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luke wanted to love, he simply didn't know how,

but michael was determind to teach him.


5. 0.4 » part(d)ying

"i-i don't need you all! i-i am perfect" luke yelled, but the three other boys couldn't have heard him, they already left the building.

luke sighed and grabbed his bag, he needed to make the house party-able.

luke entered his house and to his liking, no one was at home. he was not sure if his older brothers came home later the night, he did not care, though. his father had a meeting in his office, in california.

his father was never at home, only to screw the gorgeous young maids he has over once in a while, it disgusts luke.

luke hated his father, luke actually hated everyone.

but as much as he hated everyone, he did want his schoolmates to have a blast at his party, but they will. they always have a blast on a party of the one and only luke robert hemmings.

"cal please, i really don't want to go." michael complained

"i know but, but some of my friends are there and i-"

"friends huh? you're avoiding the name 'ashton'"


"okay, fine. only because you like him so much."

"yay! you're the best mikey-poo!" calum cheered while he hugged the lilac haired boy.

"easy, easy. and if you ever call me that again, i won't hesitate to cut your nose off."

"you won't do that" calum said rolling his eyes.

"i do what i want. i'm punk rock."

"no you're not."

michael playfully punched calum his arm and rolled his eyes.

michael wore his 'the misfits' sweater, black skinny jeans and black doctor martens, how colorful.

calum wore a long black shirt with a lot of holes in it, dark blue skinny jeans, a black/red flannel who he tied around his waist and black vans.

the boys jumped in calum his car and drove to the huge villa of the hemmings family.

"this must be it."

"yeah, this is deffenitly it" michael said pointing at a huge statue of 'the one and only' luke hemmings.

calum nodded and rolled his eyes mumbling something that sounded like "prick".

the two boys walked into the majestic villa when they were greeted by four girls, wearing the same outfit: skin.

"who invited naked women?" calum whispered as he scanned all the four ladies.

"i have no idea. let's move on. this gives me the creeps" michael said shaking his head and walking to the living room.

luke was sitting on a huge sofa with five druwling girls on each side. he looked safisfied, he always looked satisfied.

when luke saw the two boys, he left the girls and walked to the two.

"hello trolls, where are my presents?"

"right in front of you, duh." michael said before bumping into luke his shoulder, making his way to the kitchen.

calum angrily nodded and followed his friend.

"douch, idiot, prick, egghead." michael mumbled, "man i hate that kid."

"tell me about it." calum said rolling his brown eyes.

calum felt someone tapping his shoulder and he turned round, looking in the gorgeous hazel eyes of the curly headed beauty.

"h-hi a-asht-ton" calum stuttered, dazzled by how beautiful ashton was.

michael face palmed himself and rolled his eyes, calum must really like this guy.

"would you like a beer?" ashton asked the two boys.

"no, no we don't drink."

"ah c'mon, it'll relax you, make you smoother and..... more kissable" ashton wishpered in calum his ear which gave the new zealander shiveres all over his body.

"okay then! okay! let's get waaaaaaaaaaasted!" calum shouted and the whole crowd cheered.

"cheers to the freaking weekend!" the crowd cheered while someone searched for the rihanna song.

"do you want a beer?" ashton asked michael.

"i'm good. thanks." michael said, grabbing a can of soda.

michael took a sip while he saw ashton dragging calum to the dance floor. calum was the worst dancer ever, but the beer seemed to help.

"what are you looking at?" luke scoffed, who was suddenly behind michael.

"two people having a blast, how about you?"

"an ugly purple haired troll."

"you must really like the view then."

"no i really don't."

"then get lost."


"you know what. this may sound really dumb or cliché, i don't care. but maybe you should eat make-up. it might make you pretty from the inside." michael scoffed before moving himself away from luke.

"are you having fun?" ashton yelled at the dark haired boy who had 3 beers, yet.

"yeaaaaaaaaah. this is much fuuun! you're awesomeeee."

"i am glad you're having fun."

"am i kissable yet?"

"after five more beers, maybe."

"okay baby, give me five more beers then!"


"why aren't you having fun, babe?" a unfamiliar voice asked michael.

michael turned round, his head got stuck between the boobs of one of those creepy ladies from the beginning of the night.

he pulled himself out and nearly puked.

"eh, can you eh, move, i don't want to see al.... this" michael said pointing to her bare body.

she rolled her eyes and wanted to move when luke suddenly attacked her with a make out sesh.

he squeezed her boobs and touched her bare taco, what made her moan in pleasure.

"okay, i am outta here." michael said shaking his head.

calum was had five beers by now and was extremely drunk.

"wanna do something fun?"


"i..." ashton moaned.


"follow me, baby."

ashton tied calum to a stool in a room nobody was.

"imma take all your clothes off right now, okay?"

"whatever you say aaaaaash." the drunk calum said.

ashton smirked and took off calum his shirt.

ashton was surprise of how fit calum was.

ashton took off calum his trousers and boxers and goosebumbs appeared on the nude dark haired boy.

"y-your beautiful." ashton stuttered, regretting what he just said, he shouldn't disobey luke.

"really? you think so?"

"no, of course not" ashton lied, what made calum's smile disappear.

what ashton did, was something calum wished for.

ashton started pumping calum his member untill calum came, all over the place.

ashton smirked and calum gasped for air.

"why'd you do tha-"


ashton dailed michael his phonenumber and he picked up.


"yes. something terrible happened to calum. he is in on the second floor, first door on your left. save him!"

ashton hang up and smirked even more.

ashton his phone rang and he picked up.

"hi luke."

"did it work?"

"yes, michael is on his way, send everyone upstairs."

"got it."

and with that, ashton hung up and left the room.

the door swung open and michael looked at his nude, covered with sperm,

best friend, he closed the door and his hands covered his mouth

"what the."

michael kneeled down next to calum and was about to untie him when the door swung open again.

"woaaaah look at that! gaaaaaaaaaay. SM. SM. at luke his party! video tape this guys!" ashton cheered, dying of laughter

"what the hell? ashton you are the worst. i really can't belie-" michael didn't even finish his sentence, he was to busy dying of emberassement, and anger.

he untied his best friend and put his clothes back on.

michael and calum ran downstairs, ignoring all the laughter and the gaaaaay's they shouted at them.

it was probably all over twitter, instagram and c.a.l.m knows what.

but the two boys knew one thing,

never. trust. a. beauty.

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