We meet again

Doctor who fanfiction


4. No plan?

The Tardis shuddered as it attempted to deal with 14 versions of the doctor in it's belly, even if one was  dead 

"Gentlemen, you all know why I have bought you here today so I will not bore you with the details" 

"We don't" Me and Esme said in unison; a groan erupted from all assembled company 

"you should really pay more attention, Alien races from all corners of the universe are floating above galifrey waiting to melt it and sell we need to save my home" 

"You could have written a note, you didn't have to interrupt your own funeral by stealing your body" 

"I could have but I was bored" 

"How are exactly are you planning to do this?" a quiff dressed in tweed with a fez and bow tie had asked the question we were all contemplating . 

"Good question, any ideas?"  

"are you telling us that you don't have a plan?" this was a man wearing an incredibly long, multicolored knitted scarf. 

"well I can't be expected to come up with all the ideas" 

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