The Horan Twins

Niall and Lucas, identical twins, are from the north of California. They both go to the school 'Apple Grove' down the road from there estate home. Niall is know as the geek of the school while Lucas is not. However Lucas has plans on changing this! He wants to be no longer embarrassed by him. Would you blame him? Read the book to find out more... ©copyright all rights reserved


7. Chapter 7

No ones POV:

Niall and Cindy were sat in there living room, the thought of Lucas upset them both.

"You do miss him right?" She asked him sighing.

"Course I do it's not right without him" Niall sulked keeping his head down low.

"At least you will see him in school" she smiled rubbing his back, comforting him.

"Yeah I guess" he huffed holding his head in his hands.

Lucas's POV:

I was sat in my bedroom until I heard my dad call. "LUCAS COME DOWN FOR LUNCH" he shouted at the top of his voice. I sighed and started to make my way down stairs until eventually I reached the kitchen. "I told you to come down at 12 o'clock not 10 past" he rolled his eyes handing me a plate with a sandwich and a packet of walkers, ready salted crisps. "Okay and thanks?" I stammered taking the plate and sitting at the large oak table. He just stood there watching me as I began to eat. I looked at him as if to say 'go away' but he did not. Still he just stood there.

Finally I had finished my lunch. "Thanks" I mumbled placing the plate by the sink.

"Your welcome, right I have got a job for you" he smiled,my eyes began to widen.

"What kind of job?" I frowned.

"Well I thought you could help me deliver a few things to people?" He smirked.

"Uh okay but what kind of 'things'" I questioned.

"Don't ask questions come on let's just get going" he huffed dragging me out the kitchen and out the house towards his range rover. I got in and buckled up once again. He got in as well and started the engine. We were heading towards the back of town, a ruff place. I looked through the window to see old beggars with tin cans firm in the hands pleading for the only thing they wanted, money. Then suddenly the car came to a hault. I looked over to my dad to see he was fiddling with some kind of bag.

"Now you see that alleyway over there?" He whispered. I nodded. "There will be an man there- now all i need you to do is hand this bag to the man" he smiled shaking the bag. "And take the money" he finished.

"Okay?" I stuttered taking the bag out of his hand and I jumped out of the car. As I started to walk down the alleyway I studied the bag. Inside there was a pure white crystal substance. I sniffed the outside of the bag and it smelt horribley foul. That's when my instincts kicked in. This want no ordinary substance, it was some kind of drug! Was it coccaine? Was it heroine? I was lost in a trail of thoughts until I heard a deep voice.

"Have you got it?" They asked.

"Um yes?" I gulped, I had never been so frightend in my life! My own dad had sent me to hand drugs to potentially dangerous people! Is there something wrong with him?

"Okay here's the money" the guy stood In front of me handing me the money and I handed over the bag.

"It was greeting dealing with you" the man chuckled walking off...

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