Losing It // z.m

“What would you say if I offered you my virginity?"
Mischievous. Adamant. Curious.
What else is there to describe a girl on a mission?

Warning: Graphic scenes / Adult language


18. Chapter 16


“Zayn,” I mumbled, confused at the loud banging. I sat up and looked around the dark room. I reached my hand out and shook at Zayn’s shoulder, “Zayn, someone’s at your door. Get up.”




“What are you talking about?” he muffled against the pillow, rubbing at his eyes. 




The banging started again and a throaty voice yelled out Zayn’s name.


  “That sounds like Mari,” he gasped and practically flung himself out of bed. He pulled on his jeans and was out the door the next second.   


I reached out and pulled on his shirt along with my shorts, going commando. I went out the room and down the hall to see Zayn embracing Mari’s shaking body.




I saw him nuzzle the side of his brothers head and rub his back, “If I could change it I would.”   “My face just hurts,” I heard Mari mumble and watched him lift his head and wipe down his face. He slightly winced then shifted his eyes and widened his eyes at me. “Orion?”  


“Hi, Mari. Are you alright?”  


He groaned and buried his head in his brothers chest. “You didn’t tell me she was here. I’m crying like a little bitch.”


  I heard Zayn lightly chuckle before turning to look at me. “Go back to bed babe. I’ll be right there.”


  I bit at my lip and gazed at him through my lashes. “Okay,” I whispered and turned to go back to the room.  


“And you’re fucking her? You lucky bastard.”


  I stripped off the shorts and got back to the bed with only the shirt on. Not even ten minutes later Zayn came back into the room and changed from jeans into boxers before getting into the bed.


  “Is Mari okay?” I asked, cuddling close to him.


  “Yeah, my dad’s just an abusive little shit.” He sighed and shook his head, “I shouldn’t have left.”


  “Hey,” I cooed, leaning on my elbow and laying my other hand on his chest, “Don’t blame yourself. Your father is at blame here.”


  “I…I know.”




“Is Mari here for the night?”  


“Yeah, he’s out on the couch.”


  “With ice for his face and whatever else?”  


“Yes. I told him he can stay however long he needs.”


  “What about his school?”  


“I’ll take him.”   I smiled down at him and leaned to kiss his lips. “Good. I think you need your brother.”


  “It’s gonna be hard with everything that’s going on. I’m gonna start getting my shit together but it’s gonna be hard.”  


I thought over a few things. Like how I’ll be going back to Bradford early next week and how now that I was this close to Zayn again I didn’t want to let him go.


  “Maybe…It’s just a thought but,” I sighed, tracing patterns over his bare stomach. “Maybe you and Mari can come to Bradford with me just while I finish my next year.”


  My throat was clogged and my mind was bringing up irrational thoughts. He was too quiet and it was causing me to mentally recoil.   


“Orion…” he breathed out.    “Just think about it. I want you to start over. Truly start over. No more threats and no more fear. I’ll help you, you know that. We’ll get through it.”  


“You’re serious.”   “Of course I am. I want to be with you and I don’t think that’s possible if we don’t have a clean slate.”


  “I’ll start tomorrow. Anything you need me to do.”  


I lightly laughed, “Not for me, Zayn. For you. For us.”  


“Okay. I’ll get my shit together and talk to Mari about it. I’ll think about Bradford.”  


“Thank you,” I whispered and kissed him again, holding the side of his face to deepen the kiss.   


“Don’t get too worked up, my little brother’s down the hall.”


  “Too late,” I giggled and straddled his hips. I leaned down to his  ear and tugged at his ear. “And if we lived together,” I pressed down on him and grinded against him. “Just think about it.”


  “Are you not wearing panties under this? Shit,” he groaned, instantly responding.   I ghosted my lips over his and pecked them. “I promise to be quiet.”


  ***   Zayn was practically breathing down my neck as I finished packing my last bag. Every chance he got he’d touch me and kiss down my neck.


  “Okay, Christian Grey, back up and let me finish this bag.”


  I was already kind of annoyed since he hadn’t given me an answer about Bradford. I thought that if he didn’t want to go he’d at least tell me before I bought the damn tickets.


  “I have to tell you something.”  


“Unless it has something to do with you getting your ass out of my room then I don’t want to hear it.”  


He sighed and teasingly remarked, “Guess you don’t want to know Mari has all our bags packed and in your car.”  


“What?” I breathed out, dropping my arms from being crossed on my chest.   


“I talked to him about it, sorted some shit out and I’m all good to go. We both are.”


  “Zayn!” I squealed and wrapped my arms around him, “I’m so excited. I talked to Detective Nicks and he said we could stay in his guest house until we find a place. I’ll be eighteen in a few months and you’ll follow in the beginning of next year. We can get our own place for the rime being and be Mari’s legal guardian. It’s happening. We’re gonna start over.
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