inside » muke

luke wanted to love, he simply didn't know how,

but michael was determind to teach him.


2. 0.1 » soaked

"i love the new hair, mikey!" calum smiled pointing at michael his lilac hair.

"thanks, my mum wanted me to dye it. she said i looked like a giant broccoli."

calum giggled, something he always did when michael said 'broccoli', michael apparently says it in a way what makes him giggle all the time.

michael jumped in calum's car, since he does not have his own, and the two boys drove to school.

michael opened his locker and noticed an envelope.

there was 'luke his awesome, amazing, perfect birthday party' written on it.

he opened it and it said: 'ha, too bad you're not invited, loser' in the worst handwriting ever.

"same old same old.' he mumbled, throwing the 'invitation' in the trash can and he let out an exasperating sigh.

he walked to calum his locker which happened to be on the other side of the school and he saw him looking at the invitation.

michael softly walked towards him from behind to scare him, but when michael looked over the dark haired boy his shoulder michael noticed he got another invitation than he did.

calum got invited.

'caleb, i want you to come to my awesome, amazing and perfect party this friday. it is in my villa and starts at eight. see you there.' the invitation said.

"caleb huh? right. well, even if i was caleb, i wouldn't bother going to some stupid party. i'll ask if it was a mistake" calum mumbled, throwing the invitation away. michael shrugged and wrapped his arm around calum his neck, making their way to their math class.

since luke and calum their last name starts with a 'h' they sit next to each other in all of our classes. luke always sits at the egde of the table to not get infected by calum's 'ugly germs'. luke is a douch, he is just, michael doesn't even have words for it.

michael on the other hand, sits next to a beautiful girl, who is also in the 'perfect teens group', of course she is, she is stunning. she is half italian and her name is maya caffarelli. she has never ever said a word to him, like any other of the perfect teens.

"eh luke?" calum asked the blonde who sat next to him.


"why'd you invite me to your party?"

"someone wanted me to."


"does it matter? just show up. it'll make someone very happy."


"stop talking, loser."

calum thought luke just did something nice for someone, which he usually never does. but it'll propably just turn out to be fake, like it always is. luke hemmings never does, and has never done, a single nice thing, for anyone.

michael pushed his earbuds deeper in his ears as he heard 'happy little pill' playing. he softly sang along with the lyrics as he saw maya looking at him with her eyes widened. "is there something wrong?" he asked giving her a strange look. he noticed her hesitating to say something when he just said she didn't have to talk to him. she bit her lip and went back to her work.

"i-i didn't know you like troye sivan." michael heard an unfamiliar voice say. he looked up from his book and saw maya awkwardly smiling at him.

"yeah, he is very good. do you like him?"

"yes i do. he is very good indeed. and i like what you did with your hair" she said before going back to work. a smile appeared on michael his face, running a hand through his lilac hair.

"so, what did luke say?" michael asked calum when they sat down at their usual lunch table.

"he said someone asked him to do it."

"really? maybe somebody has got a crush on my little kiwi." michael said squeezing calum his cheeks. he fakily smiled and smacked michael his hand, which caused him to pull back.

"someone is being a sassy kiwi." michael chuckled.

"i'll go buy some coke from the fending machine, want some?" michael asked calum. calum shook his head and michael got up from his seat, making his way to the fending machine.

michael bought a bottle of coke, opened it and was about to take a sip when he bumped into someone and the content of the bottle got all over the person he bumped into.

michael looked up and looked in bright blue eyes. which could only mean one person, luke hemmings.

"you ugly beast. look what you did! you're going to pay for this!" the soaked luke yelled grabbing the top of michael's shirt, picking him up from the floor.

"i hope you like toilet water. and if you don't, be ready to be dissapointed."

"like you're dad is when he sees you're hair is not perfect anymore?"

before michael could defend himself luke kneeled his burito and michael squirmed heavily, causing him to fall on the ground. the whole crowd laughed, especially luke his stupid group.

luke threw him over his shoulder and dragged him to the boys bathroom.

luke put michael down and michael sat down on his knees. luke visted michael his hair and pushed his head into the toilet. michael heard people taking pictures and videotape it, and especially, laughter.

luke flushed and michael tried pulling up to breathe, but luke wouldn't let him.

"he needs to breathe hemmings." a boy's voice said.

"i wouldn't care less if he died. ugly people deserve to die." luke hissed.

michael felt his lungs burning and begging for oxygen. he was finally being pulled out of the toilet and gasped for air. it was calum who got him out.

he hugged the new zealander and thanked him a thousand times. michael took his shirt of and tried drying his hair with it, it eventually worked. he asked calum to grab his P.E shirt from his locker and calum nodded. michael handed him his lockerkey and calum left the boys bathroom.

calum ran to michael his locker and opened it, searching for a P.E shirt, which was nowhere to be found.

"here, he can borrow one of my shirts." a familiar voice said, ashton. ashton handed calum a shirt which was also michael his size.

"but y-you're a-"

"don't sweat it. just take it, but don't tell anyone." ashton said.

calum nodded and walked back to michael.

"here, i couldn't find one of yours, so i got one of.... mine" calum lied.

michael thanked him and pulled on the shirt. it looked good on him.

luke and michael knew this:

luke wanted to kill michael,

and michael wanted to kill luke.

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