inside » muke

luke wanted to love, he simply didn't know how,

but michael was determind to teach him.


6. 0.5 » the crash

"oh my gosh. already two-thousand views! perfect" luke said while he checked the video he just uploaded.

"ashton. hand me another beer" luke demanded

"y-your out of beer."

"no way."

"y-yes way."

"fine, i'll get some more."

"but you're drunk."

"so? i'll drive perfectly save." and with that, luke left the front door and jumped into his ferrari.

the store was a fifteen minute ride, he brought his fake id and just needed to focus on the rode.

"don't fall asleep lucas." he mumbled to himself.

"don't fall asleep."

"don't fall asle-"

and with that, luke his head rested on the steering wheel and he fell asleep.

"have you heard it?" michael asked calum who was wrestling with the lock on his locker.

"that the video got over ten-thousand views? yes. thanks for reminding me."

"not that. luke had an accident."


"he was driving and he fell asleep, and a truck hit his car, he is in the hospital right now. they say it is really bad." michael said while calum his eyes widened.


"yes. seriously."

the two boys didn't say a word, they weren't sure if they should be happy or sad. it was weird.

when calum and michael entered the cafetaria their eyes widened.

in the middle of the cafetaria there was a huge throne. and ashton sat on it, wearing a enormous crown. it looked rediculious.

the 'perfect teens group' members sat down around him, feeding him, flapping big leaves. as if he was the king of the school, which he was obviously not.

calum glared at ashton and ashton gave him a look of fake pity.

"i want to strengle him to death." calum mumbled. michael nodded and said "go for it."

"nah, he isn't worth my attention." calum said looking down.

calum cried himself to sleep the other night, he thought ashon liked him, but no. of course not, a beauty like him never likes an ugly 'troll' as himself.

michael and calum sat down at their usual table when ashton spoke into a megaphone.

"until luke hemmings is in the hospital, i'll be the ruler of the school. listen to my every demand and you'll be treated well," ashton said.

the whole crowd cheered.

"except when you're ugly. then you're still a piece of shit." he conitued with a satisfying smile on his face.

the whole crowed boo-ed.

and ashton bursted into laughter, loving his new life.

"w-where am i?" luke asked, opening his eyes, which hurt.

"you're at the hospital sweetie. you had a car accident two days ago. you are very lucky you're still alive, dear."

"am i going to be okay?"

"i am sorry honey, no, you're not going to be okay. you're leg is broken, that'll be okay. but your face won't."

"m-my face. MY FACE!?" luke yelled jumping of the bed. he instantly fell, since his leg is broken.

"calm down." the nurse said while laying luke back on his bed.

"i'll hand you a mirror, if you want to see it that badly."

"go find one, quick!" luke demanded.

after a minute or two the nurse came back with a small mirror, she handed it to luke, giving him a pity look.

luke looked in the mirror and was about to cry.

his face was covered with thick scars and wounds, some still bleeding. it looked like his face was a puzzle, that was made by a three year old, all the puzzle pieces were at the wrong places. his bright blue eyes turned into an ugly grey color, he did not know how that was possible. the hair in his head was gone.

to make a long story short: luke wasn't perfect anymore.

"t-this isn't m-me" luke cried.

"i am afraid it is, mr hemmings."

"the scars will fade a little, it will be less worse in a few weeks. does that cheer you up?"

"no, not at all. will i ever look like i did before?"

"no, i am afraid not."

luke screamed, and he kept on screaming, for almost an hour

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