inside » muke

luke wanted to love, he simply didn't know how,

but michael was determind to teach him.


3. 0.2 » food fight

"i am home." luke yelled when he entered his home.

"no one could care less!" his oldest brother, jack, yelled back.

luke sighed and threw his bag on the wooden floor. he walked towards the kitchen and grabbed a can of soda.

"what on earth happened to your hair..... and clothes?" luke his father, edward, shouted, pointing at him.

"this troll spilled his drink all over me." luke explained rolling his eyes by thinking back. stupid mitchell. or was it munro? or michael? whatever, he was just a stupid troll.

edward growled and mumbled something that sounded like "those awful teens these days" before walking out of the room.

luke took the stairs to his bathroom and looked into the mirror. his quiff was no longer a quiff and his clothes were sticky. he looked rather messy.

he quickly jumped in his shower and washed the coke from his body. he gently washed his blonde hair and let the hot water embrace his body.

once he got out he pulled on some soft, comfortable clothes and started doing his homework, which was rather hard since he was a straight C - student.

he looked at the picture of his mother and himself at disney world on his thirtheenth. that was the last wish she had, taking her family to disney world.

his father was always very busy and his mother was dying of cancer, so they both couldn't go, and luke really wanted to.

but his father took a week off, and the five of them went to disney world.

and a few weeks later, she passed away.

luke missed her terribly, but she was in a better place now, he knew that.

"hi ash. did you finish our homework for today?" luke asked ashton. luke knew ashton would do anything for

him, so of course, he'd ask him if he could copy his work.

"i did"

"can i copy it?"

"no. it took me foreve-"

"okay. then you can't be my friend anymore and you won't be in the group anymo-"

"okay fine, here it is." ashton said handing luke his work.

"good boy" luke said tapping the shorter boy's head with the palm of his hand and started copying it.

"you see? i can manipulate people easily. i only need one thing to make it all work, beauty." luke said to himself.

ashton and luke walked to the cafetaria, to their own seat. their seats were at the nicest lunch table with the best view on the other teens. they'd disguss who to make fun off with the other members of the group.

luke and ashton greeted the other members and sat down.

luke looked at the lilac haired boy, he noticed he had an eyebrow piercing, it looked ho- eh, painful, and awful. not something a perfect person as himself would do.

luke saw how he playfully threw some french fries to caleb. caleb was the worst in dodging, but the last frie hit the guy behind him.

"you son of a bitch! it's stuck in my hair! you are gun' pay for this!" the guy with the french frie in his hair yelled at michael.

"i-i am sorry!" michael apologized.

"that's to late you fucking cunt!"

"hey! don't swear!" ashton suddenly yelled at the boy.

"yeah? you got something, pretty boy?" the boy yelled to ashton.

"no. but you obviously have got your hair" luke yelled.

before luke knew it, mark through his pizza at luke.

and a few seconds later, the other perfect teens started throughing there food to the other side of the cafateria.

and that meant: a food fight has started.

luke his groupmembers were hit by all sorts of food, causing them to cry or yell because of their clothes, make-up and hair. which made it even funnier for the other teens.

spegatti, pizza and chilli were thrown everywhere. luke his clothes were all sticky but his hair was okay, he dodged every food item coming its way to his hair.

but not this one.

michael special attacked him from behind. he threw a whole plate of (cold) tomato soup over luke's head and michael cheered and made a little victory dance before running away.

michael, calum, the boy with the french frie in his hair (who's name is mark), ashton and luke were called to the office for starting the food fight.

they got two weeks of detention, they had to clean up the whole cafetaria and if that's not enough, they had to join the school band, that nobody wanted to join.

"you." luke hissed at michael.

"me?" michael innocently asked.

"you're coming to my party, this friday."

"what? no. i don't want to."

"you're coming."

and with that luke and ashon took off and headed to his class, and so did michael and calum.

"he's looking at you." michael whispered in calum his ear.



"who dat who dat?" calum sang/lied, he knew exactly who he was.

"don't lie to me, and you're not iggy, so stop doing that."

"stop staring at caleb" luke said snapping his fingers in front of ashton his face.

"i-i wasn't staring, and his name is calum."

"whatever. you like him right?"


"then why'd you ask me to invite him?"

"i just, i just want to get to know him" ashton said, playing with the end of his sleeve, "is he coming?"

"i am not sure. i invited mitchell as well."

"michael." ashton corrected luke.



"you'll see. it'll be a lot of fun." luke promised with a huge grin on his face.

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