The Weight ~Matt Espinosa FanFiction

Matt and Kellie have been best friends and neighbors since birth. Along the way they accidentally fall for each other. Matt becomes famous and after he leaves for tour, Kellie's dating the bully that bullied Matt for years. Matt comes back to trouble and Kellie as a complete mess. Will Matt leave Kellie behind for fame or will he fight to have her back in his arms?


8. Chapter 7

Matt POV:

Kellie wasn't answer her phone, which was unusual of her. I walked over to her house and no cars were in the driveway. I continued to walk up the porch, when I spotted blood on some of the grass and porch. I rang her doorbell and waited a couple minutes. Nobody was answering and I was really confused. A car pulled into the driveway. Kellie's parents got out of the car and her mom was crying. I ran up to them. "Matt, I'm so sorry." Her mom cried. "Where's Kellie? Did something happen to her?" I was really confused. Her dad stood next to me and put his hand on my shoulder, "She's in the hospital. That Dylan kid really injured her and she has a memory lost. We came back to pick you up and let you visit her."

When we arrived at the hospital, I jumped out of the car and ran into the building. Of course there was a couple people waiting to be checked out. I couldn't stop crying and I didn't want to wait to see Kellie. A nurse walked up to the check in part of the desk. "Can I help you?" She asked. "Could I know what room Kellie Foy is in please?" I responded. She logged into the computer and pulled up Kellie's file. "She's the third door on the left." The nurse replied. "Thanks so much." I said, walking away. I wasn't surprised that Dylan would do something like this to Kellie. Hearing that she had a memory loss really broke my heart. I was making her more miserable by just being here. I walked into her room and saw her sleeping there. I started shaking and slowly sat on the edge of the bed, taking her hand. "I'm so sorry I did this to you. I wasn't thinking very well when we were together that night. I love you so much. Just tell me you remember me." I cried.

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