The Horan Twins

Niall and Lucas, identical twins, are from the north of California. They both go to the school 'Apple Grove' down the road from there estate home. Niall is know as the geek of the school while Lucas is not. However Lucas has plans on changing this! He wants to be no longer embarrassed by him. Would you blame him? Read the book to find out more... ©copyright all rights reserved


5. Chapter 5

Niall's POV:

I woke up to see my brother all dressed and ready to leave. "Little eager to go aren't we?" I rubbed my eyes sitting up. Lucas shrugged his shoulders walking out the room with his suitcases in hand. I got up out of bed with only a white tank and boxers following behind Lucas. We both made are way downstairs.

"I don't want you to go" I sighed getting a breakfast bar out the cupboard.

"We'll I want to" he snapped, grabbing a breakfast bar out for himself.

Suddenly there were loud knocks booming from the door. My eyes went wide as I looked over at Lucas. He smirked and walked towards the door. Before he could walk any further I grabbed his shoulder but he easily shoved it off and kept walking. He opened the door to see a tall man towering over him. And that man was our farther...

"we'll you boys have certainly grown up" he chuckled. "So who's who?" He questioned.

"I'm Lucas and that's my brother Niall" my brother introduced us.

"Oh I see, so which one of you is staying with me?" He frowned exchanging glances between the two of us.

"I am" Lucas smiled pointing over to the 3 suitcases in the kitchen. Just as he had are mother came downstairs in a dressing gown, bed hair and also extremely tired.

"What's going on?" She yawned.

"Ours dads here" Lucas replied.

"Oh right your dads here... WAIT YOUR DADS HERE!?" she practically shouted.

"How are you Cindy?" Our dad asked raising an eyebrow.

"Uh- um I'm good you?" She stuttered straining her dressing gown out.

"I'm good Cindy now is it okay if I take Lucas now we have a lot of catching up to do" he smiled fetching his suitcases.

"Okay but let me say goodbye" mum sighed walking over to Lucas.

Lucas's POV:

Mum embraced me into a hug, her eyes began to water and she started to tear up. "I love you" she whispered kissing my cheek still holding me in her arms. "I love you too" I smiled, hugging her back. She slowly pulled away and stood next to Niall. I gave Niall a nod picking up my suitcases and handing them to dad.


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