It Started With A Livestream!

I don't exactly what to rate this so I rated it yellow. I may or may not change it in the future. I hope this doesn't change your opinion on the book! I also haven't got a cover yet. I am going to be making one very soon!


8. Ignoring the Family

Ignoring the family:


I spent most of my time in bed sleeping. I had no interaction with the family or the boys. All I did was eat, sleep and ignore people. I kind of felt bad because I was shutting everyone out that loved me. I would wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares of what happened and about if it was worse. For example if Harry didn't find me and I was there over night. I could have died! I was thankful for that. The only reason that I was shutting everyone out was because my body ached, still! Eventually I just put a sign that said do not disturb. That’s when the boys got mad! I remember Zayn ripping down the sign and said, "We are trying to help but you’re not letting us. What is up with that? Why won’t you let us help?" He started tearing up and then left the room. I saw him walk down the street to CVS. I think he just had to get away for a moment and think it all over. After that I had to tell them what was on my mind.

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