I Will Try to Fix You

Two outcast best friends with shocking secrets meet four extraordinary boys: they find out what love really is with this journey full of drama, surprises, twists, and turns.


1. Chapter One

Lindsay tossed her cigarette onto the cement and stomped on it.

"You should really stop that.." Hazel glared at her best friend, "It's such a nasty habit."

"Cigarettes are a classy way to commit suicide." Lindsay smirked.

"I hate this place." Hazel thrust open the door to Oak Park High School (also known as hell on earth).

"Do you need to go to your locker before first block?" Lindsay inquired, adjusting her shirt.

"No, lets go. im ready to get Mrs. Doone's class over with," Hazel murmured.

Mrs. Doone was the most contemptible teacher at the whole school. She never failed to terrorize Hazel and Lindsay at least twice a day in the short 45 minutes they were forced to be in there.

"Let the games begin." Lindsay entered the classroom.

Hazel plopped down into a desk and motioned for Lindsay to take the one next to her.

"So.. how's your mom been?" Lindsay slid into the desk.

"Yeah, shes uh been good. Better." Hazel stuttered out.

Hazel's mom had had a nervous breakdown a little over a month ago and was admitted into Jericho Project Rehabilitation Center. Ever since the incident, Hazel's dad was constantly drinking. In fact, Hazel couldn't remember the last time she saw him sober.

The bell rang as students began pouring in.

"Thats good, im-" Lindsay started but was cut off by the witch herself.

"Lindsay, class has begun. could you and Miss Shotts continue your undoubtably benighted conversation later?" Mrs. Doone spat.

the whole class tittered.

Lindsay blushed, why did this woman insist on doing this everyday?

"Anyways, now that thats out of the way," the teacher glared over at Lindsay and Hazel, "We have four new students joining us today."

Four boys sauntered in one by one.

"This would be lucas hemmings," Mrs. Doone introduced the first one who was extremely tall with exceedingly long legs, his hair was quiffed to where it was about half of his height. He overlooked the room biting gently at his lip ring, stopping at Lindsay. She held his stare for a moment, his piercing blue eyes staring right into her soul.

"Ashton Irwin," she gestured towards the next boy who had fluffy hair, thick glasses, and dimples as deep as craters.

Next was a muscular boy, "Calum Hood." He had a smile that could blind you and arms that made you want to melt into a little puddle of happiness.

"And-" Mrs. Doone was interrupted by the boy. He walked in like he owned the place. His confidence was rather attractive. He had blonde colored hair and a piercing on his eyebrow.

"Michael Clifford," he popped his leather jacket and winked at the crowd.

He wasnt usually either of the girl's types but neither one could deny the attraction they felt towards him.

"Yes.. Of course. Take a seat boys." Mrs. Doone rolled her eyes.

Lucas claimed an empty desk by lindsay as did Michael. Calum and Ashton surrounded Hazel. Everyone watched as the boys chose their seats, some giggling quietly.

The rest of class drug by excruciatingly leisurely. The room was filled with relief when the bell chimed.

Lindsay and Hazel gathered up their books and exited out into the hallway together.

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