It Started With A Livestream!

I don't exactly what to rate this so I rated it yellow. I may or may not change it in the future. I hope this doesn't change your opinion on the book! I also haven't got a cover yet. I am going to be making one very soon!


1. The Introduction

The introduction:

So I am in my late teens and I am on live stream for a 1:30 am Q&A with One Direction. I was the only one on. Niall and I started to Face time because it was easier for both of us. He liked me. I was one of the many fans that don’t scream in his face at the sight of him and the other guys. Niall called Harry and the other boys over to meet me. I was about to faint but I got my air back and just smiled and said, “Hi!” You would expect me to jump up and down and be like, OMG ITS 1D! Harry, shirtless, asked what my name was. “Maddy” I said calmly. Then Liam asked me the most stupid but cutest thing every, “Do you know our names?” “Yea there’s Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam.” (In order)

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