Cover Store

I can make any cover of your liking in a breeze. Just follow the instructions in the first chapter and wait a few days. Come back when I message you and you're cover will be the next chapter.


1. Cover Store


1) Post in the comments below your Movella name (author), the name of your book, the genre, a short summary, and the if there is any specific look.


Name: Bella Perez

Book: Darkest Hour

Genre: Mystery

Short Summary: A vampire and wolf fight for a mortal when she comes into their world. Soon a fight between two worlds break and the mortal has a decision to make: should she save the vampires or the wolves?

Specific Look: I want a dark scene with a vampire, wolf, and girl with dark colored hair. I also want there to be a clock in the background.

2) After posted come back daily until I post on your comment that I will have the cover made. There will be a two to three day wait for me to start making the cover.

3) I will post on your comment when I am done with the cover. You should get a notification. There will be another one to two day wait for your cover to be completed.

4) Your cover may be on the last or second to last chapter of this cover store book.



Question: Do you accept fan fictions (such as 1D)?

Answer: Of course!


Question: Does my book have to be published or can it be a draft?

Answer: No, it does not have to be published, just have an idea of what the book is going to be about.


Do you have any questions?


Examples of Covers:

I made this book for my best friend, Lindsea!

I made this cover long ago, but I have never used it, so if you want to, you can just use this cover.



BTW, I will take credit for the cover by putting in small letters:

*Made by Bella Perez

And don't worry, it won't be to big to where you can read it just by looking at it. :P

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