The Weight ~Matt Espinosa FanFiction

Matt and Kellie have been best friends and neighbors since birth. Along the way they accidentally fall for each other. Matt becomes famous and after he leaves for tour, Kellie's dating the bully that bullied Matt for years. Matt comes back to trouble and Kellie as a complete mess. Will Matt leave Kellie behind for fame or will he fight to have her back in his arms?


11. Chapter 10

Nash POV:

We were all going over to Matt's house for a party and we were finally meeting Kellie. She sounded like an amazing girl and was the only thing Matt talked about. Apparently, she had a bad boyfriend and he was probably going to find out about tonight. So just in case, we had came up with a couple plans. It was about 2:45 and Hayes and I left to go over to Matt's house. The whole ride there, Hayes wouldn't shut up. "What if none of the plans work? What are we going to do?" Hayes asked. "Hayes. Shut up! One of the plans are going to work. We don't even know if he's going to come." I chuckled. I pulled into Matt's driveway and parked the car. Aaron and Gilinsky came outside to greet us. "Hey, dudes. Long time, see." Gilinsky joked. We walked into Matt's house, was greeted by the rest of the group.

I walked into Matt's kitchen to say hi to Mahogany, when I saw her talking to this girl. Hayes was right behind me. "Nash, Hayes! You came!" Mahogany smiled and walked over to hug us. Mahogany looked over at the girl, smiled and looked back at us, "Hayes, Nash, this is the famous Kellie. Kellie, this is Nash and Hayes." She giggled, "Hi." "Matt was right, you are really gorgeous." I replied, shaking her hand. "He talks about you nonstop." Hayes added. She blushed and looked down at the ground. We stood there, talking for a while. Matt walked over to us and put his arm around Kellie's waist. "Is she talking?" He asked, kissing her cheek. She put her arms around his stomach and hid her face in his chest, giggling. "You were right. She's so gorgeous. And yes, Kellie's talking." Mahogany replied. "Just wanted to make sure, she's usually really shy and quiet." Matt says. Kellie was still blushing and couldn't stop smiling, "I'm not always shy and quiet."

Hayes POV:

"I'm not always shy and quiet." Kellie replies. She was absolutely beautiful and was exactly like Matt said she was. "Most of the time." Matt chuckles, kissing the top of Kellie's head. "You really love her, don't you?" Nash asks. Matt nods and says, "How couldn't I? Kellie's exactly what I need and want." Kellie looks up at Matt, giggles, and pecks him on the lips.

A little while later, the doorbell rings. I run to answer. I go to open the door and see some guy standing there. It really looked like that Dylan kid. Then I realized that it was him. Hopefully, one of our plans worked. There was silence between us for about a minute. "You must be Dylan. Kellie's here, but I was told to not let you in." I say. "Well I am. So let me in." He replies. I shake my head no. Carter walks up to the door.

Dylan POV:

Of course that bitch was with that little prick. I couldn't stand seeing him with her. And since I put her in the hospital, he's been with her. He was too wimpy to admit his feelings to her and that's why he left. And now he decides to come back and expect Kellie to be fine. She's useless. Absolutely useless. I was tired of her being around him and putting her in the hospital, I thought that would teach him a lesson of staying away from her. I drove over to his house and rang the doorbell. Some random guy answers the door. "You must be Dylan. Kellie's here, but I was told to not let you see her." He responds. "Well, I am. So let me in." I answer. He shakes his head. "Hayes, who's at the do-" Another guy walks up and his jaw drops. "Matt, we got some trouble." The guy shouts. "Ok, Carter." Matt says, walking up to the door? pushing Carter out of the way. He pulls up his sleeves and bites his lip. "What do you want?" Matt asks. "Kellie. I know you two are together." I reply, crossing my arms.

Hayes POV:

This Dylan guy had a weird obsession with Kellie. "You're not getting her. She doesn't even remember you. So she's kinda mine now." Matt smirks. Matt, Taylor, Carter, Aaron both Jacks and I were standing outside facing Dylan. The others were inside with Kellie. "It's 7 against 1, dude. What are you gonna do?" I ask. Jack Gilinsky puts a hand on my chest and mumbles, "Don't push it." It wasn't fair that I was the youngest and I had to be treated like one. I could be a grown man and they don't want to accept it. A minute later, Kellie walks out of the house and pauses. She gasped and started to walk backwards toward the house. Dylan smirks. Kellie screams. I turn around and see Kellie in one of Dylan's friend's grip. He had a knife up against Kellie's neck. Nash, Cameron, Mahogany walk out of the house. Matt just stood there, biting his lip. A second later, he snapped his finger and we all knew what that meant.

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