.

"I'm a mutant." I said to her.

"You're a class five mutant." 

"Sorry, what?"

"You're special, powerful and bloody dangerous." Storm put it pretty simply, "Come with us to learn to control your mutations, and be safe."

By this time I was absolutely freezing. "I'm in!"

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