The Horan Twins

Niall and Lucas, identical twins, are from the north of California. They both go to the school 'Apple Grove' down the road from there estate home. Niall is know as the geek of the school while Lucas is not. However Lucas has plans on changing this! He wants to be no longer embarrassed by him. Would you blame him? Read the book to find out more... ©copyright all rights reserved


10. Chapter 9

"Zayn, Lucas sit down and get your books out" the teacher snapped. I had my gaze fixed on Brooke the whole time I sat down that was until my brother walked in.

"Sorry I'm late sir" He apologised.

"That's okay Niall sit next to Brooke, the new girl" the teacher informed him. I looked at Niall cold, why did he have to sit next to her? She will be mine and only mine!

"I hate him" i whispered to Zayn.

"You can't hate your own brother" he chuckled.

Niall's POV:

Sir had told me to sit next to the new girl Brooke, I must admit she's pretty hot.

"Hey" she giggled.

"Hi" I smiled.

"Your cute" she smirked. My cheeks began to redden and my lips started to curve upwards into a smile. I nodded and looked away focusing on the lesson.


Finally, the lesson had finished and it was time for the class to leave for break. All students packed there bags and rushed out of the door and so did I. Suddenly as I was walking down the hallway, somebody pushed me hard against the metal lockers. I looked up to meet the eyes my brother.

"Stay away from Brooke" he hissed, then released me and walked off with Zayn. Argh! I am sick and tired of being told what and what not to do that's it I have had enough!

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