The Horan Twins

Niall and Lucas, identical twins, are from the north of California. They both go to the school 'Apple Grove' down the road from there estate home. Niall is know as the geek of the school while Lucas is not. However Lucas has plans on changing this! He wants to be no longer embarrassed by him. Would you blame him? Read the book to find out more... ©copyright all rights reserved


3. Chapter 3

No ones POV:

Eventually it was the end of the day the twins where leaving there lessons to meet each-other.

"Hey" Lucas grunted meeting the eyes of his brother.

"Hello" Niall smiled fixing his glasses.

"Ugh, lets just go" Lucas shook his head in embarrassment. Lucas was really embarassed by his brother! Niall was know as the geek and Lucas struggled to keep up his presentation because of this.

They both began to walk out of school, making there way to there estate home. Once the twins got there Niall politely opened the door for Lucas to walk in first. Without saying thank you Lucas just barged past him and went up to the bedroom.

Nialls POV:

Lucas has always been like this, I guess he just sick and tired of me and my geekyness? Is that even a word? Oh shut up Niall!

"Niall can you come here a seconded" mum called from the living room. "Okay" I replied making my way to her.

"What's wrong?" I questioned.

"Well um baby I know this is so soon but um your farther has contacted me" she bit her lip, holding back tears.

"What did he say?" I asked, puzzled.

"He said he wants you or Lucas to live with him" she sniffed.

"But he can't do that!" I shouted.

"Oh but he can: he's soughted it out with the court and everything and he is entitled to one of you" she sulked on. "He'll pick one of you up tomorrow you will both continue to go to the same school but you won't live with each other" mum explained.

I stood there shocked taking in everything mother had just said. "LUCAS!" I shouted. Suddenly i heared footsteps make there way downstairs and there stood Lucas leaning against the door frame.

"What's wrong?" He questioned. Mum explained everything like she did with me and Lucas just stood there pale white.

Lucas's POV:

I just stood there taking in everything she had just said. I was shocked but happy at the same time! I wouldn't have to put up with my brother anymore! But at the same time would I be able to live without him? A smirk grew wide across my face.

"Why are you smirking this isn't funny?" Niall complained giving a cold stare.

"Oh shut up" I snapped.

"Boys, this isn't the time to argue!" Mum hissed."The question is who will live with your farther?" She sighed.

"I will" I volunteered. Niall looked at me shocked.

"You-you will?" He stuttered. I nodded. Mum looked at me in disbelief.

"Well you best get packing" she sighed. I nodded once again and made my way upstairs.

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