The Dream


1. The Interview

"Babe" "yeah?" I replied "are you nearly here?" A growling voice whispered through the phone "yeah whats wrong? You know i always get a coffee before watching your interview" i said feeling a bit worried. " um babe. This interview is different. They want to interview you too" haz chuckled. I blushed just hearing him chuckle. "Oh okay well im round the corner" i said. "Okay love you see you in a sec" haz said. "Love you too okay bye" i said hanging up. I blushed everytime he said i love you and he always found it funny.

I pulled into a parking spot, checked my make up and hair before grabbing my coffee and phone and making my way inside. I opened the stage door and walked towards the filming. I could see the audience, the boys and the interviewer come into focus. As i stepped near the stage the audience screamed in my direction. I thought one of the boys must be behind me so i turned round to see no one. I did a full turn feeling very confused. I looked at Harry and he smiled. I grinned at him thinking this must be one of his pranks so i waved at the audience and sat down next to haz.

Oh i should point out mine and harrys relationship is secret so we just sat there with our thighs rubbing and the friction growing. All i wanted to do was hold his hand to just calm myself down but i couldn't. I guessed it was one of harrys comedy pranks so id thought id play along as if it was a real interview.

I: so hey Charlie hows it going

Me: hey yeah its pretty good thanks

I: so i hear you are doing your a levels. How are they going?

M: yeah its going well! I mean they are a lot of work but i can get through it

I: so what subjects are you taking

M: im taking biology, chemistry, pe and psychology

I: wow. So Liam whats it like being friends with Charlie? Whats the wierdest thing shes done?

I sat bolt upright knowing id done some really weird stuff around Liam. Especially when i was drunk. I locked eyes with him and gave him a look of panic and fear. Liam chuckled and shook his head

L: well she can be very weird when she wants to be but id say one of the funniest weirdest things she did was pretend to be a frog

All the boys cracked up and i went bright red.

I: wait what a frog? Niall can you explain?

N: well *chuckle* she up put her knees over her shoulders and the attempted to jump with her hands that she was balancing on and she fell flat on her face with her bum in the air.

They all laughed including the audience and the interviewer. I hid my face from going any redder by trying to hide my face on harrys shoulder. Harry automatically wrapped a protective arm around my waist as he did everytime i did this. I then realised that we were in an interview that i had lent into Harry which would be twisted around so i sat back up and faced forwards without looking at Harry. He knew what i was thinking and withdrew his arm. As he did it though i felt a small pang in my stomach that my protective shield was down.

The interview carried on and i felt the interviewer who was a very attractive male start to flirt with me. It was subtle at first but as the interview progressed it got more and more obvious and i felt Harry tense more and more. Whilst the interviewers attention was on Zayn who was at the end i whispered "haz its alright" and squeezed his hand. He relaxed as soon as in put my hand in his and i was reluctant to withdraw it. I could feel he didnt want to withdraw his hand either as it was a tough interviewer that Harry had set up. I relaxed into Harry and he seemed to relax more as i did. The interviewer suddenly snapped his gaze to mine and harrys hands before i had a chance to let go.

I: well well well. Whats going on here?

He said looking at us both. I gulped trying to buy myself sometime. Harry then cleared his throat and said "well i have had enough of you making my girlfriend and me feel uncomfortable. Yes thats right Charlie is my girlfriend and she has been for the last 6 months and i love her to pieces. So i hope that you understand that she is off limits so no more flirting!!"

All the boys, the audience and especially the interviewer looked shocked.

I: right um err well we will wrap up on that bomb shell. Thanks for coming"

Harry still held my hand as we walked off stage and into the dressing room. I sighed and climbed in a chair "thank god you can edit that out before you put your video on you tube" i said chuckling. "What?!" Harry said stopping in his tracks. "I said thank go-" "no i heard what you said its just i dont understand. I thought you were playing that prank" Harry said looking confused "what?! I thought you were" i shrieked. "Wait so if neither of you were pranking each other that means you have just announced your relationship on live tv!" Niall said looking shocked. I froze. I felt Harry wrap his arms around me as he started kissing my shoulder all the way up my neck to my ear. "I love you" he said. He may have only said three words but i knew exactly which long paragraph he was telling me. I turned to face him cuddling into his chest. "I love you too" i mumbled into his chest. I looked up at him to see his green eyes staring down at me. He lent closer and i gave him a kiss. I loved moments like these when it felt like there was just the two of us on earth. However it was short lived when one of the boys management executives stormed in and pulled us apart. "How dare you try and ruin his career?!" She screeched at me. This if you havent already guessed was exactly why i didnt want to tell the world about mine and harrys relationship. She carried on screaming at me as some bodyguards of hers took the boys into a separate room. "You are such a fame hunter! Do you really think Harry actually likes you?! Hes just after you for sex!!" I zoned out after this as i knew what she was saying was untrue and she wanted to break me. I already knew Harry wasnt with me for sex because he didnt want to have sex until we had been together for a year. But when she started saying how Harry was using me to write songs about my insecurities i almost cried. I knew he wouldnt do that but there had always been a flicker of doubt in my mind every time a new song came out but i had never really voiced my thoughts but to hear that someone else thinks its true really did break me. Her mission was to come here and break me and that is exactly what she had done.

I wouldnt run away though. That would be the icing on her cake and i wasnt going to give that to her so i sat in the corner facing the other way with my knees pulled into my chest and my head resting on them. I then covered my ears so i couldn't hear her and i sat there and waited.

It felt like a century before Harry fell to the floor behind me and pulled me into his lap. I looked up at him and saw he had been crying. I kissed him with all the passion and love i could possibly give him. He kissed me back with love and guilt. He deepened the kiss almost straight away and held me tightly to his chest as if he thought i would disappear. After a while we pulled away breathless. We rested our foreheads against each other. "You know none of it is true right?! You know that? Please tell you know that Charlie?! I love you so much i cant stand the thought of losing you" Harry said desperately and started crying. I kissed him and he kissed me back urgently. "I know baby. I know" i said sadly smiling. "Its not true you know i dont use you to make better songs but i do write all my songs about you because i dont know how else to express how i feel about you. Every time i see you my heart could explode with the love i have for you and every time i hold you and say i love you its still as magical as the first time" he said letting a few tears roll down his face. I wiped them away and stared into his eyes "i will love you for infinity and beyond and i will never ever let you go" i say smiling at Harry. I lent against the wall and intwined my fingers with his. He moved forwards and sat between my legs and kissed me whilst rubbing small circles into my hands with his thumbs. My whole body was literally exploding with love for him and i felt more connected to him than i had before his management had screamed at me.

After about 20 minutes of us sat in the corner we heard a loud bang coming from outside. We stood up and walked to the door. I opened it and we peered out. I saw Niall lent against the wall clutching his hand crying silently. "Ni?!" I screamed and ran towards him. When i got to him i lifted his chin so i could look into his beautiful eyes. "Whats wrong ni?" "I cant do it char. I cant listen to them discussing you like your a piece of meat. Your my best friend and im sorry that i cant do anything to stop them" he said sobbing. I pulled him into a hug and stood there holding him whilst thinking about what he had just said. I then see Harry storm past me and Niall in the direction Niall had came from. "Haz?! Harry?! Harry! Stop!" I shouted running after him "what?!" He said angrily swivelling round before softening his tone when he saw me. I walked up to him slowly and kissed him gently whilst playing with his curls. I knew he liked it when i did that and it calmed him down. He kissed me back and mumbled against my lips "i wont let anyone hurt you" i pulled away and looked into his eyes. "I know baby". He intwined my hand into his and we walked towards the conference room. Harry opened the door forcefully making it bang loudly and causing everyone to stop talking. "Right so i see you all like talking about my girlfriend without us being present so how about you say it to our faces he says whilst pulling us to the front of the room. We stood there as everyone put up their hands and asked Harry stupid questions. After about 30 minutes Niall returned and Harry wrapped up what he was saying by telling them that they could control every single other aspect of his life but he had chosen to fall in love with me and he wasnt ever going to leave me.

I smiled at Harry knowing how lucky i was to have him. We walked out towards his car. "So do you want to stay over tonight babe?" Haz said as we drove off "yeah but i have work tomorrow so you will have to drop me at work for 12 and i need to get some stuff from home so you'll have to come with me before we go to yours" i said smiling. We drove to mine and i collected my bags whilst Harry had a cup of tea with my parents. I was so glad he got along with them. When i first brought him home i was more scared than he was but my parents loved him, my whole family loved him because he made me happy and they were soo pleased that i was so happy with myself as well as being in a relationship.

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