Losing It // z.m

“What would you say if I offered you my virginity?"
Mischievous. Adamant. Curious.
What else is there to describe a girl on a mission?

Warning: Graphic scenes / Adult language


6. Chapter 4

This whole chapter will be a graphic mature scene. Please ignore this chapter if you are not comfortable with these types of scenes. Wait til the next update please.

After watching all condomy things go on and we were under the covers, I started to pant. I was anxious and the heat pooling between my legs wasn’t helping.


My legs were spread to help accommodate his body and now that we were both naked, I felt my purity diminishing more and more. 


“I…um…I read online that this hurts. Your first time hurts. Well actually the first few ti-“


“Zayn” I breathily laughed, “You did your research?”


I saw him gulp. “I needed to know what I was doing?”


“Awe, you researched for me” I teased, lightly tugging on his thick strands. “I appreciate the gesture, really, but this doesn’t have to be perfect. Now just slide right on in and we’ll be good.”


He lightly laughed and shook his head. “There’s no sliding in this situation…I read that on the website.”


“Zayn” I smiled, “hurry.”


He reached down and suddenly I felt a hard warmth press against my center. “Ready?”


For the pain? Maybe not.


Losing my virginity? Yes. Without a doubt. 


I nodded, “Of course.”


I tried to look down at his actions but not even crowned in my eyes shut. Every inch in I took it like a G…lol. 


“Oh shit” I heard a breathy moan. I knew it wasn’t from me and I’d smile right now — if I wasn’t in pain — because I know it was from Zayn.


Then he stopped and I felt more than anything that he was inside me. Completely inside me. 


“I’m in. Shit. This…is a tight fit.”


“I have to say” I stated in a breathy tone, “this hurts like a bitch.”


His eyes scanned over my face before they settled on my own. “We can stop.”


“No way. You’re already in— and may I add, you’re huge— might as well get the job done.”



He pulled out slightly and slid back in, making the both of us gasp.

“I’m hurting you, aren’t I?”


“Yeah, ya think?”


“I can stop.”


He began to pull out but I pressed my heal into the curve of his back to keep him in place. “To hell you are.”


“But you said-“


“And you said that my first time would hurt. I’m prepared for that. So keep it going, Malik.”


He bit at his lip as he slowly slid back in. 


That’s how it went. 

Cautious thrusts.


The pain wasn’t as aching but it was there. Dull.


I moaned when it felt nice and shook my head when it didn’t. He went in different speeds and the one I found most pleasurable was…slow.

It wasn’t so slow I’d fall asleep but not so fast that I’d wince. It was perfect.


Zayn groaned when I moaned his name, clutching onto the skin on his back.

“Slow it is.” I think he muttered more to himself than to me.


“Deeper” I breathed out while tightening my legs around his waist.


He did go deeper and I cried out when he hit a certain spot that made me tremble. I looked up at him and panted as I chocked out, “Right there. Oh, Zayn, right there.”


“Damn it, Orion.”

His head dropped into the crook of my neck and I felt hot, sloppy kissed being placed there. “I’m not gonna last.”


I squeezed him and bit to my lip hard not to sob out my pleasure. “Just a little bit more” I moaned. “A little longer.”


I was already getting there. Each movement left me spiraling and each sound that escaped my lips encouraged him. 


I gripped onto the hair on his nape and pulled so his forehead rest against mine. Teetering over the edge, Zayn’s lips looked exceptionably sexy.


Kissing wasn’t my thing. It was intimate and it wasn’t me. I might have teased someone with sloppy ones or small pecks but they weren’t real.


I was so close I saw figures behind my lids.


“Orion, I’m coming.”


I tilted my head up and kissed him. A deep, searing kiss that made me fall off the cliff and into a raging river of pleasure. My mouth gaped open and breathless cries escaped me as wave after wave crashed over me. 

My body bucked against his and my mind blurred. 


I faintly heard his strangled moan from above me as my body swam. All the way to safety. 

He practically collapsed on top of me as I quivered. It was a nice feeling.


“You’re heavy” I breathily laughed.


“Sorry” he said, leaning back up on his elbows. 


“Gentle” I warned him. He slowly pulled out then rolled to the side of me.

We were quiet. No words. Just silence. Then once I did hear him speak in his rough accented voice, I breathed out.

“You, Orion, are officially not a virgin.”


“I know” I smiled. “If I didn’t feel so sore and liberated I’d say I feel the same.”


But I don’t and as of right now, this shit feels nice.


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