It Started With A Livestream!

I don't exactly what to rate this so I rated it yellow. I may or may not change it in the future. I hope this doesn't change your opinion on the book! I also haven't got a cover yet. I am going to be making one very soon!


10. 2 months later

2 months later:


There are now so many relationships blossoming. Zayn got the guts to ask Kenzie out. Harry and I have now been dating for about a month now. Everything is going well. I have forgotten about what happened in the past. It’s over and done with let’s just move on. Zayn asked Kenzie and me out on a double date to Ocean Breeze. We accepted the invite. When I went to go tell Harry about tonight I heard him talking to Lou in the other room. I heard harry say, "I know Niall liked her first but things have been kind of awkward between us the past couple of months and I just don’t know what to do." I had to get him distracted enough that we would have a good time.

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