Losing It // z.m

“What would you say if I offered you my virginity?"
Mischievous. Adamant. Curious.
What else is there to describe a girl on a mission?

Warning: Graphic scenes / Adult language


2. Warning

This story will contain adult language and descriptive scenes that are not suitable for immature minds.

The main character is very passionate about her views on things and if you disagree then keep your opinion light in the comment box.

The sex scenes will begin with *~*~*~* and end with *~*~*~* so that people who are uncomfortable with those parts can skip past them.

If a sex scene consists of a whole chapter I will let you know at the end of the previous chapter so you know to skip the next. 

Also, when I read graphic scenes I'm mature about it. Please try to understand that the main character is trying to find a partner to lose her virginity to. She's not a bad person for being curious.

One more thing. I based this character's opinions mildly on the way I view things. 

Oh and enjoy reading this very different story. This will most likely be my last fanfiction so please read my stories while you can. Comment your thoughts and vote if you like it. Thank you!


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