We meet again

Doctor who fanfiction


2. Vanishing act

The first was an old man whose long, grey hair was combed back against his head, the expression his wrinkled, mouse like face was drawn into giving no clue to what he felt. Although the wrinkles on his face gave the opposite impression, he was in fact the youngest of the group, blissfully unaware of the terrible deed he was to commit, that the other guests had committed. 


Standing next to him was a small man with a mop of black hair perched upon his rounded head, dressed in a suit with a crooked bow tie and tartan trousers, he was the spitting image of many of the cosmic hobos I have met.

before i had the chance to study all 12 they all sprinted off into the dense forest, where their boxes were parked; I turned around and the raft was gone, it had simply vanished off the face of the planet.  

I walked forward to the girl 


"Miss Oswald" her voice told me that she had known I was there and had been expecting me to emerge  

"It would appear that we have a situation on our hands" 

"Shall we?"  I placed my hand in hers and with that we vanished. 

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