The Weight ~Matt Espinosa FanFiction

Matt and Kellie have been best friends and neighbors since birth. Along the way they accidentally fall for each other. Matt becomes famous and after he leaves for tour, Kellie's dating the bully that bullied Matt for years. Matt comes back to trouble and Kellie as a complete mess. Will Matt leave Kellie behind for fame or will he fight to have her back in his arms?


6. Chapter 5

Kellie POV:

Matt's hands went up my shirt and unclipped my bra strap. It was really hot and Matt was just so tempting. His tongue found its way from my collar bone to my mouth. I couldn't help but let the moaning slip out. I hadn't felt this good and free in a long time. Both of our shirts came off and Matt's kissing went lower and lower, making my moans slip out more often. "Matt, oh my gosh." I moaned. Matt found his way to my panties and slipped the off. "Damn, you're more wet than I thought you'd be." Matt chuckled. I frowned, "I'm sorry, I couldn't contain myself. You're so tempting and hot."

Matt slipped his American Eagle underwear off and looked at me with that devilish look in his eyes. He was always up to no good. Slowly, Matt slipped his large erection inside my vagina, making me let out a loud scream. He laughed. I frowned, "Stop teasing me! Just give it to me already! And go as hard as you can!" He bit his lip and started to grind on me really hard. I could tell he wanted me to want him. My hormones were going really crazy. I wanted him. And I wanted him now.

Matt POV:

"Harder! Matt, I know you could go harder! I need you inside of me." Kellie moaned. I went the hardest I could go. Kellie let out the biggest scream. "Oh, we're not done yet." I smirked. "I'm ready." Kellie responded. I took my penis out of her vagina and slipped my index finger in there. Kellie gasped in pleasure. I added two more fingers and played around for a little bit. Kellie couldn't stop moaning. I could tell she was enjoying it.

After our anal session, Kellie was about to pass out. "Are you tired?" I asked her. She shook her head, "I haven't given you a blowjob yet, so I can't be tired." I got my self prepared and Kellie slowly put my dick in her mouth. I started to moan instantly, "Oh, Kellie. Don't stop. That feels so nice." Soon enough, my hormones couldn't contain themselves and I couldn't stop enjoying our sex.

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