We meet again

Doctor who fanfiction


5. The Phone call

After what seemed like hours of lively debate a plan was reached and all the doctors returned to their TARDIS's and the burning body was finally extinguished and thrown into deep space. We went over the plan one more time and, crazy though it sounded , we all believed there was a chance it could work. 

I was left with the duty of telephoning the head of the Aristotle rebel base, a lovely man named Colonel Morgan Blue and explaining the plan to him 


"Hi this is Miss Oswald calling from the tardis" 


"The doctors friend... we saved your whole ship... never mind, we need to borrow your nanoscaler" 

"How do you..." 

"can you dump it in the asteroid belt?" 

"Look, I have no idea who you are but I am a man who follows his gut and for some reason I trust you, I will leave it and if I don’t get it back I shall track you down and make sure you are held responsible for your actions" 


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