It Started With A Livestream!

I don't exactly what to rate this so I rated it yellow. I may or may not change it in the future. I hope this doesn't change your opinion on the book! I also haven't got a cover yet. I am going to be making one very soon!


17. The Farewell

The farewell:


I invited a bunch of people about 70 people. About 80 people showed up. Some people brought a guest. The party was going great. Harry bought a DJ even though I said not to. That was nice of him. Everyone didn’t have a clue why they were wishing me good luck on my trip and stuff like that until unexpectedly the guys show up! It rained there show out in Chicago. I was just going to meet them there but I guess not. They pulled up in their tour bus and everyone started to scream. I had no clue what was going on until I heard Paul say, "Make a path!" I turned around and saw Harry. I ran over to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss. Everyone looked at him like umm you have a fan craving over you. I had to announce to everyone that the reason I finished school early was so I could go on the rest of the tour with the boys. Also that Harry styles is my boyfriend and Zayn is Kenzie’s boyfriend. We each have had this relationship for about a year now. Everyone was shocked but happy for Kenzie and me. How could this day get anymore better?

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