The Horan Twins

Niall and Lucas, identical twins, are from the north of California. They both go to the school 'Apple Grove' down the road from there estate home. Niall is know as the geek of the school while Lucas is not. However Lucas has plans on changing this! He wants to be no longer embarrassed by him. Would you blame him? Read the book to find out more... ©copyright all rights reserved


8. Chapter 8

Lucas's POV:

"What the hell dad!?" I shouted jumping into the car brutally shaking from fear.

"Oh come on I only asked you to do some little job for me" he chuckled.

"HA little!" I tutted shaking my head. "You just made me deal drugs!" I scoffed.

"Look it's how I get money so don't argue!" He hissed. "Right now you have a few other things to deliver for me then we can go back home" he smiled. I shook my head in disbelief.

"No I won't do it" I glared at him. "What I just did was illegal!" I frowned.

"Right so Lucas you tell me your 'popular' and known as the bad boy we'll listen here son you wanna be popular you deal drugs" he snapped handing me the next bag to deliver. Let's just say I shut up and did what I was told...


It was the next day and unfortunately it was school day. Ugh great I have to put up with Niall! Wait I'm gonna ignore him like a said I would, right?

"LUCAS YOU READY!?" dad called from downstairs.

"Yeah" I sighed grabbing my bag and slumping it over my shoulder. Once I was downstairs and out the house I saw my dad waiting by the car.

"Come on" he scoffed tapping his wrist. I rolled my eyes in response and just got in the car. "Ready?" He questioned. I nodded. He turned the ignition and we were on are way to school.

Finally we got there, I said thank you and hopped out the car. That's when I saw my best bud Zayn. "Hey" I smiled walking over to him. "Hey" he smirked. "I heard you moved with your dad then" he chuckled grabbing a cigarette from his pack and lighting it for then to pop it in his mouth puffing out small coulds of smoke.

"Yeah I did" I chuckled.

"Ahh I see, right come on let's get to class apparently there's a new girl called Brooke" he smirked. Just as we were about to leave Niall turned up.

"Hey" he smiled.

"Get lost" I snapped.

"What's wrong with you?" Niall questioned walking away from me shaking his head in disbelief. Zayn gave me the 'wtf happened look' and put out his cigarette. I shrugged and started to walk to class. Eventually, we got there and as I arrived at the door I saw the new girl, Brooke.

Her brunette hair sat perfectly below her shoulders, while her crystal golden mixture eyes focused on me. Her pink lips perked up into smirk. She was wearing a leather jacket with skinny jeans and a white baggy top. She... Was beautiful...

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