The Weight ~Matt Espinosa FanFiction

Matt and Kellie have been best friends and neighbors since birth. Along the way they accidentally fall for each other. Matt becomes famous and after he leaves for tour, Kellie's dating the bully that bullied Matt for years. Matt comes back to trouble and Kellie as a complete mess. Will Matt leave Kellie behind for fame or will he fight to have her back in his arms?


7. Chapter 6

Kellie POV:

It's been two days since I gave my virginity to Matt and I was more confused than ever on what we were. We were back to the times where we talked all day, every day, and now we just added our sex lives to it. I didn't even know if I was still dating Dylan. Was I supposed to worry what was gonna happen to Matt when Dylan finds out? Or was I supposed to come up with an excuse so Dylan didn't hurt him? I was sitting in the kitchen, thinking about all these questions, when the doorbell rang. I jumped up and opened the door. Dylan was standing there with a pissed off look on his face. Walking outside the door, I started to feel anxious. "You're with Espinosa now, huh?" He asked. I looked down at the ground with my arms crossed and nodded. "You slutty bitch. Look at me." Dylan replied. I looked up at him and the world around me went black.

I woke up in a hospital bed with the worst headache. My face stung and my arms were all bloody. Why couldn't I remember anything? A doctor walked into my room. "How are you?" The doctor asked. I shrugged. "Do you remember what happened?" He asked. I shook my head. "Do you remember anything? Like who you are?" I shook my head again. It hurt too much to think and I was too tired. "That's ok. You've had a memory loss. We don't know if it's major or minor yet and we'll find out soon. So just rest for a while." The doctor replied and left.

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