Losing It // z.m

“What would you say if I offered you my virginity?"
Mischievous. Adamant. Curious.
What else is there to describe a girl on a mission?

Warning: Graphic scenes / Adult language


3. Chapter 1

I know what you’re thinking.

She’s such a wh0re. 

 But is ‘wh0re’ the correct word? 


According to the urban dictionary a ‘wh0re’ is a person who does something way too much. In our time that means sex. 

I wouldn’t say a 'hoe’ either because a hoe—according to the urban dictionary— is someone, man or female, that fvcks anything with two legs. 


Now…A slut might be a little more accurate. This urban dictionary says that a slut is a woman with the morals of a man and, trust me, my morals are fueled with testosterone.


I want to lose my virginity.


Not saying that that’s every guys dream. Some guys are more decent than me. 


I just…don’t want it anymore. 


Blame it on the hormones and the many novels I read.


I believe that a virginity is yours to do whatever you want. I also believe that today’s society puts pressure on you to save it ’til adult hood. Or even marriage.


That’s centuries old bullshit.


Say I’m young and dumb but I don’t want that pressure on me. 


I have a firm belief in no one telling me what to do so…my virginity, my choice.


Life message of the day: Have sex when you’re absolutely ready, not when society or anybody pressures you to. 


Back to my lesson…or my freakin’ Bio class.


“Winter…Ms. Shadows!”


I blinked a few times and looked up at Mrs. Costore.


“It’s Orion, Nanette. We’ve been over this.”


“It’s Mrs. Costore to you, Winter.”


The classmates around me laughed and I just shook my head. “Okay, you’ve out-smarted me. I’m taking notes.”


“Yes, and you will continue after class.”


“Damn it” I whispered. 

Now after class I’ve gathered my things and trudge my way to Mrs. Costore’s desk. “You’re making me late for my next period.”


“I’ll write you a pass. Now take out your notes.”

I groaned and took out my binder that I just put away. I showed her my half done notes and began picking at my nails.

“As expected. Not even half finished.”


“I don’t like notes.”


“Or you just like flapping your gums. Um, Zayn” she called over my shoulder. 

I looked over my shoulder to see that Hot Zayn Guy —what my friend, Autumn, calls him— look up from his pile of fallen books. 


“Yes” he answers with this deep, rough voice. Forever laced with an accent that told you that he wasn't from around here. Not even the country. 


“Let Winter here copy your notes. I’ll get you a pass.”

He nodded and put away some of his books but leaving one notebook out.

I look back at the teacher and see her motion towards him. I sigh and walk over to his desk with my binder.


I noisily move a desk closer to him and plop down.


“Hey Zayn” I chirped.


“Hey…uh, Winter?”


“I prefer Orion. Isn’t it much better?”




I began copying his notes while he typed away on his phone. I observed his movements and the greatest, most brilliant idea came to me.

“I’m done” I said, closing his notebook for him and slipping it into his bag.


“No problem. I should be thanking you for the notes. I’m kind of a slacker.”

“I’ve noticed.”

“Funny guy. I still have straight A’s. I’m just more of a ‘last minute’ person.”

“Good to know.”

It was silent while we packed up our things. I looked over to see Mrs.Costore thumbing through some book.

An announcement came on about ID’s and I cleared my throat before saying, “I have to go and um...get an ID.”

“Save it” she snapped, “You have your ID around your neck.”

“Damn it.” I turned back to Zayn with a raised eyebrow. “Hey Zayn?”


I leaned in and whispered, “Are you a virgin?"

He narrowed his eyes at me and his nose twitched in something some people may call ‘annoyance’. “No.”

“Perfect.” I plucked his phone out his hands and held my hand up when he started to protest. “Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked, typing in my number and then my name.

“What’s with all the questions?”

“Just tell me.”



I smiled as I pressed ‘save’. “I would like to make you a proposition.” I slid his phone back onto his desk.

“What would you say if I offered you my virginity?”

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