The Dream


2. Flashback

"Come on abby! I wanna get some of the strawberries!!" I squealed excitedly over my shoulder. Me, my best friend abby, and our friends emma, charley and sophie had gone to london on a shopping and spa weekend. It was 11 in the morning on the saturday and we had just checked into our amazing hotel that we were staying at. We had decided to go do some shopping around oxford street before heading up to camden this afternoon.

"These strawberries are so good" we all said closing our eyes whilst walking along. "Oufh!" I said as a tall skinny girl pushed me to the floor "watch where your going! You nearly stepped on my lou vuitons" she said in a snobby american accent. I recognised her voice from a reality tv show i had seen and thought i would address her properly. "Well miss kendall jenner. In this country we all are polite and dont shove people to the ground when they're in the way. And im pretty sure you dont do that in LA so maybe you can work on that as well as the attitude because by the way no one will like you if you look down on everyone" i said. "Um well i am looking down at you because your the one on the floor and im the one wearing designer heels" she said giving a snotty laugh. "Here love. Im sorry i dont know why ken is acting like this she is obviously in a funny mood" a guy says picking me up off the floor. When i stood up with the helping hand i looked up at the guy still holding my hand. "Oh look i know this is cheesy but can i please have a picture with you. Im a big fan of your music" i said going bright pink looking up at the boy i had fallen in love with 4 years ago when he auditioned on the x factor. "Sure love" he said chuckling. We started to have a polite conversation as abby got her phone out and set it up on camera mode. "Um excuse me miss i dont give a fuck about anyone but me your in the way of my friends photo and so your gonna need to move" my friend charley sassily says "no its alright guys. Before kendall pushed me to the floor i did actually like her so she can join the picture if she wants. " i say timidly. I heard abby mutter something completely inappropriate for the occasion and automatically i yell"abbsatron!" Which always makes her stop. After having a picture with Harry and then with kendall we head off to our fav shops. "You were lucky that i was in a good mood with you otherwise i would have mentioned the fb status" abby mumbles knowing i know what she is talking about. Incase you were wondering i may be 17 but i have always been a massive directioner so abby was talking about a picture i posted of my one direction mechandise which is quite a large collection. We went in loads of shops and i bought loads of new stuff including some new shorts and a crop top that i changed my jeans and jumper for as i was getting a bit sweaty. I loved spending time with my friends as we patrolled around the shops taking selfies we realised how much we had bought. We walked past a poster for my favourite place in the world and i couldn't help but stop and stare. "I wish i was good enough" i whispered quietly. "Char you are good enough" emma said. "No i wont ever be good enough and im not pretty enough". In case you were wondering we were staring at a poster for auditions for pinapple dance company which i had dreamt about dancing for since i was 9. "Char you can do what they are doing in the poster so why dont you do it in front and we will take a photo" abby said smiling. I nodded and did an arabesque like the one they were doing in the picture. I giggle once they took the picture and we all gathered round to see it. "Thats so good"! A voice from behind answered. We all turned around to see Harry crossing his arms and raising his eyebrows at me. "What is?" I said confused. "The thing you just did! Its better than the poster girl!" He said whilst chuckling. I blush and say thank you. "Um look i know this is weird but do you wanna grab a coffee sometime?" Harry said whilst scratching the back of his neck. "With me?" I say looking shocked and pointing at myself. Harry looked at me and chuckled "yeah of course you silly" i blushed and giggled. "Sure id love to" i said shyly. "So um whats your number" he said. I gave Harry my number and he slowly moved in for a hug when we said goodbye which i happily accepted. The rest of the day we skipped around everywhere, singing at the tops of our lungs because we were so excited! The next morning we woke up slowly and i turned over and reach for my phone to find a text from Harry saying "morning love. Hope you slept well. Do you want to grab a coffee at 12 i can pick you up from your hotel. " i immediately smiled and replied sure. I then turned back to find a sleeping abby for which i jumped on her to tell her the exciting news. Once abby was grumbling and awake...ish i jumped out of bed and climbed in the hot shower. I washed my hair and shaved before climbing out. I stood looking in the mirror deciding what make up to put on. I soon went outside and put on my straighteners whilst drying my hair. Once it was straightened i fluffed it and sprayed a bit of hair spray in it to stop it from going flat. I then put on some underwear and stood in mine and abbys room staring at my wardrobe. I soon decided to go for a new pastel pink cotton dress with a love heart cut in the back and a round neck cut. It was mid thigh and clasped in at the waist. I put it on and paired it with my globe watch and a chunky gold necklass and bracelet. I then put on some white keds and i put a chunky pink bow in my hair to hold it up. When abby returned from using the bathroom i went in and put a bit of foundation and mascara with some lip balm but i didnt want to put too much on. I then texted the others and went to their room.

Charley(cy)- wow nice outfit babe where you going?

Me- Harry is taking me for a coffee at 12 (i say blushing slightly)

Emma(e)- aww so cute!

Me- do i look alright (i say worrying about how i look)

Cy- you look gorgeous! Hes lucky to even get your number let alone a coffee

Me- ha! I think im lucky i even met him in the first place!

Abby- bunny! Its 11.45!

I raced back to mine and abbys room and grabbed my white handbag which had my purse and phone in and i spritzed some perfume before making my way back to the others to say bye and then going downstairs.

I climbed out of the lift in the lobby to see Harry sitting and the sofa in black skinny jeans that had holes on the knees and my favourite top which was a tight fit american football top and some black high tops. I walked over to him and stood in front of him. "Hi" i said shyly. Harry slowly looked up from the floor where he had previously been looking and grazed his eyes up and down my body. "Wow" he said slowly, standing up. I became really nervous and got the jitters when he looked at me in the eyes. "You look amazing" he said smiling. I smiled back relaxing a bit more "you too" i giggled. We started walking out the lobby to the front entrance. "Um" Harry said scratching the back of his neck. "I kinda want to take you to one of my favourite cafés but its a drive away" he said unsure of what i would say. "Sure sounds lovely" i said grinning. "Okay my cars just here" he said opening the door for me. We walked through the door to harrys car that the valet had brought round for us. It was my dream car and i stood gazing at it for what seemed like a lifetime. "Are you alright its just if you dont like my car we can take yours if you want" Harry started rambling "no! No! Its just this is my dream car and it is customized exactly how i would have done it" i said blushing. "Oh haha okay then" Harry said hopping in. I hopped in too and we drove off. We drove towards the outskirts of north london and we stopped in a random street and got out. We chatted about random stuff and i seemed to be able to tell Harry anything as it was so easy to talk to him. We walked a few blocks away before we reached a block of flats. I followed Harry up the stairs and we walked up 6 flights before Harry opened a door to reveal a cute cafe on the roof of the block of flats which gave an amazing view of london. I took a few snaps and even got the waitress to take a pic of me and Harry. We then sat at the table looking out at london and ordered a coffee and a sandwich each. We then relaxed back into the love seat and chatted about everything in life. I learnt some much about the real Harry not the popstar. I learnt that he was funny and sweet but also really shy. I also learnt about his personal life and how complicated things have been trying to keep the fans happy. Once we finished our coffees and sandwiches we lent back in the love seat and looked at the view. During our conversation we had moved closer together as our shoulders were now touching. Harry slowly put his arm over me and pulled me in. "Char?" "Yeah?" I said looking at Harry. "I really like you. And i want to see you again but i need you to know something before i do this. The management will set me up on dates with certain people to keep the band fresh and i dont want you to get hurt so you have to know the Harry styles one fifth of one direction is a cocky player and is a completely different person to me" he said staring into my eyes and caressing my cheek. "Okay. I know. But i really like this Harry and i don't want to miss out on an opportunity" i said. "Me neither" Harry whispered whilst tucking a wisp of hair behind my ear and slowly leaning in and kissing me. We held on for a while before slowly breaking apart. I then rested on Harrys shoulder as he put his arm around my waist. "Im gonna miss this" i sighed. " me too. How bout whenever we need each other we come here and meet at this bench?" Harry said sincerely. "Okay deal" i said.

"Breaking News! Harry Styles was seen arriving at Kendall Jenners hotel with overnight stuff and leaving early this morning... Has this relationship gone further than we think?!" The news blared in the background as i pretended to straighten my hair as the girls gathered round. I hadnt told them that Harry and i had kissed yesterday as i decided i wanted to keep it private so i just told them that we had coffee and chatted and then he brought me home. "Ergh he is so pleased with himself" charley kept saying and the others were all agreeing. I was slightly hurt but he warned me. My phone went off and a casually looked at the text.

Harry :) - don't listen to them. You know the real me. I want to cook you dinner tonight if you let me :) xxx

I smiled and suddenly didn't feel hurt. I felt guilty for not trusting him.

Charlie - I know I do and I really like the real you :) I'd love to what's you address? Xxx

Harry :) - it's alright I will come pick you up babe :) are you still at the hotel xxx

Charlie - yeah this is our last night and then tomorrow lunchtime we go home :) xxx

Harry :) - oh where do you live? Xxx

Charlie - about 30 mins away but it's only 15 minutes on the train :) xxx

Harry :) - oh thank god! Thats not very far :) although i would fly round the world to see you <3 xxx

Charlie - awww :) id fly to the moon and back if it meant i just got a coffee with you again :) <3 xxx

I smiled down at our texts. I knew i wore my heart on my sleeve but i had already let him in and i knew that even if he ended it now i would be in too deep to get out again.

Harry :) - aw well you wouldnt have to travel too far seeing as your already a star :). I will pick you up at 8 and wear something comfortable :) xxx

Charlie - okay i look forward to it :) xxx

I wanted to tell abby the truth that Harry and i kissed as i needed a cover story for tonight so i decided to invite abby for lunch and to go to camden and we would meet the others in camden later. I put on my acid wash dark blue jeans that had distressed rips in the front and a black bandeau with a white lacy crop top on top. I then wore a spiked bracelet and a deathly hallows necklace. Abby wore black leggings and an XX band top with a denim jacket and a tie dye bag. We took the train to camden and sat by the lock watching the boats go by.

Abby - so whats up?

Charlie - what nothings up!

Abby - i mean i know you like spending time with the fabulous me but i can tell when you want to tell me something

Charlie - fine (sigh) Harry and i kissed last night and he wants to cook me dinner tonight at his and i know what is going on with kendall and we talked about it in detail and i really like him and he really likes me and i want to go but i dont want the others to judge me as no one is meant to know as it would ruin the publicity.

Abby - wow. Um sure ill cover and say you needed to go see a specialist for something and you wanted to go on your own and then you were going to go to dinner with an old friend and that will get you out for about 4 til 12 but not for a sleepover okay?

Charlie - thank you soo much! (Hugs)

We walked around the market and got a pizza to share and went back and sat by the river. We were sitting chatting when someone put their arms around me from behind and kissed my cheek "hello gorgeous. Fancy seeing you here" a low voice cheerfully spoke. A wide grin appeared on my face as Harry sat down next to me and put his arm around me. He was in a hoodie and dark shades but I could tell it was him from his smile. "Hi Abby I'm sorry we haven't really met properly I do apologise" Harry said leaning across to shake Abby's hand "oh well it's nice to meet you. I've heard all about you good from Charlie and bad from everyone else" Abby said giggling and we all joined in. Harry looked at me deeply and he lent in for a quick peck which I happily accepted. I was lent back in Harry's arms as the three of us chatted and Abby and Harry got to know each other. After an hour or so I got a phone call from the others saying they were nearly here and seeing as they didn't like Harry he was going to go. Abby went to the bridge to meet them whilst I said bye to Harry. "Okay so I will pick you up at 6 yeah?" Harry smoothly asked. "Um yeah but I will be in the coffee shop from 4 so can you pick me up from there so the others don't find out." I say kind of embarrassed. " that's cool" he said smiling at me. He soon lent in and put his hands around my waist and lifted me up so I could only just touch the floor standing on his trainers and on my tip toes. I held on round his neck and played with his curls whilst we kissed. We soon broke apart as I knew Harry had to go to a photoshoot. "Have fun at your photoshoot" I say smiling "well I won't be able to concentrate after that as all I can think about is kissing you again" Harry lowly growled. I giggled and went to give him a peck but he pressed me against his body deepening our peck. I giggled against his lips and kissed him back. Suddenly my phone started vibrating and Harry got it out of my back pocket and answered it "hello Abby" he said annoyed. I could hear Abby too as my arms were still round Harry's neck and he was still pressing me against his body with one arm. "Stop with the PDA!!!! There are children around!!!! And they are nearly here!!" We both laughed and hung up. We kissed for a few moments longer before he really had to go. "I wanna stay with you" Harry said whining. "Go! I will see you later" I giggled "fine fine I'm going" Harry mumbled walking away.

I ran up to where Abby was standing and arrived just before the others so Abby couldn't tease me. We all walked around together and bought various things. We then decided to go to bubblolgy which was so nice! After about 3 hours we started heading back to the hotel as the rest of them were going out for dinner at the ritz. "Well have fun guys" I said as I fixed my hair before grabbing my stuff and standing by the door. "I hope you appointment goes well "they all chorused. "Thanks guys. I will see you probably tomorrow" I said casually. "Okay see you then!" I heard as I walked out the door as climbed in the lift. I was nervous and excited to see Harry's house. I climbed out the lift to see a boy wearing a grey hoodie that stuck to his muscles and a pair of Ray ban shades with black skinny jeans. I smiled back at him and walked over. "Hello handsome" I said giggling. "Hello princess. You ready to go?" He said cooly. "Sure" I say smiling.

Harry grabs my hand and we intwine fingers whilst we walk to his car. Harry then opens my door like a gentlemen and waits for me to climb in before climbing in himself. We drove for about 20 minutes towards the outskirts of the city centre when Harry started to relax and he took off his ray bans which I promptly took and he took off his hood to reveal his sexy curls. We chatted along until I suddenly saw Harry look out his rear mirror and tense up "what's wrong babe?" I ask gently. "There's paps following us" Harry said angrily looking out the back. "Oh okay I'm gonna climb in the back seats then and lay low okay?" I smile and climb back. I sit in the footwell behind the passenger seat so I could still see Harry. "Thank you babe" he said smiling at me. "It's cool" I said and leant back.

After 20 minutes Harry stopped the car. "I'll be one second" he said coldly. "Harry?" I shouted as he climbed out the car. He left his door open so I could hear everything. "Leave me alone!" He screamed at them as the took photos of him. "Why can't I have one bit of privacy!! All I want is to go home so please leave me alone before I call the police!!" Harry said with so much emotion it sounded like he was crying. Soon they drove off and left Harry standing there. I ran out of the car and hugged him. He collapsed into my arms sighing "I just wanted to have a special evening with you as they've ruined it" he whispered "come lets get you home" I soothed climbing into the drivers seat. I drove towards Camden as I knew it was round there. Harry directed me from there and soon we arrived at his complex. It's was big like I expected but it was nicely hidden so it was still in the hussle and bussle. We both climbed out of Harry's car and we walked to his door. He opened it and we soon found our way to the sofa where Harry collapsed and gave a big sigh. We then talked about the situation for hours and once we were finished Harry felt a lot better and started making us dinner.

I stood behind Harry whilst he was cooking and wrapped my arms around him and watched what he was doing. He seemed to turn off the cooker and he slowly turned to me. I giggled at his dark stare and wrapped my arms around him. He kissed me and grabbed the underneath of my thighs so I was straddling him. He lifted me onto the side and we kissed for a bit longer before he fed me some of our dinner to see whether it was done. "That's soo good!!" I said once I'd finished my mouthful. "Why thank you. I know I'm just amazing" Harry said in a sarcastic way. I giggled at him and as his rubbed my thighs I took hold of his face and kissed his gently. He tried to deepen our kisses but I kept teasing him and denying him entry. He growled at me which made me giggle and pull away to see him looking at me with a sad face and puppy dog eyes. "Aww" I said and lent in again allowing him to deepen our kisses which he smiled about. Once we had finished our kissing war we sat down and ate dinner. After dinner we sat on the sofa and curled up to watch a movie. Harry wrapped his arms around me through the entire movie and I felt so safe. I loved spending these moments with Harry. I turned to him and kissed him deeply. We kissed for a while before pulling away breathless. I lay in Harry's arms and drew patterns with my fingers over his abs which he lowly growled to. After a while we realised we should go to bed. So we walked upstairs and Harry gave me one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers to wear whilst he wore some low riding trackies which exposed his bare chest and his v lines which I couldn't help but stare at. He slowly walked closer and lifted my chin. He kissed me softly and whispered in my ear "it's all yours. I'm yours" he said before pulling away and kissing me again. I then stood on tip toes and whispered in his ear "I'm yours too". After our cute whispers we climbed into Harry's bed and I fell asleep on his chest.

The morning light brought me out of my slumber to my disappointment. I turned to see Harry not there and looked around confused. I couldn't see him so I got changed into a leather skater skirt and a grey bandeau with a ripped band tee with one shoulder strap. I then fixed my makeup and walked downstairs to find a grumpy, angry Harry with two people in business suits and Kendall. As I got closer I recognised one of the men. It was simon cowell so this was obviously to do with his management. "Morning" I said as I walked past them. I felt Harry's gaze which he quickly retracted when Simon snapped at him, "Who is she?!" "She's a good friend of mine. Is that a problem?!" He seemed to get angry. I decided I would need to get him out of there to calm him down before he said something stupid. "Harry?" I sung from the doorway . "Yeah babe?" He said not moving and still staring at simon. "Can you help me with the cooker please it's not working" I said sweetly. Harry chuckled and jogged over to me. He then led me into the kitchen before grabbing me by the waist and saying "nice cover" and winked. "I don't like seeing you angry so I didn't want you to have to sit through it" I said before kissing him. "I'm only angry because I want to be able to protect you" he said quietly. "You don't need to babe. I understand" I said smiling at him. He kissed me once more before jogging back into the room. I danced around the kitchen singing to myself whilst making scrambled eggs on toast for me and Harry. "What?!" I heard Harry yell and I turned and lent back putting my hand straight on the hob (cooker). I pulled my hand back screaming in pain as my skin started blistering. I started crying but didn't want to draw attention to myself so I attempted to run it under cold water but that only made it worse. I knew I needed to go to hospital to sort it out but I didn't want to worry Harry or make a scene so I turned off the hob and left the scrambled eggs while I put some cling film over my hand and walked out of the kitchen. I walked as fast as I could possible walk past Harry and the others and I had nearly made it to the front door when someone grabbed my burnt hand. I screamed in pain and collapsed to the floor. Harry looked at me with worry and confusion. He held my wrist and turned my hand over to reveal the blistering burn that had cling film on it. "Right I will finish this convo later but I need to take Charlie to hospital" Harry shouted before racing me out the door and into his car. He then sped all the way to the hospital and ran in to get someone to help me. Immediately I was seen to and they removed the cling film and put on a cooling cream which immediately took effect. They then bandaged it up and I was ready to go home. Harry drove me to the hotel and as I got there the painkillers they had given me started to kick in and I suddenly felt drowsy. I held Harry's hand for support as we climbed in the lift. I managed to climb into my bed before collapsing and I saw Harry leaving, "Harry?! Don't leave me!" I shouted after him. "I wont I promise" he soothed as he climbed into bed next to me and turn. The tv on whilst holding my wrist to stop me from lying on it.

Abby's POV

We came back from our facials that we had booked with Charlie and all of us being a bit upset that she wasn't there. As we approached our suite we heard the tv on and ran to mine and Charlie's room to find Harry on his phone with Charlie fast asleep with her hand on a pillow of Harry's lap. "What going on?!" Charley demanded. "Oh hi guys. Oh well Charlie was at her friends house and she burnt her hand on the hob and her friends car was in the garage so I came and picked her up and took her to the hospital where we got it bandaged up and she had some painkillers which is why she is asleep and she didn't want to be left alone so I stayed and made sure she didn't roll on her hand" he said looking at Charlie concerned. "Oh my god is she okay?!" Emma said. "She's in a lot of pain but I think the gel they put on the burn is helping" Harry said looking guilty. Charlie started to stir and Harry seemed worried as hell. "Haz?" She murmured. "Yeah babe" Harry said leaning towards her and stroking her hair. "The others are here too babe" Harry said gently. "Hmm" she whispered "it hurts". "I will do babe you burnt yourself pretty badly. " Harry chuckled. "Okay we can handle it from here Harry. You can go now" charley said moving to where Harry was sitting "no!" Charlie said sitting bold upright and looking full of fear and confusion. "Where are you going?!" She asked Harry. "I'm gonna go home okay? I'll see soon" he said walking to the door. "I'll show you out" Charlie said desperately trying to run to Harry "no Charlie you should rest" Sophie said standing in the way. "No" she whispered close to tears. "What's wrong babe?" Emma asked. "I need to talk to Harry " she said wobbling on her feet. "I'll help you bun" I said and held her hand to walk her out the room to where Harry was. I could see that something was wrong and I didn't know what it was. I decided the best thing to do would be to let Charlie and Harry talk it out in private.

Charlie's POV

I was still dazed but I could still remember every crashing thing that Simon was saying when i was running out the door and I needed to speak to Harry about it. "Haz! Please don't run away!" I said as he still walked to the door. "I can't do it char. I can't hurt you" he said sounding destroyed. I wobbled over to Harry and held his hands. I then pulled him down and kissed him with as much passion as I could. He kissed me back after a while. When we pulled away I lent into Harry with his arms around my waist to protect me. "I heard them haz when I was running out. They want you to make it official and appear on keeping up with the kardashians where you and Kendall will get caught in her room on her bed in the mist of something" I said strongly. Harry started whimpering and tears started rolling down his face. I wiped his tears and kissed him until he stopped crying. "I can't do it. I can't hurt you and I can't go against my morals" Harry said looking into my eyes. "I'm falling in love with you and I can't do that to you" he said with as much strength as he could. "I know Harry but I agreed to this when I first met you and we talked about it and I said I was fine with it and I haven't changed my mind. I'm falling for you badly and I'd be more hurt if you broke it off now rather than went ahead with the publicity thing. " I said sadly smiling at him. I kissed him again and said goodbye. I then went back into mine and Abby's room where the others were and went to bed again.

Charley's POV

OMG! We had just heard all of Harry's and Charlie's conversation. We all felt bad for saying bad stuff about him now especially in front of Charlie. We let Charlie rest for a while whilst we went to the coffee shop round to corner and talked. "Should we tell Charlie we know?" Emma asked. "No. She didn't tell anyone because of the publicity thing. We can't tell anyone we know especially Charlie" I said. Once we had decided we went up to the hotel as woke Charlie up and went for our last walk around London before we left.

Flashforward 5 weeks

Charlie's POV

Summer was amazing!! I was just off to Egypt with my family and we were staying in an amazing hotel and we were going scuba diving. My parents knew about Harry simply because he had come over lots and I had to tell them when they caught us having a sneaky kiss when he left one time but they were cool with it and my brother and sister still believed that we were just close friends like everyone else. I had been on multiple magazine and newspaper front covers being Harry's new best friend which was quite cool and I had been asked to do loads of photo shoots and videos so my parents were thinking about getting me a manager when we got back just to sort everything out and make sure that I wasn't being pictured in a bad way. I had finished packing my suitcase and I took it down to my parents car. After getting a few things and adjusting my make up we all climbed in the car and set off for the airport.

H: Wish I was there to say goodbye 😭 I miss you already ❤️ Xxxx

C: miss you too. But I will see you when I come back from my trip and we have three days before you head off to America :) xxxxx

H: yeah but three days isn't long enough :(. Wish you could come visit me :( or I could visit you xxxxxxx

C: I know :L I wish that too but the management would say no babe :( oh well we will just have to make the most out of our three days :) xxxxxx

Soon we had arrived at the airport and we were boarding the flight. We soon arrived at our amazing hotel where my sister and I were sharing a room, my parents had a room and my brother had a room. As soon as we arrived I got on my bikini and got together my bag ready for going to the beach and my sister and I headed off. We arrived at the beach and got some sun loungers and relaxed listening to music. We then took photos on my fujifilm Polaroid camera and I immediately stuck them into my diary so that I would remember them. We walked back to the hotel and soon went to bed ready for scuba diving the next day.

No ones POV

The boys had all been called in for a meeting with their management with their team. They sat round the board table and the meeting began.

Simon: boys well done on the new album it's doing excellently

Boys: thank you

Clarissa (business woman): but we have a lot to talk about today

S: we need to discuss the hendall situation because we feel we need to bring it to the next level

Harry: no!! I have already told you it's over I'm not doing any more publicity work!!

S: well you are because you have signed a contract to say you will (sliding the contract across the table)

Harry looks intently at it and kicks back his chair and storms out kicking the opposite wall in the corridor and sliding down the wall into a heap. He starts to sob with his head in his hands. Lou walks out and rubs his back. "What's really wrong?" Lou says quietly. "She's gonna leave me and I'm in love with her!" He sobs. "Who babe?" She questions "Charlie" he says loudly. He then learns back against the wall looking at the ceiling. Lou smiles "your wrong. She won't leave you. She's stronger than you think and she'll understand babe. I've never seen you so het up about a girl before" Lou says smiling wider. "I love her with all my heart. I'm hers to keep" Harry smiles, blushing slightly. "Naww hazza!" Lou says loudly. "Right come on lover boy we need to finish this meeting" Lou says pulling Harry off the floor and back into the room.

Harry's POV

I sat for the rest of the meeting staring into space. I didn't care anymore. All I cared about was Charlie and the idea of hurting her killed me. "Right so tomorrow 9.45 we start shooting. Harry?! Your taxi will pick you up at 8.30. Thank you all" Simon said. I grunted and got up to leave the room. I realised I as no idea what I was shooting but I didn't care anymore just as long as it wasn't near Kendall.

I was woken up from my slumber by someone constantly pressing the bell on my front door. I grumbled and put on some jeans, a random top and my boots before grabbing my coat and walking outside to see a grumpy taxi driver. I fell back asleep and aw rudely woken by the taxi driver telling me we were there. I climbed out and walked inside. I was immediately grabbed and whisked off to hair and make up. I tried to ask on multiple occasions what the shooting was and what I was doing but no one told me anything.

I was then whisked onto a sofa where I was told I would sit and read the words on the screen when I was told to do so. I got comfortable and just as I was getting ready to read Kendall jumped into my lap and kissed me just as the camera went live and so I was unable to react. I pulled away and read my words neutrally and as soon as the camera stopped I was fuming and I burst. I went crazy kicking everything about destroying the set and screaming at everyone until the police came and arrested me. I spent the night locked up and was able to use the pay phone once so I called Charlie

C: hello

Me: (sobbing) char.... I'm so sorry

C: ( concerned) babe what's wrong?

I explained everything from flipping out in the meeting to not listening to getting driven there and not told anything and then Kendall jumping on me and kissing me during live camera and me trying to pull away and having to read off a screen because I agreed to a stupid contract that could ruin me if I disobeyed it. Then to flipping out after and ruining the set and getting arrested and spending the night in a cell and her being the one and only phone call allowed. I cried all the way through and felt an aching in my heart that I was breaking her heart and mine by hurting her.

I then heard her take a deep breath. "Baby it's okay. I love you and I'm here for you. I understand it and I promise you I will be by your side no matter what. Yes it hurts to know that everyone will believe that you and Kendall are happily together and that the two of you have kissed but I will be with you through thick and thin and when we are ready to tell people we will. I love you to the moon and back Harry" she said sobbing slightly. "I love you to infinity and beyond Charlie and I'm so sorry I hurt you. It breaks my heart to know that I hurt you and I will spend a lifetime trying to make it up to you." I said before the guard made me say goodbye. That afternoon I was released and I went home and I didn't speak to anyone apart from Charlie or leave my house.

Charlie's POV

I had seen various news articles talking about how Harry has disappeared and he hadn't been to any of his interviews, photo shoots, press conferences or been seen since the broadcast about hendall had come out. Some were saying that he was sick and some were saying that he had run away with Kendall. Most were worried that he wouldn't be back for the start of the tour. I had one more day in Egypt before I was to fly home and I had already got my scuba diving qualification and so my sister and I were going to go the the waterpark for the day. I was having fun but I was worried about Harry. He had got himself in a dark place believing that he was breaking me and that broke him. I was worried that he wouldn't be able to do the tour because he wouldn't be ready but most importantly I was missing him like crazy and I needed him. When Jo went to go to the room to get some clothes and then went to get the rest of the family so we could order lunch I decided to call harry.

H: hey

C: hey babe. I'm so glad to hear your voice I'm missing you like crazy. I just want to kiss you and lie in your arms right now. (I said close to tears)

H: I miss you too. Just 12hours until I have my baby here with me so I can kiss you and hold you. I love you

C: I love you too babe. I'm gonna come over straight away instead of going home because I am literally going crazy without you.

H: good because otherwise I was just going to arrive at the airport and demand for the plane to fly faster (he said chuckling)

C: I'm happy to hear you laughing because that makes me smile (I say blushing)

H: well your the only one who can make me truly happy

C: ( I go even redder and giggle) I love you babe but I should probably go as my sisters coming

H: bye babe love you too. See you in 12 hours

C: see you in 12 hours

I said hanging up and smiling as my sister and the rest of the family approached.

We ordered and made light conversation. "So char Harry's got a pretty fit girlfriend. Will we be seeing less of him now?" My brother jack said. My mum looked at me concerned. I laughed off the hurt that this was going to happen with everyone. "Probably not. I've met her before and from my experience he will be over much more regularly!" I said smiling. "He's not going to be with her for the personality stupid! I thought you knew him better than anyone!" Jack said laughing. I didn't know what to reply. Obviously I knew that's what people thought but I never thought that my own family and friends would think that. I mean they had met him before and surely they thought he was nicer than he was made out to be! I didn't speak much for the rest of the meal because of the amount of shock I was in. I hated that everyone thought of Harry as a dark, bad, player and not the sweet (but kinda bad in a hot way), kind, loving guy that I had come to know.

11 hours later

I was on the flight home!! Yay!! Soon I would be home and then I had three days where I was staying with Harry before he goes off on tour. My mum was going to take my other bag of clothes home and bring my stuff to work with her tomorrow so I could borrow Harry's stuff tonight and then pick up my stuff from her work in the morning. I knew from the boys that Harry wasn't in a good shape. They had found out about us and contacted me concerned. They didn't realise before as they didn't know and now that they do they are trying to help but Harry won't accept it.

The plane landed smoothly and I was the first one off and into a taxi pretty much straight away. I arrived at Harry's house and let myself in as I knew where the spare key was. I arrived to find mess everywhere which was so unlike Harry. I walked upstairs to find beer cans on the hallway and then I walked into his room which stunk of vodka to find him passed out in bed. I decided I would leave him to sleep it off and I started tidying from the bottom up. I finished tidying downstairs and the upstairs hallway and the other rooms and the only room left was his room so I made him some breakfast with a paracetamol on the side for his hangover and put it on the side whilst I opened the window and put the rubbish in the trash. I then put his dirty laundry in the wash and now that his house was nice and tidy I decided to wake him up. I climbed into bed next to him and kissed his cheek before leaning against him lying my head on his chest. I heard a grumble and kissed him lightly. He immediately pulled me back for a longer kiss which I giggled at. "I made you breakfast" I said smiling as Harry sat up in bed rubbing his head. His hair was looking pretty sexy with the bed hair look but I knew now wasn't the time. I sat next to him as he ate his breakfast. Once he'd finished he was feeling better but I still insisted that he had a shower and gave me his dirty clothes for me to wash. He did as he was told and I opened the rest of his windows to allow the smell to leave whilst I went downstairs and put the rest of his washing in the washing machine whilst taking the others out and ironing them and folding them neatly to go back into his room. I finished his laundry and took them back upstairs to his room and put them in his cupboard before relaxing on his bed before he came out of the shower to grab his clothes. Once he came out clothed he crawled onto the bed and kissed me "I've missed you baby" he said with a tinge of sadness in his voice. "I've missed you too" I said smiling. I was struggling to concentrate with Harry in a tight fitting American football styled shirt and a grey beaning with his sexy curls poking out. I bite my lip to stop myself but it encouraged Harry and he pulled me towards him by the waist and kissed me hard. I wrapped my hands around his neck loving having him back. Harry started teasing me for access by biting my lip but I kept my guard up. Harry soon pulled away and gave me a sad face which made me give in and made him smile playfully. I could feel him coming back from the dark place he had been in since the whole hendall uproar. I was hurt by it that I wasn't the only one who had felt Harry's lips against theirs and that on TV the loving look he gives me was now being turned to Kendall but I knew it hurt him way more that he had hurt me so I wasn't going to make it worse for him. After a while we both just lay in each other's arms and we put a movie on. I soon fell asleep due to the long flight and the fact that Harry had wrapped his protective arms around me had encouraged me further.

Harry's POV

I was starting to feel better now that Charlie was here but I still felt so guilty for hurting her and I knew it wasn't the last of it. But I didn't want to ruin our relationship by constantly being in a dark place. I really didn't want to go on tour though without her as I only got 2 days off after a month and a half of travelling and I couldn't last that long. I decided whilst Charlie slept for a bit I would call Simon and discuss everything.

S: hello Harry what do you want?

H: Simon I'm not going on tour unless Charlie comes with me

S: who is this Charlie girl? Why was she sleeping at yours like a month ago?

H: she's....err... She's my best friend and she's been helping me out my dark place that you put me in when you launched hendall and the fucking palava with it!

S: alright Harry calm down. I think it should be fine however we won't have a bunk on the bus for her so would you two be alright sharing? However we will only tell a select few that you two are sharing a bed or else it will completely ruin the publicity at the moment

H: yeah that's fine. Okay we will stay on the down low. Fine. Thanks Simon. Bye

Yes!! Charlie can come on tour with me!! I then called her mum and checked that it was alright and she said Charlie could go on tour til the end of her summer holidays but she had to be back for the start of term. That meant we had a month and then we would have to work out another arrangement whilst she was at school. I was beaming as I went upstairs and woke up my beautiful girlfriend

Charlie's POV

I woke to see Harry slowly kissing me on the forehead and then beaming. "What you so happy about sexy?" I said giggling. "Your coming on your with me for a month!" He yelled. I sat bolt up right and launched myself at him. "Yay!!!! I don't have to say good bye to you!!" I screamed. We both collapsed on the bed and laughed.

2 days later

Charlie's POV

It was our last day before leaving on tour. Harry wanted to take me to meet his parents who I had briefly met once and had facetimed once but hadn't really met properly so I was nervous about meeting them. I got changed into my mint green dress with a flowery blazer and mint green high tops and started putting on some make up as Harry slowly got changed behind me. He stood in his boxers deciding what to wear and completely sending my body into butterfly overload so I couldn't concentrate and do my make up.

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