The New House

Kevin Hartman is a newcomer in his town. He gets bullied everyday at school but soon he discovers something that could be the sunshine to his dark days...


1. Prolouge

I'm Kevin Hartman and ever since I moved to the hell hole they call Oakly Street, I've been hated by all the people down my road. My mum got transferred to get a promotion so, that's why I'm here. I'm an average teenage boy who loves football. I was captain of my last football team in Brighton. The reason people hate me is because I support Liverpool, my team is like a religion. I wasn't going betray it. I couldn't pretend I supported Man City or that other team. I was a real supporter of that team and I wasn't going to let a bunch of kids push me around because of bit.

It seems that my parents hate me ever since they had my little sister, Pearl. She's cute, I'll give her that. But my parents shouldn't ignore me. So every night, after getting bullied. I search my room for something interesting in this boring town.

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