Losing It // z.m

“What would you say if I offered you my virginity?"
Mischievous. Adamant. Curious.
What else is there to describe a girl on a mission?

Warning: Graphic scenes / Adult language


4. Chapter 2

Zayn just stared at me with the most unreadable expression on his face. 

I admit it was a pretty spontaneous decision but Zayn looks like a good candidate. He’s quiet…that’s a good one. And he’s freakin’ sexy.


“Today?” he incredulously asked.


“Eager…I like it, but not today.”


“Then when?”


“Are you sure you want to do this?”


“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”


“I’m not saying taking a virginity is hard or anything but I don’t want any strings. Like…no feelings, no relationship needed.”


“Just sex…got it.”


I smiled brightly and grabbed my phone. “Great! This is great. Meet me after school tomorrow and I’ll take you to my house.”


“I have my own ride.”


“Then you’ll follow me then?”


“No phones” Mrs.’Whatever’ shouted across the room.


I turned to her and said in a snarky voice, “Listen, you old bat, I’m so done taking orders from you. Once this year is over and I’m off to ‘Sisco’ I won’t have to hear anymore of your shit. So please, for the time being, shut your trap.”


Her eyes were wide and her mouth open. She huffed as her face turned red. She stood and left the room shouting, “You’ll be hearing from the principal!”


I stood from my desk and looked down at an impressed Zayn. “Is it that obvious I don’t like her?”


“Yes” he chuckled.


“Oh my gosh!” I feigned shock, “Is that a smile? Zayn Malik smiled? This is legendary!”


“You barely know me to know if I smile often or not.”


“I know you enough to get between the sheets with you” I winked.


“Yeah, about that, why do you want to do this?” he asked, standing as well and slinging his bag on his shoulder.


“I’m bored, horny, and I want to prove something to this whack-ass society.”


“That’s pretty deep” he smiled.


“I know, right?” I jokingly flicked my imaginary hair over my shoulder.


“Your hair’s in a ponytail” he laughed.


“Thanks, smart-ass. Speaking of smart-asses, let’s get out of here before Mrs. douche-face comes back with Principal Vaj-Scratch."





-Where are you?- I text Zayn. I told his ass to meet me in junior parking nearly ten minutes ago. I went on my reading app and started reading some pretty hot stuff. I nearly dropped my phone from shock when a car horn went off. Leaning on my car, I look over my shoulder to see Zayn pull up. I was just about to chastise him over his late arrival and how scared he got me when I checked out his car.


“That is the finest car I have ever seen!”


Zayn rolled down his window and started laughing, “It was a birthday gift.”


“Sick-ass gift.”




“Can I drive it?”


His smile dropped and his eyes narrowed at me, “No.”


“Aw, come on. This is a Bentley for crying out loud. You have to let me drive this.”


“And if you crash it…then what?”


“You’d get the V either way so I don’t see a problem.”


He bit his lip in concentration for a few seconds before saying, “If I get it either way…I’ll think about it.”


“Okay. It’s almost four o’clock. Let’s get going, shall we?”




I went into my bag to retrieve my car keys when I got an idea…I have such wonderful ones. “How about I ride in your car?”


“What about yours? You’re just gonna leave it here?”


“We’ll come later to get it.” I walked around the front of his car and opened his passenger door. I thew my bag in the back seat.


“I’ll give you direction to mines.”


“Okay, better that way. I have an annoying little brother at home.”


“You have a brother? How old is he?”


“Thirteen…I think? I don’t know. He’s in his eighth year,”


“How do you not know his age? That’s your little brother. I knew my little sisters age” I mumbled, reminiscing the times I actually had a sibling to talk about.


“How old is your sister?”


“She’d be fifteen” I sighed, taking out my phone and then deleting the last book I’ve read. “She um…She’s…She died a few years back” I nearly whispered, trying to occupy myself with something that wasn’t going to make me cry.


“I’m sorry.”


“It happens. Let’s get going. I want to get this over with.”


“If you say so” he murmured, changing his gear and then driving off.


We were passing block by block in silence. Right up until I saw my favorite shop.


“Let’s go to Frutti’s!” I shrieked, making his car jerk. 


“Don’t ever do that again. We could have crashed!”


I turned to him and laughed at his frightened face, “I’m sorry. Let’s get some frozen yogurt!”


“I thought you were trying to get this over with. Why are you-“


“I am but chocolate fro-yo really puts me in the mood.”


Nuff said. The next thing I knew I was being rushed into the yogurt shop.


We both got our own serving and sat on the table closest to the door.


“Why didn’t we just take this to go again?” Zayn asked.


“I like the smell of this place” I smiled.


“It smells like cold sugar.”


“No no no. Close your eyes.”


He did and I awed in the way his long lashes fanned over his cheeks. I resisted the urge to actually touch them. 


I cleared my throat and said, “Ok so inhale…and what’s the first thing you smell?”


“Fruit” he chuckled.


“Dig deeper than that, smart-ass.”


“Um…” he breathed deeply, “raspberries and…vanilla.”




He fluttered open his eyes and smiled.


“My dad makes these raspberry cheesecakes and always serves it with vanilla ice cream, but only during the summer. So when it’s the school year I like to come here and just sit.”


“Sounds like so much fun” he playfully rolled his eyes.


“Oh shut up. Tell me what you like to do.”


“I draw.”


“Oh yeah, in that green sketch book of yours.”


“Yeah, I’ve had it for years. It’s like a door from this bullshit of a world.”


“Maybe I can see a few of your drawings sometime.”


“Yeah” he said, looking down at his nearly finished serving.


“Only if you want me to” I quickly added. He nodded and swirled his spoon around.


Zayn, the mysteriously quiet guy in the back of my Bio class, has me wanting to know more. Most people didn’t care to know him just because he didn’t want them too. I on the other hand wanted to know him…sexually. I wanted to know what he could give me between the sheets. Hopefully the big O. I really want the big O.


“You wanna try some?” he asked, motioning towards his ice cream. His voice...Where the hell was this guy from? In half a daze I nodded and watched as he took a scoop of it with his spoon and held it up. I guess he wanted me to take the spoon but that was just too many steps. I wrapped my fingers around his hand and brought the spoon closer to my mouth, wrapping my lips around the spoon.


“Mmm pina-colada.”


“You like it?” he asked as I let go of his hand and wiped the corner of my mouth. 


“I love pina-colada. You wanna try some of mine?”




I held out my spoon full of yogurt and right when he was gonna put it in his mouth I smeared it on his mouth. 


His mouth gaped open as he let out a laugh. 


“Oops and we don’t even have any napkins” I smiled.


“You little fucker.”


I leaned across the table and grabbed his face between my hands and whispered, “Come here.”


I wrapped my lips around his bottom lip and nibbled and suckled, getting the cream from it and maybe even teasing. I bit at his upper lip and pulled it into my mouth, moaning at the sweet taste. With my fingers on his face and my palms to his neck I could feel his increasing pulse, thumping harder with every second my lips are to his. 

I end our ‘session’ with a sloppy kiss. I laugh as I pull away and sit back int my seat. 


“Don’t look so shocked, Malik. I mean, we’re having sex in the next hour.”


“I guess” he laughed, wiping the corners of his mouth. 


I looked out of the window and saw the sun starting to set. “I hate the winter” I groaned.


“It’s not like it’s super cold here. It feels nice.”


“But it gets dark early. See?”


“Oh wow, night already. We should get going.”




We threw away the rest of our treat and left the shop.


Once we were in Zayn’s car a wave of exhaustion fell over me. I’ve never been so tired this early in my life. I tried to stay awake and even told Zayn where my home was but I fell asleep before we even got there.




I groaned in hearing my name and a warm hand shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked out of the window to see we were in the vacant junior parking lot.


“Why aren’t we at my house?”


“It’s late and you fell asleep.”


“Zayn” I grumbled, unbuckling my seatbelt. “I wanted to do it today.” I turned in his seat and reached in the back for my bag. I huffed as I plopped back in my seat and looked over at him.


“Wipe that stupid smile off of your face.”


“Why me?” he simply asked.




“I know why you don’t want to be a virgin but why lose it to me?”


“Because you’re not a virgin and you’re hot.”


“There’s lot’s of guys like that around the school.”


“I don’t know. You were just…there.”


He smiled and nodded, “Good enough.”


“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” I got out of his car and walked around the front, getting out my keys and unlocking my door. 

I heard his car door close and I turned around to see him leaning against his door.


“What are you doing?”


“Just making sure you get in fine” he smirked.


I let out a laugh and crossed my arms over my chest. “You could’ve watched from inside your car.”


He lifted and came towards my car. “This way seems possible too.”


I walked towards him and stood in front of him, leaning back so the back of my legs were on the front of my car.

“Zayn” I sighed, pulling him closer by his dark grey shirt. “Can't we just do it right here? On the hood of my car? Or…your car? Your car is way sexier than-“


“Orion, you’re rambling.”


“Let’s have sex…right now.”


“I’m not taking your virginity on a car out in the open.”


“But I’m so horny” I whined, rubbing my hand up his chest.


“We’re not gonna do it now but…” he grasped my hips and yanked down my shorts. 


“What are you do-“


He lifted me onto the hood of my car and spread my legs so he'd fit between them. 


“Zayn, why are- ohhh” I moaned out when he rubbed himself against me. His rough jeans against the thin cotton of my underwear. I dropped my bag to the floor and and clutched both of his shoulders as he steadily grinded against me.


I felt himself get harder and that made me even more aroused. 


Then he stopped.


I opened my eyes and gasped. “Why are you stopping? Zayn, what in the the hell-…What are you doing?”


His hand was moving at an unsteady pace in my crotch zone.

“Wait wait wait. I don’t shave…I trim. Is that a problem?”

“No” he chuckled, “Same feel in the inside so I don’t care. Well…that’s what my little brother says which makes me worried that my thirteen year old brother is hav-“


“Sorry…and no, there is no problem. It feels the same either way.”

“Okay” I took a deep breath and let it out, “okay."


“What do you want from this sexcapade?”


“A release” I gasped, as he moved my undies to the side.


“Then I’m going to give you one” he smirked and then slipped his finger into his mouth. “Ready?” 


“Seventeen years…I’ve been waiting…for this fvcking release…Yes” I said between gasps.




I sighed out in content when his finger entered me. 



He started to move his digit inside of me and I was lost…completely lost.


“Yes” I breathed out, pulling on his dark tuffs of hair, “Yes!”


His hot mouth connected to my neck and it made me nearly speechless. He went faster it made it a bit uncomfortable.


He saw me squirm and my eyes shut and took it as a sign of my discomfort. He went back to his former actions and I pulled him closer because of it.


“Zayn” I panted, moving my hips to the motion of his finger. “Zayn I…God.”


“Shh.” He nibbled on my ear as I teetered dangerously close to my release.


“I can feel you…you’re close” he breathily laughed.


“Yes, Zayn…Zayn.”

I breathlessly cried out once I felt my muscles clench around his finger and pure pleasure course through me. “Oh!”




I tried to regain my breathing as I looked up at his cocky smirk.

“That was fast.”


“Put a cork in it” I snapped.


“How was it?” he asked, taking out his finger and placing my undies in the right place.

I lightly giggled when he lifted me to my jelly feet with a firm arm around me and helped me put on my shorts. “Great.”


“Where have you been hiding all of that sexuality, Malik?” I teased.


He didn’t answer and just for a second it made me worry if I crossed some kind of boundary without me even knowing it.

“So we’re still on for tomorrow?” I asked instead.



“I had fun today. Well, besides the seven hours of school. The last three have been fun.”


“They have been” he smiled.


“Are you…” I cleared my throat, “Are you gonna fix that?” I ask, glancing down at the hardness pressing against his jeans.


“When I get home…yes.”


“I didn’t think you’d say it!” I shrieked in laughter, my voice echoing throughout the chilly parking lot. 

“Shouldn’t have asked.”

“Alright, I’ll let you go home then.” I leaned up and pecked his lips. 

The action was different and in some forbidden way…intimate. 

“I…um…thanks again. Bye.” I quickly turned away, got in my car and shut the door. Zayn was in his sexy ride and zoomed off by the time I started my ignition.

I breathed out and smiled at the thought that tomorrow…I will no longer be a virgin.

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