We meet again

Doctor who fanfiction


3. Introductions

I came round with the smell of smoke in my nostrils and the unpleasant feeling of hot metal pressing into my back 

"you could at least put it out" I say, jumping to my feet  

"How? "

"You could use the fire extinguisher i gave you"

"I threw it out "


"It was judging me"

"the fire extinguisher was judging you"I looked at the speaker and flinched at his choice of clothing, a bright red waistcoat with a long orange and yellow kilt 

"Just because you're  Scottish does not mean that you have to wear a skirt" 

"I rather like the freedom actually, but it gets difficult in wind" 

"Too much information" I laugh and envelop the doctor in a large bear hug

"I told you I'm not a hugging person "

"Not your decision

" Am I interrupting something?" a rather sheepish Esme had woken up from where she had landed with a worryingly loud thump

" Doctor, you haven't met Esme, she's your... well...daughter" 

"nice to meet you Esme, I wasn't aware I had a daughter, but I'm sure we'll get on fine." 


 At that moment 12 voices greeted us  

"you've redecorated, I don’t like it" 

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